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  1. Yes but how many rounds of golf did Obama play in 2011?
  2. The first one changed cinematic history.
  3. You’re free to be wrong.
  4. I totally agree with you but I’ve yet to hear a better alternative, and it still doesn’t change the fact that THE GOVERNMENT DOESN'T DECIDE WHO DIES, A JURY DOES.
  5. The death penalty should be reserved for heinous cases of absolute certainty with regard to guilt. In the Roof case, he’s still not remorseful, he’s proud of what he did. A jury decided he should die. I totally get the argument about the victims families not wanting him dead, but 12 people already listened to their thoughts still managed to muster a death penalty verdict.
  6. No need to state the obvious. Your post was insinuating that 4% of people put to death are innocent. That obviously isn’t the case. There is an appeals process that keeps that number far, far lower, hopefully zero moving forward.
  7. I don’t mean to be a **** when I say this but you do know that a jury of 6-12 private citizens decides who gets put to death, right??
  8. That’s why there is an appeals process.
  9. Who is on deck?
  10. Sounds more realistic. For most people, max heart rate is 220 minus your age.
  11. So your max heart rate was in the 120s... And you measured this in 1958 how exactly?
  12. Don’t get too excited. As you age your max heart rate gets lower.