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  1. Rocket Arm's offense is firing in all cylinders.....they are back with their running game. Not only we need to flush him out ........we HAVE to sack him!! Period!!! Stop Starks in trenches & go man coverage throughout!
  2. I dont think Rodgers fears anybody in this league.... thos guys with sooo many injuries ....are ballin for REAL! with class! I have tremendous respect for them.....but, make NO MISTAKE!! We have got better game after game & we want to prove the world that it wasn't fluke that we beat GB last time we played them.
  3. they are the ONLY team in NFL after soooo many injury bugs....still are challenging the top dogs! we have a ball game next week!!!
  4. exactly! that's why I have NO effin preference over who we play. we better get our PASS RUSH & PASS D worked out.......RISE UP!!!
  5. if I were you ....I would be mentally be prepared for Don Capers D & Rocket Arm!
  6. personally, stats dont matter in playoffs....... the way GB is playin we need our A+ game ....better then what we played last time.
  7. I concur! This GB team will not give you an inch.....every yard on offense has to be earned by MAtty Ice & Co. EVery big play has to be contained by D.ROB & CO! Abe & Biermann not only has to flush out rodgers BUT, has to SACK him!!!! BVG has to be creative with his blitz package all 4 quarters. RISE UP!!!
  8. so the question = can eagles make another GODLY comebacks like they did v/s Giants? I dnt think so! what say??? Are we all ready to melt some cheese in dome next week?????
  9. that will be broadcasted this years new season......... also, they are waiting for falcons to lift the lombardi.
  10. Packers / Bears / Patriots or Steelers = Lombardi well deserved!!! even though Seattle beat hollow Saints.......they still will not be able to beat Bears. NO CHANCE!!
  11. I guess they are going to get the ball back after the break?
  12. I can assure you BVG & CO are....getting ready for this now.
  13. 1:11...to go here comes the rocket arm!! BOOOOMMMMMM!!! T.D...packers!
  14. then I foresee .....Starks making GODLY gut pounding runs......& Driver in slot! Lights Out! Philly only can win this ...if green bay dismantles itself like giants....but, aint happening!
  15. yes they can....sure. how are they going to stop Rodgers rocket arm???
  16. so it's GAME ON!! we have cheese heads ......coming back to our dome & they will this time really strain our skill sets. But, I firmly believe we will edge out last minute thriller yet again!!!! Let's get serious .......RISE UP!!!
  17. I want to beat Eagles / Bears - Patriots & then lift lombardi
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