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  1. he will punch his ticket to pro bowl this year! & very well may be nominated for the best CB for 2010 regular season. With his limited skill sets ......he has made game changing plays & given most QB's like Brees a serious predicament about throwing ball deep over his head. NOW thats what I call a SHUT DOWN corner even though he doesn't look like one..... : )
  2. http://irishbaseballseason.blogspot.com/2010/11/matt-ryan-leads-falcons-to-joint-best.html 1) Irish American roots 2) 12 - 2 record - with each wearing their repsective jersey # How surreal is this??? what if they both meet in Super bowl? started 2010 summer camps together & end season with reappearance on super bowl nite.......guys, call me crazy! but, I strongly feel this could happen. your thoughts?
  3. WHITE IS WHITE = NOBODY can match his skill sets & can execute crucial plays what Roddy can.....so let's get real! RODDY has to be a crucial playmaker on MNF!
  4. I agree with you 100% ....it has nothing to do with the (s)aints. He would have made similar comment regardless......I foresee him breaking his season best record....call me crazy! but, he's definitely going to rip them apart.
  5. WTF?!! this guy has earned it & has every right to defend his team. BTW: what's your definition of being "classy"?? be a sissy boy?? huh? No matter what the outcome of this ......we are here to back him up.
  6. I agree with the first part......but, I believe our starters will surgically carve them up in first half & then prolly get benched with gatorade shower on sidelines.
  8. it was week 10 when I guess Roddy got his last 100 receiving yards? I foresee him torching up Saints CB ALL effin night.....also, this game will be over by second half with falcons up by 4 TD's & Redman will prolly close out. The voodoo has been reversed & I've been saying it all along.....Saints will drop their last 3 games ( 2 more to go)
  9. how are they going to stop Matty Ice / Turner-Snelling / Gonzo-Harry D/ White-Jenkins/ Weems/ Grimes-D.Rob/ Clabo-Mclure/ Abraham-Biermann / Spoon-Mike.P / Matt Bryant???
  10. but, I "guarantees" this time he'll make it his religion to come in Brees way.....it's inevitable! Brees is NOT P.Manning or T.Brady. I foresee D.Rob making his 1st INT of the season....as well. It's going to be exciting to see both teams showcase their best play calling of the season. G'luck!
  11. this is our moment ..............Falcons are primed to dismantle teams like Eagles & Patriots. RISE UP!!!
  12. I sincerely request our falcon fraternity to refrain posting about Saints this week. They DO NOT intimidate our falcon team or us .....& their existence will not mean ANYTHING to us after MNF! So let's try & stay focused .....& not get carried away with mindless Saints trolls! RISE UP!!
  13. Wait for GRIME TIME mate! I'm hoping Brees brings some extra diapers.....
  14. Both him & D.JACK have to be surgically torn apart!
  15. "Render your competition irrelevant" To be honest, they dont even intimidate falcons anymore....it's going to be just a another day at office. The ONLY team that is posing challenge to our dream is EAGLES....whom we have to face in NFC Championship showdown! GOD willing they keep on BOBBING & we keep on WEAVING!!!
  16. Saints existence will be irrelevant for us after MNF! I said this before & will say it yet again .....Saints will DROP their last 3 games!
  17. okay....see us after MNF! dont be a wanker like other clowns & disappear!
  18. neither..... we have too many peachtree strts here in atlanta ....so I was thinking we can certainly name one as GRIMES STREET or GRIMES CORNER! :P :P
  19. does anyveone still have doubts that he's NOT ....after what we have seen him lately in 2010?? I know one thing = he's punched his pro bowl ticket! Great job Grimes ......we are sooo proud of you!! Keep the hard work going....we are here to support you no matter what. RISE UP!!!!
  20. I was watching the game at a bar in LA .....& after the Saints loss & I was jumping in overjoy! Few saints fans came up to me & said....dont get too excited you still have to face us on MNF!! I was like we have nothing to prove to you guys......our record speaks for itself! & our bench team can prolly clobber your arse out of the dome! They just took off......with their sulky face!
  21. 2nd non-fool - incident goes like this... after the cincy game....all the saints were rejoicing with 'who dat' as usual!!! & ofcourse we were at the bar so....me & my buddies were waiting on them to leave so we could get the same table & watch the Tampa game .........my patience runs out & I make a humble request ....."may we please have the table?" their response - " NO SIR! we want to be blatantly honest with you that we will be here to see you guys lose.....atleast, we can sincerely hope so! " & said our vodoo ain't workin on ya'll so far! hope it does this evening!
  22. I really dont care ........he had a monster game & based on his history & attitude it was rightfully justified. I foresee a rematch of Iggles & Falcons in playoffs for championship title.... & I can ASSURE you one thing.......FALCONS will rip them apart! I know history does not back this statement .....but, this is OUR time! RISE UP!!!!!
  23. as long as we can maintain constant pressure on Hasselback......our CB's will be gifted ALL DAY! I expect D.Rob & Decoud getting couple of INT's since he will check on Grimes & change his route.
  24. Yea baby!! & If they load the box.....there will be serious mismatch issues.....I foresee Gonzo / HD having a decent day as well.
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