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  1. Royce Gravy back at it.
  2. When the FEC chair implies that the President broke the law...
  3. Dumb New York politicians like this?
  4. As I pointed out the first time he made that claim, 6’3 and 230 pounds is just ten pounds shy of obesity. That’s why I call him Royce Gravy.
  5. Does any of that include live training against cheetah’s?
  6. Why not quote the entire post, which is far more nuanced than the party you quoted?
  7. Mostly, I just fill him in on the goings on with ABF and he shakes his head sadly and says, “f***ing idiots” about all of us. Pssstttt...just between you and me, I think he’s right. Especially about SB.
  8. Royce Gravy showing out, y’all.
  9. What have you got against Cheeto’s?
  10. That’s much more of a western thing, as in Rocky Mountain Oysters. Maybe also Texas, which is like the 80’s sitcom version of the South.
  11. Also sweet potato pie.
  12. I got a score around 32-34.
  13. And by “our friend”, I mean my friend. He never considered you a friend. Just wanted to clear that up.
  14. Hey @The Legendary SB, our friend Iowahorse said that you need to learn how to spell “Cheeto”. He thinks you could definitely kill a cheeto with your bare hands.
  15. Hey Royce Gravy, tell us about “skewed polls” in 2012 and how Romney was going to win in a landslide. I always love hearing that one.
  16. Royce Gravy — killer of cheetahs, quoter of Nazi’s, and lover of presidential daughters.
  17. Royce Gravy doesn’t understand irony.
  18. ^^^Says the guy who wanted to “anger bang” Obama’s then underage daughters.
  19. Also, the picture is from an article written by the same Nazi (Roger Roots) that SB has been quoting this whole time.
  20. I suspect that he’ll be posting a Red Skelton video soon.
  21. How did you find that video, exactly? Why are your searches pulling up Nazi’s, hmmmm?
  22. You let Cold Stone Steve Austin speak his mind!
  23. And we get a bonus appearance from Royce Gravy!! Best day evah.
  24. Yes, you can...and you must. This is some of the greatest material in the last several years. Keep it up.
  25. I was going to throw shade about engaging this guy, but then y’all produced this gem. Y’all got SB into a level 10 snazoo. Thanks.