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  1. Reading comprehension 101. Using 25A TO CIRCUMVENT THE ELECTION to likely unconstitutional. I loathe our President as much as the next guy, but there isn’t solid ground YET in order to invoke the 25A. Wait for the Mueller investigation. Wait for the Southern District of NY to release their report.
  2. RIP to the guy that sleeps with an arm or a leg draped off the side or sits up during a quake.
  3. I loled hard. Wife looked at me disapprovingly.
  4. Those are valid points but easily fixed without creating a holiday for it. For many of us with children, a holiday adds extra costs. It is likely many wouldn’t get the day off so we would still be paying for child care just like we do on other bull**** holidays like Presidents’ Day. I’d rather just move it to a Saturday, but I’ve never seen that floated.
  5. Suddenly I’m reminded that you straw man your arguments a lot.
  6. Please explain why a whole day is needed to vote when voting by mail (absentee) is legal and accessible in every single state.
  7. Oh no! You disagree with me!
  8. “I need a whole day off from work to get to the polls.”
  9. It’s also admitting that lazy people support Democrats. Neither look good for Democrats or Republicans.
  10. Curious how you feel about hate crimes legislation because the exact same argument could be made.
  11. You really shouldn’t though. She’s just playing the game and on the upside, she’s been able to moderate quite a bit of what would have otherwise been even more conservative legislation.
  12. Where are you going, Los Toné?
  13. Most importantly and unlike JFK’s speech, many of them have said how they plan to pay for it. The math doesn’t work, but they’ve at least talked about it.
  14. Delete your account.