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  1. That's the sound of the buzz saw activating.
  2. It was nice to see them sweep the DBacks, but back to reality. We're still another year or two away. Get another starting pitcher or two, shore up the pen, and see what we have with Albies and Acuna in the bigs... no need to trade a bunch of prospects in the off chance of getting the second wild card only to get slaughtered by superior teams.
  3. So... sell?
  4. Look at all of those Cubs fans, where have they been hiding.
  5. Brothers chose not to throw home WHY?!?!?
  6. I'm okay with starting Camargo at third, flipping Freeman back to first, and keeping Santana in left... maybe we can get something for Matt Adams.
  7. Ian Krolled again.
  8. Back to Hawks apparel and tickets being cheap. With that said, probably the best move for the long term.
  9. An outstanding night by RA wasted thanks to our closer and company. Rather see Danny Santana in left than Kemp.
  10. Awesome, we're screwed.
  11. Jesus Jim
  12. Even if the Nats make the playoffs their bullpen is gonna get them bounced early.
  13. Just when I think our pen is bad, I just look at the gNats.
  14. I'd venture to guess Jeter was surrounded by better talent. I just don't get the Swanson hate.
  15. They're no longer wearing the all blue caps with their away greys?