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  1. Horrible officiating in the Brazil/Switzerland game.
  2. Mark Sanford lost his primary bid against a House Freedom Caucus candidate and Trumper, Katie Arrington. Republicans moving further right should be good for democrats in November. SC’s 1st district congressional seat is supposedly safe. I’m not buying it. The democrats have a good candidate in place there. It will be a very tight race.
  3. Ironically, Marx hated Jews as well.
  4. There are exceptions to every rule. Just as Castile was compliant, plenty of people fight the system and win millions of dollars against a corrupt police department. Also, don’t act like I never suggested that the cop in this situation wasn’t a bad cop.
  5. They’re as press and press is nowadays. They all decide what’s news and what isn’t.
  6. In a situation where the options are potential death or going through a system designed to fail you, I’d suggest you take the one where you’re still living at the end of it. Comply. Then fight it in court. You lose 100% of the time when you attack a cop. That doesn’t make it right. It sucks either way. But one of those options sucks way worse than the other.
  7. I’d say anyone spitting on another person deserves a punch to the face. Call it a tie.
  8. Welp. I’m ashamed. That’s Sean Brock with Bourdain there. They’re in Charleston at the WaHo I actually frequent often and somehow I missed both of those details.
  9. You know you’re a badass when Obama has to photodrop a picture of y’all hanging out.
  10. That was fabulous. Rest In Peace, Anthony Bourdain.
  11. How do we differ, exactly? Are you saying she should benefit from the ordeal?
  12. I didn’t address the cop punching the girl. It was unnecessary. It was unacceptable. He should probably be fired. Still, I generally have no sympathy for people that create the situations they are in by being jerks.
  13. I wonder if you’d actually take a step back, watch the video, see that she lunges at the cop and pushes him, if you’d realize that she was the one who became physically aggressive first... Of course you wouldn’t realize that. You have an agenda here. Stick to cleanses.
  14. I totally agree with you up until the part about challenging his authority. She tried to walk away from him, then she became the aggressor. That’s where **** went downhill. Just comply. Fight it later. Don’t become physically aggressive with a cop.
  15. This is really all such a surprise.