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  1. I thought that also, but Smith said in his presser that they will be coaching the NFC. Must have changed it up this year.
  2. Hope not one Falcon plays in this game. It is a complete waste of time. No sense in risking a serious injury for a meaningless game. I am for Drew Breese to play all 4qtrs though. **** send the whole Saints team to play this game for all I care. Its nice to be reconized for your play throughout the year but there is no reason to play this game. Half the guys selected will not even play. Just give them a nice bonus or something and have some kind of meet and greet with the fans since thats who this game is for.
  3. I know thats not the real reason we got spanked. Just not a fan of the long hair on these guys... maybe cuz I can't grow mine like that
  4. The hair. The NFL gods are not digging the long locks of Ryan and Brady! I thought Ryan was going to cut his after their winning streak was snapped. WTF. Brady is just p***y whipped. Abes beard might have something to do with it also. Hopefully Ryan shows up to camp clean cut next year....
  5. No coaches if any will be let go untill after the Pro Bowl. This coaching staff earned the right to coach the NFC in the Pro Bowl. IMO we keep coaches in tact for one more year and see what players we can bring in this offseason to see if they can continue to improve this team.
  6. Funny how the guy from Montana would have a big ol' pickup truck and a towrope!
  7. Curious what you all think of this idea? There has been talk of reseeding teams for the playoffs, but what I would like to see happen is that your top seeds get to pick who they play. So for example the Seahawks are the 4 seed and the Packers are the 6th. Even though the Seahawks are the 4th seed the Falcons could choose to play them instead of the Packers if they think they match up better with them. I'm not saying I'm scared to play the Packers I just think this would add a new element of excitement to the playoffs. I live in Bismarck ND, and we have a team in the Dleague (minor league for t
  8. Awesome to know we have a qb that can lead us to victory from behind, but I'd rather have the game in hand going into the 4th quarter. Sundays are my days to relax, and all these close games this year have my blood pumping. Good thing Matty Ice ends my sundays believing this team has a very bright NOW and FUTURE.
  9. When the game starts I lean either to the right or left side of the couch depending on which way the Falcons are driving. When I lean the wrong way it never seems to fail that the opposing team has a scoring drive, then after I correct my lean Matty Ice calmly drives us down the field for a score. Crazy how some of this stuff actually works out.
  10. Bismarck, North Dakota. Became a fan when the Falcons drafted Deion Sanders. I was and am still a Florida State fan. I knew at a young age there was no chance that I would be a Vikings fan, so I decided when Atlanta drafted Deion that Atlanta was going to be my team. I quickly started to hate Deion after he joined the 49ers and my love for the Falcons grew greater.
  11. Definately going to need Abe back and healthy to put pressure on Rodgers. If you give him time he has plenty of playmakers to get that passing game going. Pressure on Rodgers is key, because like you said they have no run game at all.
  12. Got mine on left arm. Now the Falcons need to win some Super Bowls so I can add the romanumerals to it. Would be nice to add the first one in Feb.
  13. Cross off North Dakota. Been a fan since the late 80's. Directv is making some $$$$ off of me along with NFL shop as it is very hard to find Falcon gear in Vikings country.
  14. Future definately looks bright with Ryan at qb. Could possibly lead Falcons to back to back winning seasons for first time ever in franchise history, and he would have done it in his first 2 years as a NFL qb. Pretty impressive.
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