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  1. Most people would be shocked at the number of airline pilots on public assistance like food stamps. We’re talking about jobs where society absolutely does not want people worrying about where there next meal is coming from.
  2. I’m not fan of Maddow, and this probably surprises nobody, but it’s still notable... Maddow: Dr. Fauci...The country really trusts you in particular, but we've seen this sort of disappearance of, and sort of muzzling of, these other senior folks within the government. Do you think that we'll have more access to you, both the press and the public? Fauci: I'm positive of it. I’ve been wanting to come on your show for months and months. You’ve been asking me to come on your show for months and months, and it’s just gotten blocked. Let’s call it what it is: It just got blocked because th
  3. I mean, I wouldn’t mind if Republicans actually woke up and realized the mistake they had made. If the people who lied about “voter fraud” and voted for the authoritarian power grab on January 6th just came out and told the truth, I’d have no problem moving forward. But they are still lying about it and still inciting people with dangerous conspiracies. They still want to get all of the benefits from their lies and authoritarian horse**** without facing any accountability. And some people apparently think that’s perfectly acceptable and those calling for accountability are the ones b
  4. Yeah, I’ve already seen a ton of those on Facebook, most of them starting on Jan 20th as a “I’m posting this so it shows up as a memory in a year” type.
  5. Yes, we must all reflect on what we did to cause Trump and Republicans to lie to their supporters to the point that they formed a murderous mob that raided Congress in an attempt to install Trump as an authoritarian regime. Also, any effort to hold Trump or Republicans accountable is divisive.
  6. I’m guessing this guy’s bail hearing will be very short. A man who helped drag a police officer down the U.S. Capitol steps tried to flee to Switzerland after the day of the siege and then, in what authorities called a different type of flight effort, attempted suicide, prosecutors told a judge on Friday. Jeffrey Patrick Sabol, a 51-year-old divorced geophysicist with three children, has not been charged with assault but rather under a civil disorder statute barring any effort to “obstruct, impede, or interfere” law enforcement. (snip) Assistant U.S. Attorney Benjamin Gianf
  7. I really enjoyed the books. Hope they don’t screw these up as bad as they did the last season.
  8. Does Joe Manchin chair a committee? Holding up his committee chair for weeks or even a month might get him to change his mind.
  9. Good to hear that you’re out of the hospital! Hopefully you make a full recovery soon.
  10. What are your thoughts about voter fraud in the recent election?
  11. This would be glorious... Some people pardoned by Trump can still be tried, an ex-Mueller prosecutor argues. Mr. Weissmann argued on Wednesday that the wording of Mr. Trump’s pre-Christmas pardons was “oddly” drafted. The pardons narrowly covered the recipients’ convictions — rather than broadly relieving them of all potential liability for their actions. Many of the recipients could be charged with more crimes than those for which they were convicted, he said. For example, he noted, Mr. Manafort admitted as part of a plea deal over reduced charges that he was guilty of oth
  12. No no no no!! Think through this. If they are the Atlanta Hammers, then people can wave towels in the air to show support. They can be called “Hammer Hankies”. This must happen.
  13. The lawyer is suing to have the courts dissolve Congress AND the Executive Branch, install “Stewards” for each that will govern the country, prohibit Mike Pence and Democratic members of Congress from holding any office, and basically install Trump as a dictator. Oh, and he wants the court to ban the FBI from arresting him (the lawyer filing the motion). And, no joke, he cited in the court motion his apparent inspiration...The Lord of the Rings.
  14. I almost posted a picture of a huge crowd with no Bernie just to see how much time people wasted looking for him. Then I decided that would be a d-bag move.
  15. Admittedly Senate procedural rules are not my specialization, but I don’t understand why Dems can’t eliminate the filibuster on the floor and then pass a “power sharing agreement” of their choosing via majority vote with Kamala Harris breaking the tie. The irony is that the holdup on the negotiations now is the filibuster. And the filibuster is the reason they require a power-sharing agreement...any agreement now is subject to the filibuster. So eliminate the filibuster and then pass it via majority vote. Take care of two problems at the same time.
  16. “Find the Bern” should be the new “Where’s Waldo” game.
  17. The Texas lawyer who was fired for the capitol insurrection just filed a lawsuit and it’s nuttier than anything Lin Wood or Sidney Powell came up with...
  18. That would be a huge step in making the Senate functional again. It’s insane that the minority has a veto over any and all legislation.
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