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  1. Weed, im guessing. But Torrey smith's hands arent anywhere near great and is a body catcher and a terrible route runner. I'd 100% rather have Julio
  2. I really want Jordan Cameron to fall to us
  3. Love the pick , just hate how much we gave up to get him
  4. Wayy to early for him , he'll still be there in the 7th
  5. Amen. Im tired of him making "safe picks" with our first rounders and trying to find talent later in the draft.
  6. Round 1:Aaron Williams DB Round 2:Jerrel Jernigan WR Round 3:Edmond Gates WR Round 4:Cliff Mattews DE Round 4:Jordan Cameron TE (trade into fourth) Round 5:Casey Matthews LB Round 6:Noel Devine RB Round 7:Josh Portis QB Round 7:DeJon Gomes SS Round 7:Willie Smith OT Don't flame too bad im only 14
  7. I hope carolina does draft him so i can see him play.
  8. He's only 5'10 , but i saw his highlights and he's a playmaker. My link He will be a steal and we can pick him up in the 4th or 5th.
  9. I'm saying we should try to trade with the broncos and grab green.
  10. My link "Denver Broncos vice president of football operations John Elway knows a thing or two about quarterbacks. But would the Hall of Famer really be willing to trade Denver’s No. 2 pick in favor moving down in the draft, all for the sole purpose of selecting a quarterback in the second round? ESPN.com’s John Clayton believes it to be a possibility for Elway and the Broncos, who may attempt to entice a handful of quarterback-starved teams with the promise of one of the top prospects in the draft: I'm starting to think Elway might take a QB in the second round and call the Tebow selection a mistake. That interest creates tantalizing possibilities on draft day and thereafter. Thinking that Cam Newton can go No. 1 to Carolina, the Broncos could entice a team such as Tennessee to trade up to the No. 2 spot to get Blaine Gabbert. The Broncos could then take a quarterback in the second round and eventually trade [Kyle] Orton for a second-round pick in 2012. This scenario isn’t altogether crazy. It’s becoming apparent that Elway doesn’t feel entirely confident with either Orton or Tebow as the long-term solution at quarterback. Should the Broncos retain the second overall pick, they are almost guaranteed to go defense. Even if they opt to trade down, things don’t change much. Denver can still obtain an impact player with, say, Tennessee’s pick at No. 8, but a trade with the Titans could mean an extra selection in the second round, which then could be used on a Ryan Mallett, Christian Ponder, or Andy Dalton." Should We take advantage of this?
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