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  1. Nice to know I got under your skin. That was too easy.
  2. It will be 2020 and the Saints fans will still be doing anniversary's for their one SB win as if anyone cares aside from themselves.
  3. Saints fans still trying to validate their team to us on our board. Pathetic.
  4. It took him 3 seasons to amass 61 catches and 1039 yards?! Roddy had more than that in his 3rd season alone. And that was with Harrington, Redman and Leftwich throwing him the ball.
  5. Not one Matt Ryan reference can get by this guy. You truly are jealous of him and that he is on the Falcons meanwhile your team has a 8 TD 18 INT QB running your franchise. Come talk smack when Freeman can get his TD number ahead of his INT number by the end of a season.
  6. This thread is STILL going? Good to know its easy to get under Saints fans skin the way they are trying to do here.
  7. Even though you are a Panthers fan, and trolling like ****, That was pretty d@mn funny. +1 for you sir.
  8. 3-4 But more importantly, a better CB than he was in Houston in our scheme that fits him perfectly.
  9. I would hope so. I wonder what your offense would look like with Brees out 3 weeks, injured another 3, Colsten banged up all year, Missing another very good player for half the season (Turner for us), having your #2 RB also banged up throughout the year, along with missing your slot WR all year and having your whole line banged up throughout the year and even at one point missed 2 and even 3 of your starting guys up front. We were #6 in Offense in 2008 with a Rookie QB. We will be Top 5 barring another massive injury list to our offense in 2010.
  10. You don't want to argue it because if you were to go around asking non Saints or Falcons fans, it would be unanimous for Roddy White. But if this were an argument that favored the Saints you would have no problem arguing it forever. Is Colsten good? Yes Does he have the potential to be Elite? Yes Was he better than Roddy White last year or the last 3 or will he better next year? **** no And yes, You did have more talent last year. Its now May, Everyone but Saints fans are focusing on this UPCOMING year. Last year is last year. Its over. So we are comparing our talent for this upcoming year, as both teams have changed.
  11. Im sure you only date girls that look like Beyonce and supermodels.
  12. So you actually think Vince Young can win a SB? The guy with 32 TDS and 39 INTs, a 51% completion Rate, 72 QB Rating and 32 fumbles in 4 seasons and never even gotten close to 3000 yards passing in a year? You think a QB like THAT is gonna win in a playoff game where teams would just force him to throw it?
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