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  1. Had there been leadership early and Trump and other GOP leaders hadn't opposed masks then the mandates probably wouldn't have been needed. But now given how divided people are and all the false info floating around the internet, there's not really much choice than for every state to require it in all public areas.
  2. And that would have happened had Trump and other GOP politicians showed leadership and encouraged everyone to do it. It’s a failure of leadership. I just walked into a store and the sign said, “masks not required, but if you wear a mask then the clerk will wear one also”. I’m looking at it and thinking WTH is the point of that?
  3. More people died of covid since you posted this than died during 9/11.
  4. It's a tough situation, especially since you have so many outsiders coming in. At this point, it looks like the run up to exactly what the Boogaloo boys want.
  5. It's already been ugly. Here's some info about the shooting, but at the bottom are videos of Trump supporters doing things like shooting paintballs at reporters and protesters and spraying them with what I assume is pepper spray: https://heavy.com/news/2020/08/portland-shooting-death-video/
  6. By the way, there are over 26,000 cases of covid on college campuses across the country: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/us/covid-college-cases-tracker.html And the way that some of them are handling this is ridiculous. Can’t remember which, but one of them is forcing students into quarantine if they come in contact with somebody who tests positive. The problem is that they refuse to test those in quarantine unless they exchibit symptoms. So if someone is their class tests positive, they have to sit in a small room quarantined for two weeks not knowing if they have it, wh
  7. I’m not sure there’s a legal requirement for Congress to be briefed in person and with the info classified, it’s not like Dems could legally inform the public about the content anyway. So what are they going to do? Subpoena for an in-person briefing? That won’t even make it past the lower courts. All they can do is subpoena for specific docs, hold in contempt of Congress, and then go to court of years to hash out whether they have the right to those docs or not. Just like the dozens of other lawsuits over subpoenas working through the courts right now. Let’s be honest, the only
  8. Rammer jammer, Yellow hammer, Kill your students, Alabamer.
  9. Almost 500 cases in the past three days alone.
  10. Almost like this virus spreads exponentially. Who’da’thunk’it?
  11. F***, we have to wait until 2022! They shouldn't release those trailers so early.
  12. Will the secretaries of state make use of them, though? They can offer it, but unless the state government designates it as a polling place it's not much use.
  13. So you’re promoting the “they’re going to lie about protests being violent so might as well be violent” idea.
  14. You’re right about the “bleeds” part. 100% agree. But it was a major story in all of the outlets. And while I might not like it, it is called “news”. Something that’s been happening for 2-3 weeks isn’t new. And outbreak of violence is new. So yeah, a group of 50 committing arson, vandalism, and violence will get news attention. The problem is that it’s negative attention that turns people off to the cause of racial justice and police reform. Just because it makes the news doesn’t mean it’s good for the cause.
  15. You expect the media to ignore every other major news story to cover protests 24/7 for weeks? Of course coverage is going to drop, especially when there’s other major news like covid. But your posts made it seem like they went from 24/7 of violent protests to no coverage at all, and that’s not true. CNN had hours of coverage every day for weeks of the peaceful protests. It was a major story during that time.
  16. And MLK and the protesters proved those claims wrong. I know you’re not saying this, but it comes off as “well they’re going to call us violent anyway so we might as well be violent.”
  17. Just to be clear, my point is about engaging in dangerous behavior like getting in somebody’s face during a pandemic. I’m not saying people should be quiet or respectful. I’m saying they shouldn’t act dangerous or stupid or in ways that undermine the cause they are promoting. That shouldn’t be controversial.
  18. The point is that every other country in the world followed the same basic strategy. Not just the lockdowns, but mask requirements and social distancing. They have a fraction of new cases and new deaths now than we do. We didn’t do those things and the cases and deaths exploded. Saying “we don’t know what would have happened” is silly at this point. We know what works and we didn’t do it. That’s why our cases and deaths are so much higher than most places in the world.
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