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  1. HAHAHAHA!! what are you doing on our boards still if you are still confident? you are such a wanker! comparing Ryan to Kitna????? you guys have lost it.....I know it hurts!!! But, believe me SAINTS ARE NOT MAKING THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR!!
  2. that will always stay like that "WE COMING!!!!!" you guys will miss the playoffs there's NO DOUBT in my mind now..... 9-2 !! = you guys didn't want us to win this one I know.....suck your own crap!!!
  3. we are 9-2 mate! What are you doing on our boards clown???? Put that fat head of yours in your filthy arse & take a dump! Believe me you are cursed! SAINTS WILL NOT MAKE THE PLAYOFFS!!!
  4. 9-2! Look at Mattyce & Co 2010 stats..... see if you guys can remotely match us.....Clowns! dont be surprised if Brees walks out of the dome in crutches!!! Remember all those Voodoo adds on falcons? They WILL backfire on you for real.........Saints wont make it to the playoffs! AGAIN = 9-2!
  5. MattyIcy


    Truth Hurts! You guys are cursed this year! trust me.....those Voodooo adds on falcons will backfire on you! Its mother nature.....
  6. I wonder what the haters are doing at the moment???? any ideas?!
  7. MattyIcy


    9-2! Worry about the bucs then us! for real I dont even think Saints will make the playoffs!
  8. we will see you week 16 in OUR HOUSE!! We will spank your filthy arses out of our backyard!!! Then you can keep on reviewing all the plays for the rest of the season ......
  9. Saints & Buc are pure garbage!!! they effin always come up with all these microscopic needle hair plays to play down our legitmacy!! WHat about the officials missing the DELAY of play game call on packers last min drive which resulted in TD?! BOTTOM LINE - 9-2!!! EFF YOU!!!
  10. please do care to show up on our boards after we are 9-2! Dont be a wanker! Happy Thanks Giving!!
  11. EXACTLY!!! perfect hint to our secondary!! He's def. going to throw some big bombs at em......I sincerely hope they are ready! & moreso I hope EVERYONE on team is effin "FP" on practice squad......this is it! WE HAVE TO WIN THIS ONE!!
  12. I literally choked on my turkey wehn dallas turned over the ball right before the effin goal line!!! Im sick to my belly & now can't even wait till week 15!!
  13. I always wonder where you clowns dissapear after we get 'W'???? If you have class do show up on boards!!
  14. today I'm a biggest fan of K.Brooking!!!! For a change lay some wood & create turnovers ....will ya?!!!!
  15. I like to disagree on this one.....there's NO team in NFL who are stricken with injury bug more serious then Packers. Inspite of all those shortcomings, they are 7-3 ! You CANNOT ignore the the intellectual & physical skill sets the coaching staff & players have as one single unit game after game. I still believe we have a very balanced group who will overcome this formidable foe this Sunday. Rise Up!!!!
  16. http://www.nfl.com/videos/new-york-jets/09000d5d81c646ce/Thursday-Night-Kickoff-Rex-Ryan-sitdown?module=HP_video Dont you see a mirror image of teams approach to every game? whether you see it team players or coaching staff...... I see both Falcons & Jets to be THE team to beat in NFL! Creative thoughts welcome...........
  17. I would like to see HD83 sighting in end zone! for real!!
  18. I'm impressed with these stats! def. a HUGE game!!! RISE UP!!!
  19. CLAY MATTHEWS 111 = completely different beast! his surgical sack plays & relentless effort to chase ball sets him apart from EVERY line backer we have witnessed as of date......if we slow him down I'll be more then satisfied.
  20. Our entire O-LINE yet again & ofcourse, we need to have HARRY D sighting in END ZONE!
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXV9Sya3D0o this guy is from my hometown .......was a diehard fan of him in his USC years......but, I pray LORD he doesn't have his A game this sunday! I sincerely hope!!!!!
  22. I like your falcon spirit.....& that's what I feel every waking moment! BUT, just for a brief moment let's a take deep breath & check this vid out......... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXV9Sya3D0o In the end, I still believe we win this by a field goal in final secs!
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