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  1. Also, this was billed as a “press conference” but Trump didn’t take any questions, probably because he knew he was going to get asked about his “the shooting starts” tweets.
  2. So Trump’s announcement was all about China and Hong Kong. Not a word about George Floyd, at least not that I heard.
  3. Don’t think this is the full statement, but it’s the beginning of Biden’s statement about George Floyd:
  4. I can’t begin to speak for the African American community or victims of this kind of abuse, but a good first step is what you’re doing — understanding that the problem exists and acknowledging it openly. For too long certain groups would outright deny that there’s a problem or would engage in victim blaming. We can’t even begin to talk about solutions to the problem until we all recognize that there is a problem, that it’s long-standing, and that it’s systemic.
  5. Looks like it’s 3rd degree murder — does not include the intent to kill, but does include ignoring or overlooking a dangerous situation that would likely cause death (my paraphrasing, not legal jargon). Prosecutor also said more charges could be forthcoming.
  6. Joe Biden gave a very good address about the George Floyd situation and racism/police brutality in general.
  7. When I was living in Indonesia, there was some very bad flooding (like in Miami) in the city, especially near the coastline. This guy on a motorscooter was driving with water almost to his knees. He reached down, picked up a giant fish, and kept driving. It was **** impressive.
  8. That’s where I’m at with a lot of this. It’s too easy to sit in my quiet suburban neighborhood and pooh pooh these actions. I have to think about how I would react if I lived in that neighborhood and saw this kind of violence against people of color for decades with no justice, even when it’s caught on tape and involves the most nauseatingly cruel examples of police brutality that I’ve ever seen. I’d like to think that I wouldn’t chuck a rock at police, but not having lived with that terror and abuse for decades I’m not sure what I would do. It’s not my place to judge their actions in response to a situation I’ve never lived through.
  9. Apparently they suspended the account. What was it?
  10. Yeah, I think was earlier this morning. The reporter just got out of custody. At the end of the video, one of the police officers picked up the camera and was carrying it around not realizing he was live on national TV. That part was kind of funny.
  11. My bad on the CNN typo. I meant Fox News. The point is that Twitter didn’t censor Trump. They marked his post for his “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” comment. And they marked it for glorifying violence. Fox News whitewashed the entire thing and makes it seem like Twitter “censored” Trump for a comment about “thugs”. Garbage news outlet.
  12. The original post said “CNN”. That was a typo...that’s how Fox News is covering it.
  13. How is Fox News covering Trump’s tweet? ”White House hits back after Twitter cracks down on Trump’s ‘thugs’ tweet, reposts censored message.” https://www.foxnews.com
  14. A CNN crew was covering the police clash with protestors. The CNN crew says they were standing where police told them to stand, but the police surrounded them anyway. CNN crew identified themselves as journalists and even showed their press credentials. The police arrested the entire crew while they were filming live on air. As far as I could tell, police didn’t even tell the crew why they were being arrested...just handcuffed them and took them into custody. The Governor has apologized to CNN. The police department sent out an official statement that lied about what happened, and CNN responded by showing video of the crew identifying themselves as press, showing their credentials, and even telling the police that they were live on the air with CNN.
  15. A little weird to get worked up like this over “CHINA!”, but not for me to judge.
  16. Oh that’s fine. I was just clarifying for everyone the context and “inside joke”. I probably should have put something like, “Some actual covid related information”.
  17. Minneapolis police issued a statement about the CNN crew that straight up lied about what happened. CNN called them on the lie and are showing video of the reporter showing his journalism credentials to the officers before they arrested him.
  18. I’ve been pointing out the disturbing authoritarian streak running through the entire Republican Party for years now and was called a partisan hack for it. I suspect for most Republicans in the general public it’s about partisanship — just blindly following whatever their party/Trump says. But yes, I think there is every reason to believe that democracy is one of the values that they would willingly give up if it meant their “team” could stay in power. And what’s the most common response when people point out undemocratic actions by Trump? “We’re a republic, not a democracy.”. It’s right there for everyone to see.
  19. I mean, “thugs” in capital letters in Trump’s tweet says a lot also.
  20. Yeah, and as far as I can tell the police never gave them the reason for the arrest, let alone read their Miranda rights. Just said, “you’re under arrest” and took them into custody. The pathetic part of this is that normally there would be a robust federal investigation, like there was after Ferguson. But with the people in charge of the Executive Branch now, I have zero trust that there will be any kind of similar investigation. If anything, a cover up is more likely.
  21. Also, and this wouldn’t be obvious to anyone in this thread, but I was also just pointing something about covid for the sake of having covid content in the thread considering the first couple of posts.
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