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  1. Cmon Newk...
  2. Pissed away some scoring opportunities.
  3. But serious answer, I’ll say 113.
  4. 200 to avoid their bullpen.
  5. At least we’ve ran up his pitch count.
  6. Man... hate leaving them on base against Mad Max.
  7. Welcome back Saint Nick!
  8. I don’t know if it’s hulu live, but I swear the sound of the bat cracks a little after it’s actually hit.
  9. Is the audio a little weird for anyone else?
  10. Seeing Alford’s pick in the Super Bowl hurts. I remember how I felt when that happened. Everything about that game hurts.
  11. Has Riley done anything on offense since coming back?
  12. So long as O’Day doesn't give up a run here.
  13. I was hoping we’d put the kill shot on their division hopes tonight.
  14. Yeah, do not want Julio starting in the post. Would hate for one of THESE games to happen.
  15. Must have got him from a library.