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  1. That sounds like suicide by cop. I feel bad for the officer in this situation.
  2. Lol. We live in a very urban neighborhood. Cops are always patrolling us.
  3. Well there’s no room for abuse in that.
  4. Surely Congress would see it. Just my opinion, but I tend to agree that investigation details should be kept private in cases where no indictment occurs. There are all sorts of privacy problems there.
  5. Double penetration post.
  6. My understanding is that the question stems around whether Trump can be indicted while in office. He can absolutely be indicted once he’s a private citizen again. And at that time, virtually all of it will be public.
  7. Was this thing ever tested?? She’s doing 25mph+ when they’re trying to catch her. Nobody is going to stop a person going that speed.
  8. I sure hope he has physical evidence because the dude is the second most untrustworthy person I can think of. Behind Trump of course.
  9. None of the things you are referencing are actual fiscal conservatism. Ethanol subsidies for farmers and tax breaks for plane owners aren’t examples of fiscal conservatism any more than the 1994 Crime Bill was a liberal policy (Bill Clinton signed it into law and it passed the Senate 95-4-1).