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  1. But where will Jesus and Satan fight the last battle if all the Waffle House’s are closed?
  2. But seriously, they attacked Biden for “disappearing” for two whole days (weekend). WHERE IS BIDEN? Then when he starts making a lot of public appearances, they attack him for it. As I said, they’re going to gratuitously s*** on every non-Bernie person whatever they do.
  3. Biden did at least two cable news interviews today and his video-tapped daily briefing.
  4. New ads running in Florida and three other swing states:
  5. Meh, I’ve been told that the New York Times is corporate garbage and can’t be trusted. What does Twitter say?
  6. That was a better line. Wish I had thought of it!
  7. Maybe one of our medical experts can correct me on this, but this is especially dangerous and stupid because if everybody went back to normal than huge numbers of those grandchildren become infected and more of them will die as a result. Just because they’re not as affected as seniors doesn’t mean they won’t be affected and that more of them won’t die.
  8. Also known as the Alex Jones cure for short term memory.
  9. A lot of people were on the boards saying that Schumer/Pelosi were corporatists who weren’t going to demand stimulus proposals that help workers. As it turns out, they’re holding up the stimulus bill to get restrictions on how corporations use the bailout money and pushing for bigger help for workers. So once again, the left twitter narrative about “centrists” is false. Pelosi is even pushing to include a provision that airlines reduce emissions over 10 years in exchange for the bailout money. I think that’s a tactical mistake, but she’s pushing for it.
  10. So I’ll raise this possibility again, not at you specifically, but generally... It’s possible that left twitter and all of these attacks on “centrists” have been bulls*** the entire time. That includes the false narrative that Pelosi and Schumer are corporatists who were just going to bail out corporations and not look out workers. This stuff doesn’t make any sense If all people see is left twitter and the like.
  11. You should consult with @Garrow69 about this. I’m sure he can help you out.
  12. I’ve been extremely impressed with Andrew Cuomo’s pressers every day.
  13. If you can get some andouille sausage then you can do all kinds of cajun dishes — jambalaya is pretty easy, gumbo is complicated but great, étouffée, etc. Actually, one of my “stocking up for the worst” purchases was a couple packs of chicken and andouille sausage so that I can make large pots of gumbo. Then freeze it and thaw it out as needed. I’m obviously a huge fan of indonesian and malaysian food, so I’d probably make things like satay or rendang using seasoning packets from amazon. Very quick and simple for most of those. Or you could go the mediterranean route and do chicken kabobs with roasted potatoes with greek seasoning. Again, lots of easy things you can make with stuff you probably already have or could get cheaply online.
  14. Depends on how low you are on other supplies and what’s available at the grocery stores. You could do chicken tacos easily. Just need onions and peppers. If you want to go fancy, get a package of slaw mix and add chipotle mayo and use that to top the tacos. Chicken fried rice is always easy and good. Use whatever veggies you’ve got. You can order seasoning packs on amazon or get them in the store. Chicken and dressing is always good and easy if you used the boxed stuffing mixes. There are a ton of recipes online. This is a good time to try out new stuff. Can’t help you with the green beans. Not a fan of those myself.
  15. It’s like affirmative action for rich people.
  16. So if I’m hearing you correctly, you think that I should go lick every hand rail and door knob in sight. Is that the correct interpretation of this post?
  17. That’s funny, but we should note that New York has done FAR more testing than other states, whether in raw numbers or per capita. So of course they’re finding more cases. I wonder if after a few weeks New York might not be the first state to actually turn the tide of the outbreak.
  18. Dow futures down 5%, hitting the “limit down”. @lostone, what are the chances of another 7% circuit breaker tomorrow?
  19. I mean, he’s got a web page and there are tons of websites out there listing his policy positions. For example: https://www.politico.com/2020-election/candidates-views-on-the-issues/joe-biden/ Are you asking about the coronavirus specifically? He gave a press conference where he laid out numerous ideas. There’s video of that, also.
  20. I think you mean “Ignore”. You can’t actually block anyone from posting.
  21. We’re not discussing whether he’s a liar. We’re discussing whether he has dementia.
  22. So you’re saying that because he didn’t graduate high in his class at an elite university that he has dementia. Nope, gotta do better than that.
  23. Sanders has many of them, especially the “uh” and pauses during speeches. And Warren is a great speaker. Not being a great speaker is not a sign of dementia.
  24. Stumbling on words and forgetting something on the trail happens to every candidate. And in the last debate, Sanders said “uh” and stuttered as much, if not more so, than Biden did. It was literally something that I was paying attention to precisely because of all the “dementia” talk on here. Only good public speeches are via teleprompter??? Literally what rightwingers said about Obama. I don’t even know what your point is about “never that intelligent given his academic background”. Are you saying he was always stupid and unintelligent because he didn’t go to an elite college? First, very elitist of you. Second, University of Delaware and Syracuse Law School aren’t exactly crappy schools. Lack of technological proficiency isn’t a sign of dementia. None of those are evidence of dementia. Sorry, try again.