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  1. So basically it’s Fried, and whoever else wants to show up.
  2. Heck of a comeback. Really need Acuna to snap to it, and hopefully someone outside of Soroka and Fried can step up SP wise.
  3. Hey so I held my newborn son that entire bottom of the 8th. Just saying. #mojo
  4. Newk is a patriot loving Yankee anyway. Next.
  5. I had a suspicion but didn’t want to assume! Glad to see you’re still around.
  6. Wouldn’t be the board formerly known as “Talk About The Braves” without it.
  7. Rays are doing what we should have done with bases loaded. 😓
  8. Bases loaded, no outs, and we get 1 run off of it. On another note, where’s Falcons567 at?
  9. Any possibility we try to get him back once he pops two negatives?
  10. Hello again all, it has been quite some time. What have I missed, any freak outs yet?
  11. I forgot the part where they (the Falcons organization) keeps showing those two freak plays in the Benz, or have a parade with that display but I digress. For the record, I abstain from mentioning those two events because like I’ve said before, Falcons have had nothing to do with them... and they’re still less embarrassing than 28-3.
  12. They continuously bring up something they had zero part in.
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