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  1. Small world. I was raised in Fort Walton Beach.
  2. Man, that was disappointing. On to the next game, at least Anderson is starting.
  3. We’re two days removed from a 29 run game. 😆
  4. At this point we have a better chance stealing home. 😒
  5. Unbelievable how they can keep ******* that up.
  6. You have got to be ******* kidding me.
  7. Agreed. I hated watching the Nationals win it all, but at least Harper didn’t get a ring.
  8. Yeah, we got the walk anyway but that should have happened sooner.
  9. I don’t see a rally happening tonight. They left enough people on base to get us 29 runs again.
  10. Man, bases loaded is a curse lately.
  11. I was just about to brag on Matzeks inning.
  12. I still can’t believe how long Snit kept him in game 5 last year...
  13. Didn’t he used to wear enough gear to look like a transformer?
  14. Every time my 1 month old son watches the Braves game with me (looks at the TV and smiles), good stuff/rallies happen... just saying. 😀
  15. Yeah, I was on the other side of it but watching the extra firepower has been more exciting. I’m not as old school as I thought I was.
  16. That would have been nice. I hope that offensive storm carries over from last night.
  17. Nah, highlights sufficed. Not surprised with 29 runs our starting pitcher still couldn’t secure a W. Happy to see the offense explode, I pray they can produce a run when it’s bases load, down one run, with zero outs. Duvall has been a **** of a signing though.
  18. Apparently I need to stop watching, Bravos exploding on offense tonight.
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