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  1. I believe this is what he's sent falcons locker room...... http://twitpic.com/2z45w7 share your thoughts on this clown!
  2. wank off you clown! you guys will get owned ...with back to back losses!
  3. got banned from this forum I presume.
  4. just put yourself in his situation...when you have ALL the skill sets to do what your team needs & you get benched game after game.
  5. I agree with you on stats....but, I think he's really desperate & hungry for success......just imagine we give him what he is asking. He can be brutally destructive!
  6. That's absurd! What's the point of having a clock???
  7. it's ONLY possible....when O-LINE gives clean space for our QB to make any accurate throws.
  8. Same ****** from deadskins who missed a crucial FG v/s Saints this year! What are Cowboys smoking??
  9. yes!! Watch the NFL replay of if you have a game recorded on DVR ....replay the last play by Steelers. 3 secs to go.....for Ben to catch the ball ......mark down his receiver & release it. NO EFFIN WAY!! The replay clearly shows.....ball is still safely in his hands before he even spot his receiver. Why was the play not called DEAD???
  10. Green Bay were robbed by officials!! Now I've watched the tape over & over again.......& if you guys can access NFL replay.....the ball was still in Ben's hand when the clock expired to '0' That game should have just ended there.......in less then 3 secs it was IMPOSSIBLE! to make that throw. NFL is rigged!!! They have robbed falcons 'W' v/s Saints at the Metrodome......NFL refs suck!!!
  11. why would he come to atl for that position when he can get a head coaching job somewhere else?
  12. HEY! not only that, but, Jet's player also hit Turner on his ankle with a helmet........bad karmas always come & bite you!! There's no escape to it....... Go Falcons!
  13. if those were the intentions by cocky Jets....then, they got what they deserved!! Rex Ryan should back up his talk with actions!! Next time he'll shut up & NOT undermine Falcons EVER!
  14. it was inevitable...I'm not surprised at all. the whole objjective NOW is to break the curse! If they do that, I gaurantee you this team will be the MOST lethal team next year (provided they amp their o-line & secondary with free agents) go falcons....play for pride! play for the beauty of the game! make us proud!!
  15. I believe we are ok without Ryan...he should not be rushed at all. Redman can do the needful as he has proved yet again v/s the best team in the league (Saints) Turner if ok should atleast be in 1-2 quarters to rest Snelling.......because of the weather conditions I think 'running game' will be our key skill set for an upset! What say?
  16. comeon man! it's not funny.....pls tell me.
  17. You have been a loyal fan with positive reputation ...all of a sudden one day you are not permitted to log on to the forum. Who do you contact to resovle the issue? Please advise. Thanks! God Bless!
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