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  1. F the no hitter we need wins. And for wins we need runs, and for runs we need base runners and hitting. 🤯
  2. I know a lot of the talking heads had us finishing 3rd/4th this season. I’m starting to see why.
  3. 9-1 deficit sounds like a perfect time for Tomlin. 🤯😂
  4. Dang, I can’t find the first game (using YouTube TV + MLB TV add on).
  5. Honestly, the feelings for me are the “what could have been”. Dude was talented like no other. But I haven’t harbored ill will towards him since after ‘07. He did his time, we moved on, he moved on. I appreciate everything he was to this city and franchise. I still get hyped seeing the old highlights.
  6. I haven’t noticed his hat, but I see he let his hair grow out. Almost didn’t recognize him.
  7. Trae Young had little to no help tonight. It’s gonna take a historic effort to pull this out of Philly Sunday. Get well soon Hunter and Reddish. 😕
  8. Deadrin Senat has reached “The Flying Dutchman” status. When was he drafted, 20 years ago I think? Nobody really knows anymore. Legend has it, his ghost still attends practice.
  9. Gold bond, and sometimes pine tar if I’m feeling freaky.
  10. Trae can’t do it all on his own. Nobody helped him much at all tonight.
  11. Do we have any pitchers on staff that we suspect of using substances? I mean, I know “everyone does it”, but I can’t think of anyone we have where I’m like “oh yeah, he definitely does it.”
  12. Yeah, they might be out of that late game magic tonight. Not looking good at all. 🤢
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