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  1. Gotta stop stranding runners.
  2. It hurts to watch Kimbrel end it. At least he’s not a Yankee.
  3. Glad Kelsey is hot, can’t think of much worth watching this evening outside of the first three innings. **** man.
  4. Offense has cooled down since that marlins win.
  5. Good god, lately the offense has been score 1-3rd inning or have a good chance to score in that same span, then nothing for the rest of the game.
  6. We’re gonna burn the bullpen early tonight.
  7. I finally get mlb.tv for a month (moving to Georgia here soon, so it’ll be unnecessary), and the offense disappears.
  8. Good.
  9. We need a closer for real... **** it.
  10. Game Ender.
  11. What has Bautista contributed so far?
  12. What happened to the usual doom and gloom crowd? You know, the Swanson haters, the "WHY HAVEN'T WE SIGNED THE 200 million dollar FA" people, the "WE TRADED ALL OF THE BEST PLAYERS EVER" people? This team is so **** exciting to watch. The youth, the speed, the offense... Haven't been this excited about the Bravos in a long while!
  13. Great
  14. I was at that game with a buddy of mine who is a HUGE 9ers fan. Needless to say, that was a long ride home for him. lol
  15. Who would have thought Ozzie Albies would be our HR leader so far. Goodness this offense! Now I can drink for pleasure rather than misery.