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  1. Quinn has to stop and realise this D is not Seattle's D. Create a scheme that suits what WE have, not what another team has. We are getting QB pressure but the middle of the field is wide open and Ricardo Allen has to be the worst starting FS in the league.
  2. 2 TE sets could be an issue for us as we can't seem to cover one TE
  3. I hope your right but i think i'll skip the pre-game love in, ESPN are bad enough as it is without all these extra's...
  4. This.....And the league agreed to this game so the officiating will be worse than ever.
  5. The 'no' safety is my all time favourite. "There is no penalty for holding as the offense was attempting a screen pass" Sorry but WTF did he just say ?
  6. I assume you think Leonard Williams will not be around at 8..........If not then pick the best pass rusher available
  7. The Rooney rule got Mike Tomlin his job, so it's not going anywhere for a while
  8. What i wanted to know was interested in the GM or Austin or both?
  9. I think Allen is a good coach just not HC material.
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