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  1. Calling the investigation a “witch hunt” and otherwise prejudging the merits of the investigation months before being appointed to oversee that investigation isn’t a conflict of interest. Some people need to look up the word “conflicted”.
  2. As speculation for 2020 begins to heat up, a little more than 3 in 10 Americans want to see President Donald Trump win a second term in the White House, according to a new poll. A Monmouth University poll out Wednesday found that though the president’s approval rating stands fairly steady at 43 percent, only 37 percent of registered voters want to see him reelected, compared to 58 percent of voters who want someone new in the Oval Office come January 2021.
  3. At least they know what’s going to happen to them when the other side gets power if they don’t take a stand about this stuff now.
  4. Largest Democratic House seat gain since the 1970s. Full oversight authority complete with subpoena power. Can block all GOP legislation. Helluva consequence despite him and the GOP having a great economy to run on.
  5. I think we saw one of the consequences of his behavior last Tuesday.
  6. It also looks like the polls showed a 9% Democratic vote margin in the House and they have about an 8% margin of victory so far. All that s*** talking about polls just shows that they don’t understand how they work.
  7. Politico just called CA-10 as pickup for Dems.
  8. Isn’t Friday the usual day for dropping indictments?
  9. Y’all ever notice how Gazoo brags about helping minorities and speaks about them as though they are beneath him? I mean, he always talks about the minorities who need his help and how noble he is for offering his kindness to them. He never talks about a minority who inspired him, who he looks up to, and who helped him out in the past. I don’t know how to do the “thinking” emoji, but I would put it here.
  10. Yep. If everybody agreed to a wholesale ignore of him then I would gladly participate and not quote him. But this ignore-roulette thing hasn’t been working. And given that, there are some things that should be called out by other posters. It’s pretty obvious that he’s posting in bad faith. So either everybody ignores him until he disappears or people need to call out some of his more disgusting posts.
  11. Wait, the fake, manipulated video of Jim Acosta at the WH press briefing apparently came from InfoWars. Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted that video. On her official Press Secretary twitter account. FFS.
  12. I would like to see the entire, unedited video and make sure that is what happened. However, it’s not true that removing the professor “is something that they wouldn’t do if she was right for what she did.” Universities are notoriously litigation adverse and that is standard procedure. In fact, I was surprised that it was only a week. Usually it’s until the “investigation” can be finished. Finally, IF it’s true that the professor was upset by her having her feet propped up, that’s outrageous and that person has no business in the classroom. What’s next? Yelling at students to “sit up straight”?
  13. They lost at least 35 seats, maybe more if you count special elections, in the House. They lost seats in Arizona, Montana, West Virginia, and (let us not forget), Alabama, along with some other seats. They barely held a seat in Texas. They have a runoff in Mississippi. In a year when the map was disastrous for Dems, they gained only a couple of Senate seats. They lost governors in at least several important swing states, along with several others that Trump won. They lost control of several state legislatures and lost seats across the country at the state legislative level. Tell us again about this “red wave”.
  14. McSally couldn’t win the Arizona senate race. So appoint her Governor...that’s sure to be a great move.
  15. Just to revisit this...Gazoo doesn’t know how to read polls or analyze politics.