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  1. http://www.weather.com/weather/wxdetail/USWA0395?dayNum=3& Turner / Snelling / Ovie - Ground & Pound!!
  2. Im flying in from Los Angeles with 7 peeps.......we shall do the needful! Im hoping some saints fans are next to me.....so I can be effin close to their ears ALL DAY!!!
  3. I firmly believe he will be back.....also, Ovie & Snell combo could ease up Turners workload.
  4. they are a formidable foe.......who play well at home.
  5. I do fancy our chances.....but, it's just what we fans want to see better of our team in terms of putting the nail on the coffin! I mean just how Patriots are dismantling the teams .......I soo desperately want our team to rip apart our next 2 opponents & give some rest to our key starters. With Seattle I expect them to put away the game in 3rd quarter.......RISE UP!!!
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ikdt_R-YAs Keys to falcons victory ---- a) Pass Rush ( Hasselback has to flushed out of the pocket ) ---- Force turnovers Ground & Pound! ( we desperately need Snelling back ) c) Close the game in 3rd QTR - PLEASE!! & let Matty & Turner rest......we need em both on MNF!! All creative thoughts welcome....
  7. Seattle scarier then bucs & browns on road? What's wrong with you?? RISE UP!!!!! :P
  8. you are wrong, it's my vodoo! remember those vodoo adds you clowns tried on falcons during preseason??? That vodoo spell has backfired now & it's going to have reverse effect! Saints might not even make it to the playoffs ....even if they do they are done in 1st round!
  9. mate! I'm remotely worried about these clowns.....we will surgically dismantle them just how Patriots carved up Jets! There's NOWAY they can beat Ravens.......they might yet again get lucky v/s Rams but, you never know.
  10. should I bring up Cardinals / Browns? How the fuc* can you lose to Cards? & almost got beat by panties ( worst team in NFL! ) wanker! the fact that you are on our boards is that, your diaper is effin heavy & with filth!!! STFU! Cuz we are 10-2!!!
  11. I agree but, it will all depend on next years draft where we need presence in OL / DE ........
  12. What do you think Coach Smith would rename it as?? Or what would sound "sassy" ?
  13. however you guys want to tweak the stats...one thing I do know is that dont be surprised if he makes to pro bowl! I'm sooo effin proud of this guy with his limited skill sets .......he's proved EVERYBODY that, he's one of the best! FYI = Grimes is Brees nightmare!!! Yet again he'll prove it in upcoming MNF
  14. to be honest, I still get embarassed when anybody talks about Eagles / Falcons.......they effin beat the crap out of us in past 3 years! I was sicckkkk to my gut after this years loss! BUT, I cant effin wait ....if we have to see them again in our dome in playoffs!!!!!
  15. We are have won 6 back to back games......we very well can close the season with 10-0 run. Clinch HFA throughout the playoffs! Sky is the limit! What do you guys feel?? Is it a fantasy or possible reality? RISE UP!!!!
  16. Dont take the Rams lightly.....they will be tough to beat! I foresee Aints losing back to back 3 in a row. I know I'm crazy! But, I called it FIRST!!
  17. Inch By Inch - Yard by Yard Lombardi here we come! Rise up!
  18. Now 'orange' is falcons jersey color??...... prolly you are trying to say Joshy POOH thought GRIMES was in one of their non-throw back jersey :unsure: :unsure:
  19. I foresee Dunta getting couple of picks in upcoming games.....since Grimes is going to be in check mode for a while.
  20. Just saw the nfl playbook & the way mods have shown GRIMES skill sets .......I firmly believe he's right next to Revis Island if not the best just yet. Wish I could attach a link here....but, it will be up soon on NFL. I'm proud of this guy.....I was one of them last year who prolly was not in favor of him starting that position. Sorry Grimes! you have proved me & most of your critics wrong. GOD bless you! wish you very best for a great future ahead.
  21. all I want is W & make strong case at the dome v/s Saints. there's no need to stick it to a team which is already dismantled. I would rather see we do high rotation of players....to keep them healthy.
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