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  1. Nothing suspicious about this at all. FFS.
  2. Tiny Tina says you should name him Sir Reginald Von Barksley.
  3. Adolph?
  4. Adolph Oliver Nipplepants. You are welcome.
  5. "According to one resident on Sage Lane, a border collie inflicted with diarrhea was loose and harassing the local water fowl."
  6. The best thing on the internet...EVAH. http://flatheadbeacon.com/section/police-blotter/
  7. Whoa, the Punisher in Daredevil might be the best version of that character that i've ever seen.. Plus it's acted by Shane from The Walking Dead.
  8. I for one am unashamed to say that I would love to have some of RG's hot meat in my mouth. Wait...that didn't come out right.
  9. Just FYI, PS4 has Madden 2016 for $20. The special ends on Feb 9th, I think, so if you didn't buy it last year then now is a great time to snatch it up. Not sure if similar sales are available for other consoles.
  10. If you're not into the ship battles, then there's no reason to play it again. The storyline is just okay and the ending flat out sucks.
  11. It's pretty good. My personal favorite of the entire lineup is Black Flag. But then, I was a huge Sid Meier "Pirates" fan, so I love the pillaging on the high seas thing anyway.
  12. Good looking set of ribs there.
  13. More like separated by thousands of miles. I live in Acworth and he lives in San Francisco. So rather costly to have a combined Super Bowl party.
  14. I'm doing wings for Super Bowl, also. But I'm deep frying them and doing em buffalo style.
  15. Doing the wings right and deep frying them I hope. Or putting them on the grill. Anything but baked. Edit: Or coat the wings with the chili and grill them.
  16. First attempt at shrimp and grits last night. Not bad, but a little too much like étouffée (I used a roux). Anybody got recipes for an authentic shrimp and grits recipe? Also slow cooking some stew meat now to make beef rendang tonight, which is one of my favorite Indonesian dishes. Will cook some greens and homemade sambal to go with it. Really wish I knew a place to get authentic tempeh - not the packaged generic crap at Whole Foods. Would love to do some ayam goreng with tempeh penyet. No pics of anything, unfortunately.
  17. Thinking about this game more, I could see this being a very controversial game because it's very different than what a lot of people think it's going to be. And again, there's no action or adventure. The entire game consists of exploring the house. For most people, I'd recommend waiting for a price drop down to $5-10, especially considering how short the game is. I've been reading some online discussion of the game and a lot of people are ticked off about it. I doubt they would be as upset if they hadn't paid the full $20 for the game.
  18. One more thought about "Gone Home" - the game doesn't have a lot of replay value. I imagine that in 3-6 months it will be on sale for about $5-10, or perhaps will appear as a free game for Playstation Plus (or whatever the equivalent might be). If you're on the fence and don't want to drop the full price now, waiting until the summer would make a lot of sense.
  19. I just finished "Gone Home" and here's a review, of sorts. Two things you need to know about the game. 1. It is not the game that you think it is. It is most certainly not an action game. 2. It is a fantastic story that is told in a masterful way. I love games that tell stories. Some of my all-time favorites are Life is Strange, Alan Wake, The Walking Dead Season 1, The Last of Us, Red Dead Redemption, and I'll even include the Portal series in that list. Unlike most of those games, this one has no "action" to it. No action whatsoever. It's just a story that unfolds over the course of several hours. And it's a compelling story, I think. [Others might disagree.] I found it so compelling that I completed the entire thing in one sitting...about five hours total. Like a great book, I couldn't let it go. So yeah, it's a short game if you plow through it like I did. Basically - and absolutely no spoilers here - it's about a daughter who returns home to her parents' creepy, empty house at about 1:30AM in the morning. There are some cryptic notes and clues to discover. And there are lots of things to find, examine, and otherwise look at. There are moments when things get a little too real and others where I literally burst out laughing at the absurdity and humor of the material. The mood and setting - a nasty thunderstorm raging outside the Oregon home during the entire time that you explore the house - create a lot of tension while the moments of humor and absurdity seem to come out of nowhere. There is foreshadowing that is so subtle that you don't pick up on them until after the game is over. The title itself is a foreshadow that isn't obvious until after you complete the story. I see three downsides to the game that might give people pause when considering purchasing it. First, it's a rather short game by comparison. About $20 for a game that you can finish in one night if you're dedicated. For myself, it was definitely worth the money. But then, I love story-driven games and view this like buying a great book. I personally am very happy that I bought the game, but others might not feel the same. Second, it's not the game that you think it is. I mean, for some people it could border on false advertising. I won't say more about that, but just reiterate that it's not the game that you think it is. PM me if you have questions and don't mind some spoilers...I won't give away the specific story, but I can say more about the game if you're on the fence. Third, it's definitely not an action game. This is a "first-person exploratory adventure game", according to IGN (who gave it a 9.5 out of 10). I wouldn't even call it an "adventure game". It's more of a mystery game. The entire game takes place inside of a house, and it's beautifully rendered. The tension created by the atmosphere and the thunderstorm were so good that there were a few times that when I turned around after looking at something and it seemed like there were things (people?) that were there but were not. Even the flaws in the house (pealing wallpaper, for example) made the whole setting perfect. That said, I played it on a PS4 coupled with a brand new HD television set. Your setup might differ, but on mine it was gorgeous and the graphics helped tell the story as much as the clues and notes and narratives. Very subtle things like a lightbulb going out and everything going dark at a *very* meaningful moment in the story. Again, the best description that I can come up with for this game is this: It is a first-person exploratory mystery game that tells a compelling story...and it is not the game that you think it is. I found it masterful and I'm very happy that I experienced this game. But I can well imagine that others will not feel the same way and some might even feel deceived by the game after finishing it. To quote a great American philosopher - "that's all I have to say about that".
  20. You posted from a white supremacist website. Everybody saw it. That you didn't recognize it as a white supremacist website should tell you something.
  21. Yes, you do. You posted links from various conspiracy nut job websites and at least one white supremacist website. You have no ground to call other people racist after posting stuff from white supremacists. And of course you think that white supremacist websites and conspiracy nut jobs are equivalent to the Huffington Post.
  22. The guy who posts stuff from Stormfront calling someone else a racist. That's awesome!
  23. The problem is with the disparate treatment according to race. People at cliven bundy's ranch pointed high powered rifles at federal agents, who just left the scene and let them hold their positions. A black kid with a fake gun, however, gets lit up without even a warning or attempt to assess the situation. White guys carry AR15's into Walmart in open carry states and not so much as a second look from cops or customers. A black guy walks around Walmart with a toy gun in a box and gets shot. The disparity in treatment of these situations is so obvious and disturbing. People need to at least acknowledge that this disparity exists.
  24. You realize that criticizing others for doing exactly what that person has done makes him a hypocrite, right?