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  1. You realize that Trump has a literal nuclear ace in the hole, don’t you?
  2. It will be as legitimate as UCF’s national championship.
  3. I agree with this one. It was definitely informative and entertaining in a train wreck sort of way. Solid effort by MSNBC.
  4. This could be news...Michael Caputo just said that Mueller asked him about Trump Tower Moscow.
  5. So as someone who bangs on MSNBC all the time and refuses to watch most videos or opinion shows on it, I have to say that this was a quality, quality suggestion. Thank you very much for sharing it so that I could tune in and watch. Seriously, it’s much appreciated.
  6. Also, all four of these conspiracy peddling, lying a**holes trying to portray themselves as the heroes and the others as the villains...it’s bizarre. And Corsi just went birtherism.
  7. Carter Page shaking his head “no” but then “yes” but then “no” but then “yes yes yes” while Caputo talking is kind of revealing. It’s like “that’s not the right story...that’s the story we’re telling...nope, not that....but yes that’s part of our tale”.
  8. I was thinking more like a cyborb created to look like a serial killer.
  9. Yeah, any time you get a bunch of smug arrogant morons all facing possible criminal charges, they’re going to turn on each other.
  10. There’s something wrong about Carter Page.
  11. It worked so well the last two times he gave a national address during the shutdown. Everybody, just look at how much of a difference Trump makes when he just gets his message out.
  12. Interesting... CNN reporting that Cohen postpones his testimony to Congress. He cites threats by Trump (to his father, presumably) as the reason.
  13. The writing is on the wall...
  14. I mean, I like most of what I’ve heard about the South Bend mayor, but JFC we’re already at something like 8-9 candidates.