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  1. Sponge, bro, edit that s***. I know what you’re trying to say, but you can’t say stuff like that.
  2. I read similar stories in Georgia about farmers who coudln’t find enough labor to harvest the crops and had some crops rotting on the ground as a result.
  3. I have been told that you are a pastor at a church. So let me ask this from a different perspective. Suppose a family in the next neighborhood were so poor that they had not been able to feed their family for two days. Their children are starving and suffering because they have no food. You find out that they snuck into your house that night and took some bread, milk, and cheese so that they could eat. Would you, as a Christian pastor, demand that they are criminals who should go to jail? Yes, they did break the law. Yes, the legal process would separate the parents from their family and put the parents in jail. Yes, they committed a crime. I’m not asking about the legality of it. I’m asking...how would you as a Christian view this family and the parents? As criminals to be punished? How do your Christian values instruct you to view other human beings who are seeking relief from suffering and poverty?
  4. I don’t usually pile on to these “I hope he goes to h***” things when it comes to politics... ...but I hope that guy rots in h***. That was disgusting.
  5. We as a nation also made a decision that we don’t put children in cages and separate them from their parents because the latter might have committed a misdemeanor visa violation. Yet here we are.
  6. Because Steele went dark for a long period of time. No idea why he did that and it’s definitely suspicious, but ultimately it doesn’t prove a business relationship.
  7. A relationship isn’t a problem. Steele had lots of relationships because of his intelligence work. You suggested a business relationship of some kind. That could be problematic, but simply knowing the person and asking questions is not illegal. Hacking somebody’s emails and using those contents to influence an election is illegal. The nature of the information sought is what makes the two not comparable, IMO.
  8. Regarding Deripaska, there’s been a lot of speculation that he “worked” for him but no evidence so far that they had a business relationship. So we don’t even known that they had a business relationship in the past, let alone whether such a relationship was the basis for his dossier. But you’re glossing over the nature of the information. Contacting a Russian government source asking about contacts between people is not illegal. Hacking somebody’s emails and using that information to influence a campaign is illegal. Unless you can show that the information Steele put in the dossier was illegally obtained, the two situations are completely different. Regarding leaks to campaign operatives, that’s also a possibility with Rudy Guiliani (now Trump’s lawyer) and the FBI NY office. As far as Fusion GPS setting up the Trump tower meeting...I’d have to see some strong evidence from a credible source to even consider that. It’s a new one for me.
  9. First, that is the defense from a LOT of Trump supporters and also Trump’s own people. Second, Clinton hired a firm to investigate Russian connections. That firm then hired a former British intelligence officer with connections to Russia. That’s not colluding to influence the election. That’s hiring somebody to investigate something. What Trump’s people, including his children, did was communicate with Russians known to have connections with the Russian government to receive illegally obtained information (emails in particular) with the purpose of influencing the election. Nothing that Steele did involved illegally obtaining information about Trump. What Trump’s people were looking for, and discussing with Russian operatives, was illegally obtained information about Clinton.
  10. That also applies to colluding with a foreign adversary to influence the election, right? Because we know of three separate occasions where Trump’s campaign people, including his own children, attempted to collude with Russia. The defense so far has been that they were not successful. But all of them have admitted to attempting it.
  11. What kind of freaky BDSM dungeon-themed summer camp did Laura Ingraham get sent to as a kid???
  12. Not in the literal sense, at least.