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  1. Keep saying that. There's not a s***load of smoke around this now and we're confirming that the facts are very, very different from what Trump's been spouting over the past several months.
  2. We know that Trump campaign people had meetings and conversations with Russians going back to July.
  3. Yep, we do. I posted the article in the other thread. The transcripts from Flynn's conversation show him urging Russia not to respond to the sanctions and promising that things will improve when Trump takes office. We also know that J.D. Gordon, a top Trump campaign advisor, met with the Russian ambassador at the RNC convention. Gordon is the same guy who was in charge of making changes to the RNC platform that were pro-Russia regarding Ukraine.
  4. I just want to take stock of this Russia-Trump thing, and please add to this list (or correct mistakes). I'm just trying to get my head wrapped around the "big picture". Here's what we know: Russia was behind the hacks, Putin approved of them, and Russia's goal changed over the summer from wanting to just create chaos in the election to wanting to help Trump get elected. Two top Trump aides personally met with the Russian ambassador, somebody that the intelligence community says is a top spy recruiter for Russia, at the RNC convention during the summer. Carter Page and J.D. Gordon spoke to the ambassador. We know that the ambassador talked briefly with Sessions at the convention as well. Roger Stone - a friend and advisor to Trump - admitted to having back channel communications with Wikileaks about those hacked emails. He tweeted about how it would soon be Podesta's "turn in the barrel". Seven weeks later, Wikileaks released Podesta's hacked emails. The Russian ambassador also met personally with Sessions in September, when those emails were being released and the intelligence community was starting to acknowledge Russia's involvement with those hacks. I won't repeat the timeline about Flynn's discussion with that same ambassador regarding Obama's sanctions...but again you have Flynn orchestrating with the ambassador about Russia's response to those sanctions and that Russia followed Flynn's advice. There's quite a lot of "there" there.
  5. Cappy, we now know that Flynn orchestrated with the Russian ambassador regarding the sanctions imposed by Obama about how Russia should respond to those sanctions. We know that Russia took his advice and didn't retaliate. And Trump "congratulated" Putin for not responding as Flynn had orchestrated with the Russian ambassador the day and the day after those sanctions were imposed. Do you still think that's "nothing"?
  6. I'm liking Horizon Zero Dawn so far.
  7. Yeah, no doubt. Cappy never made that claim that I've seen, but there are certainly lots of people on the boards who have done that.
  8. So was Hillary Clinton. Was all the criticism about her use of a private email server tin foil hat stuff? What Flynn did was absolutely wrong. It might not be enough to prosecute him, but you can't say there was no wrongdoing when the timeline strongly suggests the possibility that Trump's people were directing Russia's response to Obama's sanctions. It also raises serious concerns about Trump's relationship with Russia. Couple that with all of the connections between his top people and Russia, your dismissal of it seems silly.
  9. Read the timeline that I posted. That's something.
  10. This is interesting: Paul Manafort’s family expressed misgivings about the political consultant’s work for both Russia-aligned Ukrainian strongman Viktor Yanukovych and Donald Trump, according to text messages allegedly hacked from one of his daughters' phones. The texts, posted on a darknet website run by a hacktivist collective, appear to show Manafort’s family fretting about the ethics, safety and consequences of his work for Yanukovych. And they reveal that Manafort’s two daughters regarded their father’s emergence as a key player on Trump’s presidential campaign with a mixture of pride and embarrassment. In one exchange, daughter Jessica Manafort writes “Im not a trump supporter but i am still proud of dad tho. He is the best at what he does.” Her sister Andrea Manafort responded by referring to their father’s relationship with Trump as “The most dangerous friendship in America,” while in another exchange she called them “a perfect pair” of “power-hungry egomaniacs,” and asserted “the only reason my dad is doing this campaign is for sport. He likes the challenge. It's like an egomaniac's chess game. There's no money motivation.” By contrast, the Manafort daughters and their mother seemed much more unsettled about Paul Manafort’s work as a political consultant for Yanukovych’sRussia-backed Party of Regions, which is a subject of renewed interest among investigators probing possible links between Trump’s campaign and Russia. In one March 2015 exchange that appears to be between the two sisters, Andrea Manafort seems to suggest that their father bore some responsibility for the deaths of protesters at the hands of police loyal to Yanukovych during a monthslong uprising that started in late 2013. “Don't fool yourself,” Andrea Manafort wrote. “That money we have is blood money.” http://www.politico.com/story/2017/02/manaforts-ukrainian-blood-money-caused-qualms-hack-suggests-235473
  11. I don't know if it's in those links, but the timeline of the Flynn phone calls is suspicious as ****. The intelligence community, in unison, comes out and declares that Russia was behind the hacking, that Putin authorized it, and that over the course of the semester Putin's goal became to help Trump win the election (because of a personal beef with Clinton). Trump calls all of that "ridiculous" and flat out denies any Russian involvement with the hacking. In late December, Obama imposes sanctions on Russia in response to the hacking. Russia immediately promises to retaliate, which they have done in response to every other past diplomatic sanction in the past. That same day, and the day after, Flynn talks with the Russian ambassador. His conversation includes a discussion about those sanctions (we don't know how long or how deeply the conversation was, though). During that same period of time, Russia announces that it would take no retaliatory actions. Trump tweets a congratulation to Putin for not reacting, calling him a "smart man". Is it possible all of this is innocuous? Of course, but it's also possible that this was the Trump people directing Russian foreign policy behind the scenes. Funny enough, the Trump people haven't denied that this latter scenario was possible. Trump's reaction was that it was okay and he would have ordered Flynn to have those conversations if he hadn't. That's a problem.
  12. I miss this Chuck Crawford fellow. I wish he would post more often.
  13. Nothing suspicious about this at all. FFS.
  14. Tiny Tina says you should name him Sir Reginald Von Barksley.
  15. Adolph?
  16. Adolph Oliver Nipplepants. You are welcome.
  17. "According to one resident on Sage Lane, a border collie inflicted with diarrhea was loose and harassing the local water fowl."
  18. The best thing on the internet...EVAH. http://flatheadbeacon.com/section/police-blotter/
  19. Whoa, the Punisher in Daredevil might be the best version of that character that i've ever seen.. Plus it's acted by Shane from The Walking Dead.
  20. I for one am unashamed to say that I would love to have some of RG's hot meat in my mouth. Wait...that didn't come out right.
  21. Just FYI, PS4 has Madden 2016 for $20. The special ends on Feb 9th, I think, so if you didn't buy it last year then now is a great time to snatch it up. Not sure if similar sales are available for other consoles.
  22. If you're not into the ship battles, then there's no reason to play it again. The storyline is just okay and the ending flat out sucks.
  23. It's pretty good. My personal favorite of the entire lineup is Black Flag. But then, I was a huge Sid Meier "Pirates" fan, so I love the pillaging on the high seas thing anyway.
  24. Good looking set of ribs there.