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  1. I’d be calling the cops every day on any neighbor that looks like this crazy mother****er.
  2. ***********!
  3. So repealing the individual mandate that forces people to buy insurance is now “stripping” people of health care. That’s totally the same thing.
  4. You don’t think we’re aware of Falcon Slaw? This has been a ****** week. We’re allowed to have a few hours dude. Also, I don’t give a **** what anyone says, no amount of karma deserved what happened last year.
  5. Seriously. Classless ***holes.
  6. There is no God.
  7. This. He absolutely sucks at game management.
  8. I bet New England loses tonight, too. Just God ****ing with us.
  9. What’s the life expectancy of a falcons fan? Gotta be lower than the national average.
  10. Apparently there is an Eagle Slaw too.
  11. Falcon slaw.
  12. Get ****ing set, Lo Stones.
  13. I think you’re giving Ryan's brain waybto much credit. He struggled like a mofo to understand Shannahan’s offense the first year and he has made really boneheaded decisions on occasion. Vick was lazy when he was here. I think had he tried as hard to understand the game as much as he did late in his career, we’d have at the very least gone to the show while he was here.