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  1. Half a billion can’t buy you a division. step one complete, let’s bring it all home boys!
  2. Yes.
  3. Everyone phoning it in until October.
  4. So eventually the Nats will lose 2 and we’ll clinch. Hopefully wake up by October.
  5. C’mon Julio... Jesus.
  6. Between October and Acunas charge for 40/40, it all just seems off.
  7. Need to wrap this thing up. Team seems lethargic.
  8. I was about to say, that dolphins game probably inflates a lot of the stats.
  9. Cmon Newk...
  10. Pissed away some scoring opportunities.
  11. But serious answer, I’ll say 113.
  12. 200 to avoid their bullpen.
  13. At least we’ve ran up his pitch count.
  14. Man... hate leaving them on base against Mad Max.
  15. Welcome back Saint Nick!