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  1. We’ve started recruiting high schoolers.
  2. It’s not the lines fault that guys couldn’t catch the ball for **** in 2017.
  3. It’s Bruce Irving all over again.
  4. Imagine how intense that line would be with Takk and Bennett, then factor in Jarret and Beasley. We need that bad boy edge, tired of the almost stat.
  5. Is there any precidence of the Mr. Irrelevant pick turning out to be anything historically?
  6. At the very least, they should make a lot of the old uniforms available for fans to purchase. I’d love to get my hands on a jersey from the William Andrews era.
  7. Oh ****, had no idea. Well bring it back then!
  8. Nike would make a **** load in revenue from people wanting to buy throwback jerseys. I personally would like more options than the Black Dirty Bird jerseys.
  9. Speaking of uniforms, I wish they’d stop the color rush on Thursdays. They should just make it throwback Thursday, and both teams would wear their throwbacks (home and away).
  10. If we were in the AFC East we’d be screwed.
  11. Our new mascot is the result of a Blake Griffin and Philly Phanatic Love child.
  12. No kidding, Matthews with another timely hold to set back a big gain.
  13. We banged them up pretty bad the first go around, wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen again. (Not hoping for it, never want to see injuries I’m just still amazed how full their medical tent was the last game)
  14. I should still have my red Finneran Jersey here somewhere.
  15. Offense - Run the ball, use play action, minimize turnovers. Defense - tackle, don’t let 2-3 yard runs turn into 10+, finish on third down.