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  1. No kidding, Matthews with another timely hold to set back a big gain.
  2. We banged them up pretty bad the first go around, wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen again. (Not hoping for it, never want to see injuries I’m just still amazed how full their medical tent was the last game)
  3. I should still have my red Finneran Jersey here somewhere.
  4. Offense - Run the ball, use play action, minimize turnovers. Defense - tackle, don’t let 2-3 yard runs turn into 10+, finish on third down.
  5. People really want to down play the fact that Carolina is good this year.
  6. Yeah... If Goodell was truly pulling strings you'd think he would have done it during the super bowl to save himself from the embarrassment of handing the trophy to the Pats, but conspiracy theorists are often short sighted and delusional.
  7. I’ll be at the Jags game with some Jags fan friends of mine rooting for Seattle to lose, wearing my black throw back of course...
  8. Maybe we can cause one of those things, a lot of defenses do this, I think they’re called turnovers? Maybe not.
  9. I figured you'd be happy since whining is about all you do here it seems.
  10. Sony Michel please.
  11. Looks like Duval is grayed out, thank god for direct tv.
  12. I don't worry about unfilled seats.
  13. I hope the play calling stays just as creative as it has been the past 3 weeks. With another shifty weapon, I don’t see why it would go stagnant.
  14. Please please please football gods let us get in the playoffs by totally ruining the Saints playoff hopes.
  15. And like that Mini Turner does us in.