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  1. Bravos down 1-0 courtesy of a Frazier bomb.
  2. Nah, it let us get rid of the crappy Upton. Now I wish we were able to make a push to bring Kimbrel back.
  3. Everyone deserves a partner in life who believes in them the way Snit believes in Will Smith.
  4. ...So so close... Thanks a lot Snit for giving Will Smith his 1000th chance.
  5. C'mon Ozzie. Let's walk this off.
  6. God I absolutely loathe Will Smith. Is he good for ANYTHING?
  7. Just because you call someone bandwagon, doesn't make it so, but if you're that upset about it do you man. But yes, a lot of improvement from week 1. It was clear towards the end that our patch work O-line was outmatched by a clearly superior D-line, but they did hold their ground longer than I expected. It will take some more time to get it going, I just don't have any delusions of the Falcons making the playoffs and going deep, or that the O-line would magically become top 10 because of a system change - like many here claimed it would. I just want to see improvement week by week. It will take time to undo the damage TD left.
  8. The only embarrassing part was that last bit where the score inflated like crazy. They actually fought well, obviously outmatched, but they didn't look lifeless.
  9. I guess Arthur Smith's system magically making the O-line better isn't happening.
  10. Sounds like a rebuild. O-line sucks, as usual, but it seems like the receivers are having to adjust to all of Ryan's throws.
  11. This. I really wish we could wear out opposing defenses, but usually we're on the other end of that.
  12. Really wish this was the attitude going into the draft... Someone bought on the win now, and we're no where near a win now team... This isn't a critique on TF, but more of Blank - more stupid FO moves, and thanks to TD we'll be dealing with cap issues for the next few seasons.
  13. Yes. It all still plays out to my prediction of someone from the NL West winning the entire NL. Something has to be done about Will Smith, I don't think anyone can ignore it at this point.
  14. I expect the Phillies to pass us.
  15. The mixed direction of this all has Blank all over it.
  16. Just watch, this game will be the game where we finally beat Brady, and then lose the next 6 in a row.
  17. Nah, you’re right. I just need to stop getting excited for these birds at all. Pregame rituals, excitement, and all that jazz. Save it for the Hawks.
  18. I'm not saying the Falcons need to take preseason seriously, as if it really counts, but I think it has shown the past few season with us always looking rusty out the gate. Going on what, 4 years now? Braves win, Philthies lose.
  19. From best possibility. to worst, the Georgia Pro ranking of championship teams: Atlanta Hawks Atlanta Braves Atlanta United Atlanta Thrashers Confederate Army Atlanta Falcons
  20. This isn't a slam on Ryan, but Fields would have been more exciting to see. If we're gonna rebuild, go whole ***, not half.
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