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  1. "Say what you want about the Nazis, but mdrake has ever had a fantasy about being tied up and beaten by a man dressed as a liberal." -- P.J. O'Rourke ...
  2. Does it matter that some of these companies are offering free services, and the Nazi's can buy their own domain name and server? IOW, they are not being denied a website, they are being denied a free service from a private company?
  3. Yeesh...this is not. Good. Fifty-nine percent of voters said Trump's decisions and behavior have encouraged white supremacist groups, while 35 percent say he has had no impact on them. http://www.politico.com/story/2017/08/23/trump-poll-divide-country-241945?lo=ap_d1
  4. Deerborn was also a former chief of staff for Jeff Sessions.
  5. CNN reporting that Rick Deerborne, Trump's deputy chief of staff, emailed about setting up a meeting with Putin around the same time of the Trump Jr. Meeting to get damaging info on Clinton.
  6. This can't be a good sign... Trump met with potential Flake challengers before Phoenix rally Trump ripped the Arizona senator during the brief meeting, calling him 'the flake.' By ALEX ISENSTADT 08/23/2017 05:25 PM EDT Updated 08/23/2017 06:30 PM EDT
  7. You mean "lying". He was lying. He said something that (you say) he knows is false.
  8. Also, just because there's a lot of s*** going around on the internet, are we sure that this was during Trump's speech? It cuts off right after the speaker begins speaking.
  9. I guess the crowd got tired of all that winning.
  10. The "law and order" candidate is going to pardon a man who openly defied the judicial branch and was prosecuted for it.
  11. Fake Bannon telling them that Donald (or Kushner...hard to tell) has red wine strained through Melania's pantyhose to remove the silt was golden. The fact that the Breitbart guy actually believed it...sheesh.
  12. "I have no use for people running each other over in the streets, but if those protesters were not in the streets then they would not have been hit by the car. Thus there were bad people on both sides." ^^^See...it's pretty clear that this statement is condemning the terrorist who ran people over. That's pretty definitive condemnation, isn't it? Sorry, but Trump's false equivalencies and qualifications ARE a defense of the Nazi's and white supremacists. That's not even mentioning his refusal to outright name the white supremacists as white supremacists for two days while he made his "both sides are the same" nonsense.
  13. Okay, and that's fine. But that is not what you said and it's an argument you've made in the past. Of course, we did have a constitutional amendment that creates direct election of senators, so now senators do directly represent the citizens in their states. So your original post only applies to the early period of American government. Your original post is no longer true today.
  14. Ugh, that was completely my bad. I thought you asked the question in a second post. As it turns out, I just got out of order in reading the thread when I refreshed the page. My bad.