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  1. cuz falcon fans especially "mattyicy" reversed the vodoo spell........ thanks to my GURU in Himalayas........it literally worked!!!
  2. hmm....I have lot of fact checks for them as well. But, FIRST ......I want our falcon team to lift the lombardi & then make their lives miserable on their boards.
  3. I saw that as well....some kind of smirk...& shrugging his shoulders! He was VERY nervous! & mainly frustrated.....since there was no help from running game.
  4. Sam Baker is a deep concern to me.......he can't handle speed driven pass rushers. If I am not mistaken.....Matt has been mostly sacked when Baker has missed a tackle. I hope he can hang in there....till we lift Lombardi.
  5. what makes you think we will play Seattle?......dont count out Packers just yet. If they pull an upset like jets.....they are coming back to our dome. Even if Seattle comes to the dome.....be rest assured, Lynch will NOT have those GODLY gut pounding run plays in our house. NEVER!!!
  6. Weems should have been quoted.....he's a BEAST! we still haven't seem him at FULL SPEED! Didn't we have an option to draft Clay Matthews over Peria Jerry? just asking.....since Falcons were one position ahead of Green Bay.
  7. I'm currenly watching Saints season ending even before their first playoff game..... My vodoo magic has worked.....took me freakin a trip to Himalayas to get it from my GURU! I told him what they tried to do in the beginning of the season.....in those lame adds! & he gave me resources to reverse them..... MARK MY WORDS - there will be more players on IR coming soon....Sorry! but, ya'll asked for it.
  8. I rather NOT have falcons labeled as elite till they win the superbowl... unlike, chargers who were elite this season & failed to even make playoffs.
  9. CONGRATS! Both sons are now in playoffs! & are possibly 1 game away for a rematch! It must be great pride for their family....especially, their mom how proud she must be feeling!! They deserve it!!!
  10. the only scenario favorable to us is "W" come what may.....It shouldn't matter! we have enough time to rectify our weaknesses ........we HAVE to now start demolishing playoff teams like Steelers / Phillies / Saints if we want to get to Superbowl. & sincerely believe we are about to take our offense to prime time level!! RISE UP!!!!
  11. just like you ...I'm in Cali & lil antsy to see all the defensive plays. what I dont get about NFL RED ZONE ....that, they didn't show a SINGLE red zone defensive play by falcons. Bloody wankers!
  12. GUYS!!! CHILL!!! I would let them REST! for next 2-3 days Once player mind is worn out they do tend to make lil screw ups which they have been making....so just let them have some space & family bonding til wednesday.
  13. Packers no brainer! Looking at our history with eagles I rather have Packers decimate them.....in first round PLEASE!!!!
  14. nice try but, that aint happening......you will continue to be # 4 seed in NFC SOUTH!
  15. dont get too excited......Smitty about to get a big fat pay check + contract extension! He has earned it this year & shall continue......NO MATTER who we face. It's on us in our own backyard....with 12th man on our side.
  16. LOL! I dont think they even qualify for that spot........Chargers / Raiders have earned that spot!
  17. sweating bullets??? v/s the worst team in NFL!! you are lame dude!! I told you last week.....if we could contain Saints under 17pts......there's NO WAY Panties were going to come even close!
  18. future? what future?? Since you are always on falcons board.....might as well get on the bandwagon mate!! Bucs are the most promising young team most of us have ever witnessed......Veteran Falcons / Saints as usual will continue to dominate NFC SOUTH in 2011. So where is panties future????
  19. do you still believe that, knowing how we lost .......our offense will continue to make same lithargic one dimensional plays? look back at this season.....falcons ALL "must" win games ......& see how they surgically executed offense. Expect NOTHING less in playoffs.
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