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  1. It’s not a good look, but I’d also add that all of those numbers are going to decline if it ever gets to an actual vote. We saw similar numbers with the public option but they dropped so quickly after the GOP started attacking it that it had to be removed from the ACA.
  2. No, they didn't. Polls only estimate (not "predict") the percent who will vote for a candidate. The polls never predict the electoral college votes. And again, those polls showed her winning the popular vote by 3%. She actually won by 2%. How is that "all wrong"?
  3. If you play a Steely Dan song backwards, you can actually hear a better song.
  4. The polls showed Clinton winning the popular vote by 3%. She actually won the popular vote by 2%. How were they “all wrong”?
  5. And that’s a much better take, in my opinion. Edit: Also, because of the twitter handles, I didn’t know that the tweet was from Nikole Hannah-Jones, who I think started the 1619 project. I just assumed, erroneously, that it was another left twitter handle.
  6. I’m not saying it was a good answer. I don’t think it was. But the question was specifically about how to address the legacy of racism. So of course he’s going to talk about economic disparity and assume people will know he’s talking about the black community because...you know...he was specifically asked about that.
  7. The moderator asked him how to overcome the legacy of slavery. She prefaced with his comments 40 years ago, but the question was, “as you stand here tonight, what responsibility do you think Americans need to take to repair the legacy of slavery in our country?” And that’s the question he answered.
  8. Moderator: How do you overcome the legacy of slavery? Biden: We need to address redlining and institutional segregation in schools today. And here are some other ways to address economic inequality. Left twitter: ZOMG he thinks black is synonymous with poor and dysfunctional!! GO BERNIE!!!
  9. Um, the question was how to overcome the legacy of slavery. Are you saying there are no economic consequences of slavery for black people today?
  10. I was very sympathetic to McCabe, especially when Trump fired him the day before he was going to retire. But the more evidence that comes out, the more it looks like he did something very wrong and possibly illegal. I’m following the evidence on this one, nothing more.
  11. There’s literally a grand jury deliberating on this very question. That’s not a conspiracy theory. That’s a fact. But you go back to watching Maddow and thinking she’s a journalist. Me and my Indonesian friend are watching episodes of Rick and Morty. Tomorrow night, I’m going to introduce him to Black Mirror and blow his mind.
  12. You should pay attention because I’ve been one of the biggest opponents of false equivalencies around here for years.
  13. I neither like nor dislike McCabe. But if he leaked info to the press and then lied about it to federal investigators, that’s perjury and it’s a felony. It’s exactly the same thing that Flynn did, and Flynn is a felon who is likely to serve time.
  14. @mdrake34, and now we’re watching Rick Potion No. 9. Not sure what he thinks of this.
  15. @mdrake34, I introduced my friend to Rick and Morty tonight. He watched the pilot and giggled about the whole seeds up the butt thing. And his giggle is like the Butthead laugh, but about 3 octaves higher. So imagine this high-pitched Beavis giggle about sticking seeds up Morty’s butt. Best. Thing. Ever.