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  1. you simply dont get it...do you? defense was NEVER an issue with this team. We restricted them to 17pts. Our issue this HAS been offense unable to get in sync & score more pts then our opponents. Look at Packers & Patriots they have the 'worst' pass defense in the league BUT< they still manage to outscore their opponents by just enough to get W Matt Ryan & Co. have played as single unit from past 3 years. No excuses for dropping such games....that said, I still agree with MattyIceFalcon we lose with Saints & go 10-6 in wild card.
  2. Mike Smith needs to stop modeling for mcdonalds adds during the week. & Roddy needs to STFU!!! he's cost this team dearly.
  3. Below was what is being rumored or rightly projected "Been told by multi sources that QB P Manning needs a 2nd neck procedure," the post read. "Will remain out indefinitely Either way ....I like our chances & should most likely get a W
  4. wheres the proof? stop spreading rumors pls.
  5. Before he meets our secondary, I see Ray Edwards getting a "superman" sack on him very easily........dont you? NOT to mention Jerry, Babineaux, Biermann wont be watching him from sidelines. Grimes is his worst NIGHTMARE.......this year D.ROB picks him multiple times...its inevitable!
  6. for that you need BIG BALLS like Rex Ryan's D! after a while the persona of the coaching staff takes over the players on the field & that reflects in such games. so I agree both BVG & MM will have no added value in 2011 if they dont change anything drastically......
  7. really? then how did GB even get in to playoffs with soo many injuries to their starters who are still inactive? Injuries are lame excuse.....we had one THE best healthiest team in the league ....prolly at par with Bears.
  8. why dont you add part of grimes stats of '10 in to Dunta....it was cuz Dunta's presence QB's went to Grimes & he seized the oppourtunity! Give Dunta some time mate! & let him get coached under DC like **** Lebeaus defense & see what he will bring on table!!
  9. it has nothing to do with receivers.....they will run the routes which are presented to them....if they are all one dimentional skinny post or dump passes....there's nothing they can do beyond that. MM & Coach Smitty are responsible for designing creative offense EVERY single game barring the no-huddle calls which Matty Ice can run better!! At somepoint when you meet high caliber teams in playoffs most of your hands are exposed......so if team does not have an X factor in our case = long deep balls & solid extra pass rusher....you are bound to one n done scenario.
  10. so if I may ask.....who should take the onus? BVG? for consistently playing in zone coverage? MM? Ryan's offense for not executing big explosive plays? C.Owens for PASS INT? Coach Smityy?
  11. I agree...this is ludacris! we had golden opportunity....with solid team with good health & we simply blew it in all phases. I call his play calling very "defensive" & "safe" .....this HAS to change. That does not mean that he's a bad OC....that's just his style. To take it to the next level .......I dont think he has any "added-value" to the club.
  12. knee jerk reactions are not acceptable. think about where we started in 08 & where we are NOW? Every person on the team was responsible for that loss.....& they have accepted it. What can you do now? Jump off the ship?!! that's what trolls & losers do. we are here to support Smitty & Co. for years to come! We believe in them....come what may.
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