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  1. Zero self awareness.
  2. Didn’t say it was their invention, I said it’s their M.O. these days. I think you missed the point. Also, I wanted to use the phrase “lyin’ and denyin” because it sounds funny. I believe the Mendendez allegations regarding underage prostitutes is false because they were proven false and the accusers retracted their story. I do believe the allegations against Franken and have never said anything about them being politically motivated. When it first broke, I questioned where the single accusation warranted him resigning. But as more accusations came out, I supported his resignation. For me, this isn’t a party issue and it’s not some stupid, disgusting partisan game of “gotcha”. Credible accusations of sexual assault should be considered seriously. And nobody facing credible accusations of child molestation should be anywhere near public office.
  3. Yep, I’ve acknowledged that was Clinton’s strategy many times. Not that it makes it okay, but it was also 20 years ago. Are you saying that Clinton’s lying is an excuse for ignoring Roy Moore’s child molestation and attempted rape accusations? Or Donald Trump’s sexual assault accusations? What, exactly, is the point of bringing up Clinton?
  4. Reports are that it was ISIS related. https://twitter.com/LisaDaftari/status/940212637966786561
  5. Fox News reporting that he was a 27 year old Bangladeshi... http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/12/11/port-authority-explosion-reports-prompt-police-response-in-new-york-city.html
  6. Only beta cucks tell the truth and apologize. If you ain’t lyin’ and denyin’ then you ain’t alt-righting it correctly.
  7. The reporting is that he’s in the residential section of the White House all morning watching cable news. He doesn’t get to the Oval Office (his office) until around 9:30-10AM to start work.
  8. The M.O. does sound like ISIS or similar terrorist group. I’m predicting a tweet immediately after they confirm that, if it’s the case.
  9. In fairness, the NYTimes did report in that article I posted that he ususally doesn’t get to the office until about 9:30-10AM. So he’s probably watching cable news now.
  10. 2012: An anonymous tipster reaches out to media outlets and the FBI to claim Menendez was paying for underage prostitutes while in the Dominican Republic. Those allegations didn't pan out, but they spurred the government's closer look at Menendez's relationship with Melgen, The Post's Paul Kane and Carol Leonnig reported.
  11. Three women who made the prostitution allegations later recanted and said they were paid to level the charges. Neither Melgen nor Menendez was charged with soliciting underage prostitutes. http://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/news/nation-world/sd-me-menendez-case-20171012-story.html
  12. I actually think Jones should have gone after him harder over putting gays in jail and banning Muslims from public office. That’s outside the mainstream even for Alabama GOP.
  13. The Jones campaign confirmed that they were behind it.
  14. So much winning...
  15. Funny enough, as bad as the bolded part was, I think the first sentence was much more disturbing.