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  1. Life is unfair, therefore we should just say **** it and treat people like ****. You're a twat.
  2. If Trump fires Sessions, expect his loyalists to bolt. Maybe expect them to bolt anyway. Why would anyone stay loyal to a guy that treats his first and arguably most loyal supporter the way Trump has treated Sessions?
  3. I hope Alfie Allen is getting a boatload of money to play Theon because he'll never shake the typecast of a dickless coward.
  4. I'm not really a fan of banning things. That said, I'd be in favor of assessing a tax that makes driving gas cars a financially unsound decision.
  5. I googled it as well. I found this. Masturbatory emissions, y'all.
  6. I was unaware that "masturbatory" was a word. I learn new things all the time.
  7. I wouldn't call his decision on Mueller a policy matter. It centers on public perception and ultimately his interference with an investigation. I can understand why Scaramucci would be involved. That said, I do believe Trump is insane (legitimately crazy) at this point. His renewed attack on Sessions removed any doubt.
  8. Evan Rachel Wood on that horse. My God.
  9. Nah. I just enjoy it. 703 miles for the year.
  10. Looks like there's legislation being drafted to make what they did an actual crime, not just a measly misdemeanor that's never been applied in this scenario. Good.
  11. These are people that have no business being among us. I don't care it they're kids. They are ****ing evil.
  12. Yeah, I just don't think you get it. It's cool though. Hey, Matthew Yglesias just tweeted!
  13. Do you even know who the guy I posted the tweet from is? And LOL at your choosy tweets. Twitter has made everyone a pundit.
  14. You post the most spectacularly terrible twitter links. I don't think you recognize that.
  15. GAFan's twitter feed.