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  1. I liked the book, but some view it as among King’s worst novels. It’s actually a sequel to the Bill Hodges trilogy (“Mr. Mercedes”). It’s among the truest adaptations of a King novel so far and the cinematography is fantastic, I thought. Funny thing is that I saw throwbacks to some of the classic Stephen King movies like Cujo or Salem’s Lot. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s the dreary and dark setting that seemed common in those classic (sucky) movies and something about how the scenes are shot. It’s almost like how JJ Abrams intentionally recreated some of the cinematic effects from the original Star Wars series in The Force Awakens. I do think they might be foreshadowing a bit too much at times. What I loved about the book was the whole two places at one time mystery. But then, I loved Mr. Mercedes and the entire Bill Hodges trilogy, so the detective mystery part is what actually appealed to me. That might be different for other people.
  2. Get a cup of chili and use it as dip for the cheese Krystals.
  3. I was looking for an analogue to your post and couldn’t think of anyone other than that. It was a bad attempt at a joke.
  4. I meant more about the “does dumb things but not so bad that people hate him” personality part.
  5. You’re ABF’s version of Aaron Rogers’ agent in those All State commercials. Not the one that Rogers likes, though.
  6. It’s honestly not. Some of the stories that I’ve heard from people I know in Iowa suggest his campaign offices are pressuring the **** out of his supporters for volunteer hours. His staffers have even taken to picking up volunteers at their homes so the volunteers feel more pressure to stay in the office making calls or outside knocking doors longer. As in, “I want to go home now”...”Sure, but we don’t have a car available for another hour, why don’t you make some more phone calls?” Just vicious stuff.
  7. I would agree. But the problem is that all the early primaries are bunched together so tightly that I don’t think there will be enough time for the effects of Iowa to carry over like in past years. I think that the idea of momentum is rather blunted this year, at least for the first 3 contests. It’s effect on Super Tuesday, on the other hand...
  8. The bolded part is really funny because I had almost the same thought. Anyone watching the hearings and reading the public documents could put together his story. I went back and forth between the fact that he’s got a lot of documents/evidence showing him at ground level and his story fitting just a little TOO neatly with all the things we know. I also think there were times in the Maddow and Cooper interviews where he was telling the story he thinks they want to hear. Like when asked if Pence knew, he said something like “of course”. When pressed, he backtracked to “well I don’t know exactly what he knew”. Just a little too perfect.
  9. From what I’m hearing on the ground, Buttigieg has a vicious ground operation. I’m talking about his campaign pressuring 70 year old women to knock on doors and make phone calls 12 hours a day every day. In Iowa, where it’s been below freezing and snowing.
  10. One thing about Iowa to watch that I don’t think enough people are talking about is who drops below 15%. If Warren doesn’t get 15% then Bernie walks off with a large win and vice versa (though that’s less likely). Buttigieg dropping below 15% probably doesn’t benefit any single candidate as greatly, maybe a slight Biden advantage. But that could be the real story out of Iowa...one of the candidates doesn’t hit the 15% threshold and it changes the race going forward.
  11. The cat on the right is also whiter. Not sure what that means. Just stating a fact.
  12. I hope that I wasn’t one of the ones who said the M4A arguments were boring. Also, part of my problem might be that I’m very text-focused. I actually don’t watch videos or listen to podcasts because I can read through a text version much quicker. Who knows? I’ve said my piece. People can respond to it or ignore it if they like. But I’m not trying to drag the whole thing out. Just thought that I’d post my response and move on. The cat on the left is weird.
  13. The one on the left just looks like smug ***hole.
  14. Also, I’m not trying to screw up an important discussion here. The cat on the right is obviously the normal looking one.
  15. That is true, he will at least engage people in a discussion. The problem is that a lot of the twitter stuff he posts doesn’t really lend itself to that. Maybe he could share those ideas a little more in the future. And I realize it sounds like I’m just ordering people around about how they post. That’s really not my intent. My concern is about what it’s doing to the boards. All this stuff is driving people away, including me. Nor are my concerns isolated to PG/BO and the twitter stuff. That just happens to be what I highlighted earlier today. But I try to limit myself to one p***ing contest topic at a time.
