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  1. Not gonna lie that’s sounds quite nice.
  2. Actually Auburn was 2013. Still hurts.
  3. 2016,17,18,19. What the ****
  4. Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered.
  5. These are short-termers making money. The valuation won’t warrant current prices come earning season. It will be a bloodbath on Wall Street. The stimulus bill won’t save us from the next quarter. I’m hearing a potential 20% drop in GDP next quarter. Even if that’s for just 1 quarter and everything bounces back (it won’t) that’s 5% annualized drop in total GDP and is essentially worse than the worst year of the financial crisis. Government spending can’t make up that difference. steady march to 50%.
  6. Next level.
  7. There is no logic in politics. Particularly Trump’s politics.
  8. It seems to me that the economy is toast either way. This election will be won on how this crisis is managed and Trump’s main voting block is at highest risk right now.
  9. Cocked your head to the side and blamed Jared.
  10. You did the hard part, friend. Glad it worked out.
  11. I’d take 10 episodes of Thandie in Westworld season 1 every single year.
  12. Maybe that’s part of their master plan. Just show up for spring break and kill all the snowbirds.
  13. You just ignore it when you’ve been proven wrong. That’s your thing and I get it. It’s also why everyone here thinks you’re an absolute piece of ****.
  14. Does he even realize I’m not talking about Trump here? Here is Ilhan Omar Saying this is ****ed up and agreeing with Tucker Carlson in demanding Burr resign.
  15. These people were selling stocks in private and telling their wealthy donors that this was going to be dire, while telling the rest of us everything was fine. In fact, Loeffler was trying to pump the economy the same day she was selling MILLIONS in stock. What part of your brain is so rotten that you can’t see this is ****ed up?