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  1. Let me just say this...people like dunking on Cruz over stuff like this and that’s fine. But one thing you absolutely have to understand about Cruz (and Texas GOP candidates generally) is that he is extremely effective at campaigning. It might seem stupid or silly, but I guarantee you that Cruz’s campaign has some data analytics showing this will net him some non-insignificant number of voters in this community. Remember that all of the Obama ground game tactics that were lauded as ground-breaking? That was nothing more than an extension of Gerber and Green’s work in the Rick Perry campaign. Remember the psychometric approach that flipped so many voters in midwestern states for Trump? That was the data analytics people that Ted Cruz introduced to the Trump campaign. Don’t dismiss the effectiveness of this stuff being done by Cruz’s campaign.
  2. Not sure if the bolded part is similar to the question that I asked before, but all I was suggesting is that there has to be some forgiveness and consideration of second chances for people who do bad things as a minor. (And yes, 17 is still a minor psychologically and emotionally no matter how f***ed up our laws are about that.) And I’m not sure myself whether this is forgivable for a SCOTUS nominee or not.
  3. This part is completely false. Her story CAN be corroborated with other evidence, or it could be undermined with other evidence. There were other people at the party who could say whether Kavanaugh was there or not. They could say whether he was drunk or not. The media is already reporting about the yearbooks and stories from others at this high school about the drinking and party culture that existed. And the other person who was supposed to be in the room - Mark Judge - has been shown to have questionable lines on his own yearbook photo about beating women. All of that is corroboration. Some of it has been established (drinking culture) and other things need to be established or undermined (him being at the party and his state of inebriation). But the story CAN be corroborated.
  4. Jpowers is such a cockchafer.
  5. G-dawg: Sir, this insu;lt shalt not stand. I demand satisfaction for the offense of Yankee Agression against our God-fearing state and carpet-bagging in our sotuhern lands one who is wholesome in spirit and mind may lead us all to the eternal heavenly afterlife! Drive=thru waitress: Sir, this is an Arby’s drive thru. Would you like to order something?
  6. I don’t think g-dawg knows who Cass Sunstein is. Also, g-dawg lied through his teeth when Snake welched on his bet and came back as “Deisel”. G-dawg knew all along that was Snake and he lied to protect his identity even though everybody on the boards knew immediately it was really Snake. So basically, g-dawg is a lying POS who is a GOP partisan AND who cites people like Cass Sunstein without knowing what his actual views are.
  7. She is just throwing out science and statistics to try to discredit his administration. That’s a bad thing, in case anyone is wondering.
  8. Sounds like you've already made up your mind, Mr. I Unlock Doors For a Living.
  9. Ahhh...so that's how this works, Mr. Bakes Cookies for Divorcees at Open Houses.
  10. The problem is that it IS a Democratic strategy and Dems are motivated by partisanship on this one. And that can be true at the same time that Kavanaugh might have assaulted this woman. They are not mutually exclusive. The way it was handled by Feinstein is disturbing in many ways. And the motivation by the Democrats warrants caution. But the Dems being partisan doesn't make the allegations false.
  11. Admittedly some of my reservations is that I’m not current on the latest details. Also I’m typing on my phone now.
  12. By the way, I am still reserving judgment about the accusation itself. I want to hear from Ford first and assess the credibility before drawing conclusions.
  13. I’m going to ask something of a controversial question and I don’t know the answer to it myself. Regarding Kavanaugh, the allegation is that he attempted to rape a woman when he was in high school. That is obviously horrible and disgusting. Considering that both were minors at the time, is that disqualifying if true? Suppose that was a one-time mistake and that Kavanaugh never did anything like that again his entire life. Does his career end because of something (very horrific) that he did when he was under age at the time? Obviously, if more women come forward and a pattern of this behavior emerges, he should never sit on the bench. But I guess what I’m asking is where is the line drawn between what can be forgiven because somebody was a kid versus something that should permanently impede that person’s career advancement no matter what they have done since then? Again, I’m not sure I have the answer to that myself.
  14. I remember being told that death penalty for gays and flogging (caning) were only done in Muslim countries.
  15. By the way, haven’t exactly caught up on the thread and I’m not ignoring the posts. A friend and I went fishing this evening and I’m just now getting back to the interwebs. (Caught a nice rainbow trout, natch.)