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  1. do you think falcons didnt know who they are about to play in week 17? do you really believe we are not remotely aware that, ya'll will be back in 2 weeks? Do you still really believe .............our offense played to the their "MAX" potential of what you seen them ALL YEAR? & ABove all you....are you still hoping that we will lose to Panties ( the worst team ) in NFL in our own house??? Whats wrong with you PIMP???
  2. exactly! let them take the bragging rights for the game which was not a "must" win for us...... records are even now......let them come in to our house yet again & see how they fall apart. Mark my words, those costly INT of Brees are going to hurt them the most....+ BVG will continue to pressure Brees NO matter what!
  3. we have submitted your app for new OC for falcons....be rest assured you will be notified soon.
  4. I think we have done this pretty much all year along mate @ GA dome! our record speaks for itself.... RELAX!! I dont think we need to make a "statement" to a team who is already decimated! We have a better class then most teams ..... We will do the needful.....get a W! Have a happy new year!
  5. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-films-sound-efx/09000d5d81d4e608/Sound-FX-Best-from-Week-16?module=HP_video check out the falcons segment carefully starting on 1.47.... Was he clueless or just frustrated yet again with MM play calling??? post your thoughts ....after reviewing the same.
  6. Im sure they must be tipping pimps like you well.....short lived success celebrations on falcons...its all good mate!
  7. sorry mate! no respect for the worst team in NFL 2-14...COMEON MAN!!!!!
  8. ability??? sure.....2-14 "worst" record justfies that! losers can always whine all day about their "abilities" 12-3 falcons bench can clobber lame panties.....howz the feeling of representing the worst team in NFL??
  9. "good" team??? "better" team mate....check your facts!! We beat ourselves....that's why we lost with 3pts. When our offense or defense clobbers Saints mark my words - it will be in double digits - that's how you "derail" somebody. Again, we will show you how the celebrations are done after falcons clinch the division championship & HFA in playoffs.....those are OUR first steps of winning before lifting Lombardi in 2011!
  10. I dont live in the past......2010 PLAYOFFS are still about to start. The fact is, we are a better team then Saints - record speaks for itself. ONE NITE will NOT take away anything or change the core foundation of this team. But, what will change after this loss is "preparation" to eliminate this threat premanently in playoffs.
  11. yall were celebrating as if you had effin won a superbowl! if you want short lived success.....so be it. We still are a better team by record over Saints. Period! See you soon!
  12. everything is well registered.......will see them soon! GOD willing they beat Rams/Chawks!! ....can't wait for a rematch! Nothing will be more sweeter to falcons fans / team to see Saints superbowl dreams shatter on the same ground where they were having orgy after the game!!
  13. that's why Saints could only put up 17pts right? btw: ya'll only saw what we do in the nut shell ....let the playoffs begin & GOD willing Saints will get the real taste of falcons football.
  14. after seeing this.....I really want them to win & come back to our DOME!
  15. I have no issues if he leaves....nobody is indispensible! especially him....sad but true! there is plenty of talent in the market....
  16. My apologies if already posted..... Saints Celebrate Playoff Berth on Falcons Logo Just look at his facial expressions during the speech.....such low class wanker! they knew EXACTLY what they were doing besides celebrations... the end comments sums it all " if you dont like it.....too bad do something about it next time" you effin bet on that!! There will be no better joy to us seeing your dreams shattered in GA DOME ....GOD willing we will see you in playoffs! RISE UP!!!
  17. okay clown! I dont think you have seen falcons all season then.....you can be oblivious to the reality that, panties are coming to GA DOME! If we could restrict last years superbowl champs under 17pts .....what makes you think ya'll will even get more then 7?? Get your facts checked & then make an attempt to comment.
  18. what perception do you have of falcons as of now? that's all it matters....one night & these wankers wanna take a crap on us! EFF THEM!! They will see real falcon football in playoffs. Remember this = Falcons are embedded with solid character & skill sets = stats prove it. ONE NITE will not take away anything from us. Infact, it's good to be little grounded right before the playoffs....so we are prefectly headed in right direction. WHY NOT US?? RISE UP!!!!
  19. meaningless after week 17 - FOR REAL! cuz we will be NFC SOUTH CHAMPS & HFA in playoffs. Scores are even 1-1 in regular season. Period! GOD willing you will beat rams or chawks & come in our house again....enjoy the short lived success....Brees & co. will be ripped apart! I'm down with ANY bets.....wanna see how deep are your pockets?
  20. Bruschi WHO????? WHAT??? WHO CARES ABOUT THESE WANKERS MATE????? Celebrate NEW YEARS with bang mate.....we will be NFC SOUTH CHAMPS & HFA throughout the playoffs!! groooooovy baby!!
  21. this was just a 'practice' game for our boys....everyone from top knew right from the beginning that, this game will have no real bearing on the outcome.....so why expose your ace cards when you know you have a high chances of seeing them again in 3 weeks? On other hand, we have seen the best of their defense & their offense. Everyone, who watched the game last nite will agree with me that our offense was too conservative.....which was by choice! Until now, it was our defense who had to play their A game which they did....so it was a succesful 'practice' game. They did not allow even 1 explosive play over 25 yards....barring only 1 long drive of 90 yards in the end which no matter what you do in playoffs you have to be prepared to face it. Our strong suit will be revealed in playoffs & mark my words.....Aints or Eggles come what may will be ripped apart! RISE UP!!!
  22. You want something. Go get it. Period. You want to smack talk ....go right ahead. You want to put over 200 yards on Saints & until you raise the lombardi. Go get it. Period. You are my hero.....I will stand by you no matter what these clowns in media say or what the outcome is tomorrow. RISE UP!!!!
  23. "Life aint about how hard you hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and can keep moving forward." I believe that's what Smitty & Co. have done since they have become a close knit unit. RISE UP!!! & LET"S KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!!
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