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  1. If Falcons want to gloat over something involving Katrina, just remind them that the best thing to ever come out of atlanta was Maj. Gen. Sherman, after he burnt it to the ground.
  2. There sure are. Not sure why though, not like there's been any surprises with this team lately.
  3. I'll repeat my earlier post.... SECOND... BEST... SUPERBOWL... EVER!!!
  4. Second... Greatest... Superbowl... EVER! Couldn't have asked for a more entertaining game. Too many "firsts" in this one to count, and they're almost all due to the falcons being the falcons.
  5. It's always so entertaining around here...
  6. Now THAT, is spoken like a true falcon fan.
  7. "How Do You Prepare For A Team That Sucks?" Gameplan for the falcons.
  8. Also off topic, but Sherman was dead on about Atlanta too. Figured it was worth throwing into the mix.
  9. LMAO!! I am SO not surprised by this. Thanks for the laugh!
  10. So you're saying it looks like this board does after pretty much every game, win or lose?
  11. You guys really should stick to the common naming convention and call it "The Big Top II".
  12. Me? Oh I've been here and there. Thanks for asking. Errr... You just did.
  13. This season you ACTUALLY achieved "One and Done" instead of the normal "None and Done". 'Grats!
  14. I think the term you're looking for is "none and done". You have to actually win a playoff game to be "one and done". Just FYI.
  15. heheh.... Could've hasn't gotten a win yet in this league. But, if it helps you sleep better at night.....
  16. So... It's not that the Saints are good, just that the falcons are incompetent. Good to know. Thanks Roddy!
  17. 1977 called, they'd like their joke back please....
  18. I believe the greatest thing about this statue isn't the honoring of Steve Gleason, or the symbolism of rebirth of the city. (Those count in the top 3, but not at the top...) The greatest thing about it is that it doesn't have even a speck of atlanta or the failcons on it to trash up the great city of New Orleans. Think about it, the number one trashiest place to live and the worst place to be a sports fan denied themselves their 'rightful' spot on an endearing statue that will be loved everywhere but atlanta. THANK YOU!!!
  19. He really was just made to be a falcon.... http://deadspin.com/5925509/roddy-white-said-some-stupid-things-about-penn-state-on-twitter-today?tag=penn-state-scandal @roddywhiteTV A lot of stuff get swept under the rug at university's don't understand why penn state had to tell the media we got a coach rapping kids @roddywhiteTV You know that's gone hurt the university you can't control a grown man I just think they should've got him arrested and that's the end @roddywhiteTV Joe pa told the people he was suppose to tell he is a football coach he coaches 100 student athletes the head people should've done more @roddywhiteTV I would send my kid there if he wanted to go he wasn't rappin football players that's a great program that joe pa ran @roddywhiteTV Y'all are crazy for thinking I'm saying it was ok for penn state to hide the incident but to blame joe pa when he told the people is bad
  20. Sounds like nothing beats personal experience. How much do you have exactly? Just need to know if the local or federal authorities need to be informed.....
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