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  1. How does the league just let this go on for decades?
  2. Hello again ladies and gentlemen! Reactivated for baseball season. Go Bravos!
  3. Same. I was actually excited with the 9th spot coming up.
  4. That’s how I feel about it. Doesn’t help seeing all of the “great moments from 51” replayed over and over. Maybe someday the falcons can stop ending their season before the halfway point of a season.
  5. Turns out to be a Manchurian candidate from the Saints, and he drafts kickers with all of our picks.
  6. Soroka, Fried, Wainwright, Anderson, and Wilson... I like my chances with that rotation. 🤑
  7. Yeah, I’m right there with you. I was salty as **** going to bed, but I woke up with a better attitude and perspective. The Dodgers were the number 1 seed for a reason, and we fought tooth and nail with a patch work starting rotation. Get some help on offense and solidify our starters, we’re back in it.
  8. A fitting end to this series, a sputtering offense high on its’ own early success. Oh well.
  9. This. This makes me so mad. We need our stars to do something when we’re down like this, but nothing.
  10. Can’t get a hit if we ******* paid for it. Jesus.
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