  16. I don’t have time, and frankly I’m too lazy, to go back and respond to the posts. I’ll just drop this here and let people think of it what they want. My point was about the volume of pro-Bernie tweets. I was reading through a few pages and it was page after page of the same basic content. Bernie good. Warren bad. And it wasn’t a discussion, either. It was just one tweet after another. I don’t mind people posting tweets, regardless of what people think or what impression I might have given. My problems are several specific things that tend to interconnect. First, it’s the uncritical posting of tweets from random internet people. Often those tweets are deceptive or even outright false. That’s exactly what Snake used to do — post headlines without reading the article and then respond with more headlines from articles he hadn’t read. If you’re going to post something, at least bother to fact check it instead of the kneejerk “oh snap, that sounds great imma gonna post it now” stuff. I can’t count the number of these tweets where I bothered to follow the link to the article and discovered the splashy twitter “dunk” was factually false. Second, it’s the sheer volume. Again, in one hour almost half of all the posts were the same type of pro-Bernie tweets from the same two posters. And that isn’t some exception. That’s the norm. And I don’t care that it’s pro-Bernie. I like Bernie. But I’d be saying the same exact things if people were spamming the boards with almost a dozen pro-Biden tweets every hour all day long. Third, it’s the utter lack of any meaningful discussion about anything relevant. BO crapped on me and HM talking about the Russian stuff, but the fact is that there was a metric **** ton of important information about Russia over the past several years. And HM at least would post original thoughts and ideas and interpretations. It’s the lack of originality that bothers me. I see a lot of ideas from people on twitter, but almost nothing by way of ideas from the people posting them. To put it more simply, I want to know what PG thinks about the debate or about the Iowa race or M4A. I don’t really care what people on PG’s twitter feed think about it. If I did, I’d go to twitter. I know that PG has interesting ideas and insights and I’d like to see those. And if BO posted some twitter attack on Warren and then engaged in a conversation about the content of that tweet, I wouldn’t say a word. But he doesn’t, and the few times he’s had the opportunity to engage in a discussion he just responds with insults or more tweets. It’s lazy and unoriginal and pointless. BO consistently finds the best and most hilarious stuff on the internet. Props for that. More of that, please. If BO wants to engage in political discussion, though, maybe he could share some of his original ideas and thoughts and insights. But that’s not what we have. At this point, i don’t really care if people understand the point that I’m making. I’m sure BO is going to come right back with a tweet or an insult that completely misrepresents the point I’m making. Nor do I care if people agree with me or not, though I do respect those who at least take the time to disagree substantively like Achilles does. In fact, I gave a lot of consideration a couple of Achille’s posts about this issue. For example, his point about “just post” was a good one. My response would be that I don’t want this place to just turn into some narcissistic one-way group therapy session with myself and others posting thoughts without any effort to engage in a discussion with others. But I can understand the idea of just putting our ideas out there and people can respond or not as they wish. And perhaps that’s the root of my complaints — I always viewed this place as a discussion board where people interacted, not as some store window where people put their favorite things for public display. Funny enough, when the topics turn to cooking or grilling or video games or Star Wars or non-political topics, there is that kind of interaction and substantive discussions. But with the political side of things, seems to me there’s very little left other than Grumpy Old Men fights and twitter spam. Just my two cents.
  17. That literally made me laugh out loud. Thanks.
  18. And I’ve got things to do. Enjoy the spam.
  19. If that’s your preference, fine. I’m not saying you should dislike them. I’m just highlighting that two posters are spamming the boards with the same basic content (e.g., pro-Bernie tweets). If that’s what you like, then that’s what you like.
  20. ^^^And yet another insult. BO’s MO is pretty clear by now. As I said, he’s nothing but tweets and insults. Zero substance when pressed on his BS.
  21. Nine pro-Bernie tweets in a single hour that comprise almost a majority of all posts on the last three pages. Most people would consider that spam.
  22. ^^^As I said, incapable of engaging in a discussion on the substance, so resorts to insults or tweets. I’m sure you’ll respond to this post with a tweet because you’ve already responded twice with insults. Gotta mix it up.
  23. I’ve been clear about what I was saying about Wokezone. You can go back and read those posts. Other people can lie about what I said if they want. I really don’t care and don’t have the time. I just came here to highlight that two posters continuously spam the boards with pro-Bernie twitter propaganda.
  24. And thanks for making another point that I think is relevant. Your entire posting pattern here consists of Twitter propaganda and insults. The few times that I’ve engaged you in a discussion on the content of your posts, you melted because you completely lack the ability to actually engage in a discussion. Your responses were either more tweets or insults. You lack the capacity to engage in a meaningful discussion, so you spam the boards with pro-Bernie propaganda and insult people. I used to respect you until we had a few discussions on the substance of your posts and I realized your inability to engage in any meaningful conversation.