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  1. How long will it be before people finally realize that the minimum wage was the equivalent of $15 back in the 70s and the economic did not collapse? "Unrealistic" = what everyone was paid just 30 years ago. Increase the minimum wage to what it was in the 70s and then adjust it every year for inflation.
  2. I agree with all of this, and would just add that the officer's legal defense is going to be interesting. I wonder if he will argue that he was following standard procedure and training practices in this incident. There needs to be a systemic evaluation of police training and internal procedures. What came out of Ferguson suggests, as you state, that something is broken with the system as a whole. A friend of mine was talking to a relative (who is a deputy sheriff) about this, and apparently they did away with the levels of force concept. The reason he stated was because officers were getting chewed up in court over it. Apparently now there is something akin to options available, with lethal force no longer viewed as the last resort but one of many options available to an officer depending on the circumstances. IOW, their new training allows them to jump straight to lethal force for certain situations, which is why we see so many officers in these kinds of incidents claim someone was grabbing for their gun. I suspect it is part of the training, not just individual officers making stupid decisions.
  3. And that is my view as well, not just regarding police officers but all public employees. Public employees have been demonized by politicians and had their pay and benefits targeted by legislators for far too long. We're expecting more work and knowledge while paying them less and less each year. Being a police officer is a professional job. It should be treated like that in terms of pay and benefits. Same for firefighters, school teachers, and all other public employees. Don't expect the best and most professional people for these jobs when society and government continues to treat them like s***.
  4. I have to say that I loved the first two Assassin's Creed games, but got bored with the franchise after that. Until I went back and played Black Flag. That might be the best of the entire series. Once you get past the sneaking and creeping stuff, the open seas pirate play is fantastic. I just had a thirty minute naval battle against five heavily armed enemy ships that was epic. And I"m only about 40% through the game. Seriously good fun. Great strategy play. Unlike any of the other games in the series, before or since. I find myself spending most of the time on the high seas being a pirate. Could do this for awhile without getting bored. It's like Sid Meier's Pirates but more strategy and more complex. Highly recommended, especially on a next gen system.
  5. So here's a weird one (no pun intended), but I've been very impressed with Life is Strange. Great plot, mixing light humor with dark plot lines. And I realized just now after finishing Episode 2 that we're in a very different society than when I was gaming back in the 1980s. And games are very different now, they are a complete entertainment and artistic medium. Example - at the end of the second episode of Life is Strange, there is a message that scrolls across that essentially tells people that if they were affected by any of the scenes, they can go to a website and get information about support groups. They have support groups to help people cope with the emotional reaction they might have to playing a video game. Life is strange, indeed.
  6. Looks like Ironballs got banned.
  7. I wonder if the authors of that book covertly fed their work to conservatives in order to boost their sales. I doubt many people on the left have ever heard of them, let alone read their book.
  8. The irony...so unintentional. So hilarious.
  9. Yep, that's why I asked him for a link. I knew it would be something hilarious. He didn't disappoint.
  10. It's not nearly as hilarious as commieblaster. But it's pretty good.
  11. A summary of the book from a rabid anti-gay website. No bias there whatsoever.
  12. I'm still waiting on a link to that copy/paste from a website that T-Falcon pulled a few pages ago.
  13. I have thought about this and I think that our friend T-Falcon is onto something. Moreover, I think that conservatives have adopted the exact same strategy. Ben Carson is presenting himself as a normal human being and a serious person in an attempt to normalize his ideology to an unsuspecting public. He is trying to trick people into thinking that his backwards ideas are part of normal society and trying to get people to accept these outrageous ideas as part of the mainstream of American society. I mean, if he were to present himself honestly and without deception, he'd walk around dressed like Al Jolson. Right?
  14. And this Ian McKellen ***** nozzle, acting all normal and pretending like he isn't trying to trick an unsuspecting public into accepting his gay agenda. Just look at this subversive propagandist! If he were being honest, he's be walking around looking like this:
  15. You're talking about a guy who thinks Ben Carson is intelligent and competent when it comes to politics. Not much to do other than ridicule and laugh.
  16. That evil George Takai. Who does he think he is, acting all normal and human-like? He clearly should walk around in arse-less chaps, shirtless, and with his wrist bent talking with a lisp all the time. What a propagandist that d-bag is!
  17. Ellen should have worn a biker jacket, had tattoos, and smoked cigarettes on her tv show. Portraying herself as a normal human being was just subversive propaganda.
  18. Showing people that gays are ordinary, productive members of society = "force people to accept behaviors they feel is wrong". Yeah, much better that gays be universally depicted in popular media as stereotypes and caricatures. Because bigotry and prejudice would CERTAINLY end in that environment. Think before you post.
  19. So why are you complaining about a media strategy designed to overcome that oppression? Do you think that those laws would have changed without shifting the public's perception of gays first? What do you think the first step in the civil rights movement was after winning the Brown decision? [Hint: It was a media and PR strategy...propaganda.]
  20. They cast LGBT people in a positive light in the media during an era where they were suffering from real oppression and prejudice. That's not "forcing" anything. That's casting them as human beings who are normal members of our society.
  21. It's not about speaking their beliefs. People are free to speak their beliefs today. Society doesn't have to accept the bigotry and prejudice, however. You say that you're for freedom, but you're really not. What about the freedom of LGBT people to live without oppression and the threat of jail for engaging in consensual sex with one another? What about their freedom to not be fired, refused housing, or other basic freedoms just because of who they love? To you, "freedom" means people like you are free to terrorize, slander, oppress and engage in bigotry against other people.
  22. And I still have not seen an explanation about why the book is bad. Just "agenda" and "ram down our throats". Why is it bad that LGBT people are no longer viewed with hatred and bigotry? How is that a negative outcome?
  23. That is exactly what happened to racists following the civil rights movement. Oppression of minority groups is not a free society, either.
  24. The best possible outcome, I think.
  25. Casting gays in a positive light in the media as a way to dispel negative (and false) stereotypes is "an agenda" that is "forced on the public"? Looks to me like they were finding a strategy to end the oppression against the LGBT community at the time. And remember, this was when most states had laws that would throw gays in jail for up to 20 years for having consensual sex. I still see nothing wrong with the book.