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  1. This o-line is pure garbage.
  2. I forgot the part where they (the Falcons organization) keeps showing those two freak plays in the Benz, or have a parade with that display but I digress. For the record, I abstain from mentioning those two events because like I’ve said before, Falcons have had nothing to do with them... and they’re still less embarrassing than 28-3.
  3. Yeah, I’m sure that’s exactly what’s going on.
  4. They continuously bring up something they had zero part in.
  5. So long as they keep Quinn, we’ll **** near lose out. So let’s hope Blank keeps his word to not make decisions until the end.
  6. Yeah. I’m about the same. I think it’s because they don’t have Bryce.
  7. I guess the big question is how would the Braves have fared against the Nats in the NLCS. I’m not of the opinion that the regular season record would have translated to the post. Nats transformed themselves in the postseason, we lost our fire (outside of Acuna).
  8. I don’t care much for the Nats, but I don’t necessarily hate them in the same way I do the Aints. Maybe it’s just different to me with baseball, fans tend to be a little more reasonable than football fans. Except the Yankees, **** them to ****.
  9. So everyone in this division has a WS title. Hard to believe the Marlins have two.
  10. No kidding. Interesting decisions all around. Too bad for the Astro their offense stopped at 2.
  11. Nats got this. It is what it is.
  12. My take earlier was pretty off. Astros failed to capitalize on scoring chances, Max did just enough to keep the game in reach and that’s after all of the medical stuff. Wish we had a pitcher on staff with that kind of fire.
  13. Astros stranded an entire team throughout this game. Poor Zach.
  14. I bet Max’s stubbornness to be out there is gonna lose them this game. I don’t think he’s gonna be 100%. Thought this before this rally started.
  15. Game 7 it is, barring some miracle comeback. Gnats might take this whole thing.