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  1. @Maxatlanta - there are these things called "run blitzes". They happen to the Falcons when we play good defenses almost every first down. Yes, you can blitz to stop the run. Especially when the way to stop the ZBS is penetration. Forget everybody we lost, they lost their only WR. Put 8 in the box, tell the safety to watch for Jones deep and the TE deep middle, and play the run the rest of the way. This puts Yates in 3rd & long situations where you can blitz again.

    When they run 75% of the last 20 plays as run plays and you don't blitz anybody, that is piss poor game management from the coaches. Last year, if Roddy went down, teams would stack the box like the Saints did on our 4th & 1 and dare somebody else to beat them.

    you simply dont get it...do you? defense was NEVER an issue with this team. We restricted them to 17pts.

    Our issue this HAS been offense unable to get in sync & score more pts then our opponents.

    Look at Packers & Patriots they have the 'worst' pass defense in the league BUT< they still manage to outscore their opponents by just enough to get W

    Matt Ryan & Co. have played as single unit from past 3 years. No excuses for dropping such games....that said, I still agree with MattyIceFalcon we lose with Saints & go 10-6 in wild card.

  2. We are in a very tough division, and I can see where he is coming from picking the Saints. I just dont think Brees is going to have a hard time picking apart our secondary.

    Before he meets our secondary,

    I see Ray Edwards getting a "superman" sack on him very easily........dont you?

    NOT to mention Jerry, Babineaux, Biermann wont be watching him from sidelines.

    Grimes is his worst NIGHTMARE.......this year D.ROB picks him multiple times...its inevitable!

  3. Me too, and that is all the did against the Packers. I knew from the first drive when Jennings got that huge play up the middle (Good thing he fumbled) that Rodgers was going to kill us.

    Play some bump and run for crying out loud, BVG.

    for that you need BIG BALLS like Rex Ryan's D!

    after a while the persona of the coaching staff takes over the players on the field & that reflects in such games.

    so I agree both BVG & MM will have no added value in 2011 if they dont change anything drastically......

  4. Yep, even when we had the lead in the 2nd quarter, I told my wife that things weren't looking good. We weren't able to stop the GB offense at all. I knew if that trend continued we'd be done.

    In my opinion not having Brian Williams active hurt a lot!

    So did the Abe injury.

    really? then how did GB even get in to playoffs with soo many injuries to their starters who are still inactive?

    Injuries are lame excuse.....we had one THE best healthiest team in the league ....prolly at par with Bears.

  5. I'd say our #2 through #5 WRs are below average.

    it has nothing to do with receivers.....they will run the routes which are presented to them....if they are all one dimentional skinny post or dump passes....there's nothing they can do beyond that. MM & Coach Smitty are responsible for designing creative offense EVERY single game barring the no-huddle calls which Matty Ice can run better!!

    At somepoint when you meet high caliber teams in playoffs most of your hands are exposed......so if team does not have an X factor in our case = long deep balls & solid extra pass rusher....you are bound to one n done scenario.

  6. Hey atljbo, it's been 3 years... how long will it take for Mularkey to realize that he needs to open the playbook up... or even show some type of creativity in his playcalling???

    I agree...this is ludacris! we had golden opportunity....with solid team with good health & we simply blew it in all phases.

    I call his play calling very "defensive" & "safe" .....this HAS to change. That does not mean that he's a bad OC....that's just his style.

    To take it to the next level .......I dont think he has any "added-value" to the club.

  7. In late...OWENS OWENS OWENS OWENS!!!!! Oh yea and OWENS. I blame the loss completely on him. He's a freaking idiot disgrace to the #21 jersey. I had random bears and giants fans tellin me "what really messed you up was #21 whoever that was." god everyone on hear was on his freaking nuts too! Oh he's a hard hitter! he should start over Grimes! Why don't we start him!? There's your freaking answer! Yes I'm still mad lol

    he has already applied to be as a 'janitor' in local public hospital

  8. Saints had just about the worst defense in the history of the superbowl last year... So did Indy. but their coordinators can call good plays and thus got them there.

    The best teams player-wise in the league, you can make the argument that we are top 3, or Washington even (with how many big name players they have), cant do **** and always lose. Its coordinators. thats ALL it is.

    agree with you on this......not sure I want to compare falcons to any teams at this point......cuz onus is on us...we haven't achieved Lombardi ( other have! )

    BVG - Michael Jenkins - C.Owens may be Sam Baker = will NOT be falcons in 2011 = damage control

  9. to not say a "knee jerk" reaction.....it is safe to say after seeing all the games in preseason - regular season & playoffs of 08 & 10

    Pass D is the worst!! Same effin coverage game after game.......BVG HAS to go ( sad but true - BTW: Eagles just fired their DC.......hmmm Sean .M what do you guys think?

    lack of Pass Rush = Since we have so called "predator" NOW we need "terminator" & bierrman is not the answer.

    Offensive Scheme - we are probably one of the worst teams in NFL....in throwing deep balls---that makes us too predictable v/s high caliber teams.

    (may be hire a asst. OC who will assist Mularkey or just MM go as well)

    WR # 2 - Junkins has to go....he is NOT a threat to anyone.

    Sam Baker = he needs to go to himalayas & drive a effin bullock cart.......too slow & incompetent v/s heavy pass rushers.

    C.Owens = needs to retire & be a janitor in a public hospital....sorry dude that's what you remind me ---- everytime I see you get burnt!

  10. my apprehension about our pass d ...& mainly 3rd down conversion allowed to opponents.....still remains ( stats proves it )

    this will be a close game ....if we continue to play the way we have.

    Our offense HAS to fire in all cylinders NOW!! for us to get a resounding win.

    We HAVE to score over 28 pts to hold rocket arm & co! ( Both ROddy + TUrner have to go over 100yards)

    FYI = Packers have never trailed by more than 7 points in any game in 2010. Just saying.

    RISE UP!!! I'm glad we are playing packers .........to win it all ....we need to beat the TOP ELITE!!

    FInal Score = Falcons 31 - 24 Packers

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