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  1. Were we favored against the Pats earlier this year...?
  2. It’s annoying.
  3. He showed up last post season and was really the reason why we won against Chicago - at the end at least.
  4. The offensive play calling was so much better last night. Almost made me think we had Shanahan back.
  5. Congrats! My girl and I will be adding a new Falcon come December 22nd.
  6. It's just nice to see this team exploit weaknesses and match ups for once.
  7. Party like it’s 2015.
  8. Well now it’s gonna happen tonight.
  9. I'm comfortable in the pit of misery. I miss the Georgia Dome.
  10. One magical year and back to reality, I'm used to that already.
  11. I live in Jacksonville, you can feel the hype in the city. A few of their fans I work with offered for me to convert. I turned them down.
  12. The fan inside of me wants the 6-2 outcome, the eyeball test says 2-6... we shall see.
  13. It was strange. Cheney called a good first drive, and then after that it was run up the middle all night...
  14. Georgia’s dropped passes and dumb penalties remind me of the current Falcons.