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  1. #Falcons draft pick jersey numbers: Weatherspoon (56), Peters (91), Johnson (79), Hawley (61), Franks (24), Meier (80), Schillinger (39) From J Mikes Twitter
  2. I want this in our locker room to pump up the younger players. ****, im pumped up right now!!!!
  3. IMO it is usually a LB award. They rack up alot of tackles, and that usually plays alot into award. Berry could get it though. Spoons Stat Predictions: 127 Tackles 2 Sacks 4 INT
  4. 1 - @ Pittsburgh - Roethlisberger will more than likely be suspended. Leader gone, Holmes gone, W 2 - vs. Arizona - Anderson/Leinart replace the key to there success the past few years. At home, W 3 - @ New Orleans - Toughest game of the year this early is great. Measuring stick game. For now, L 4 - vs. San Francisco - At home against a team that gets off to slow starts, W. 5 - @ Cleveland - Cleveland. Nuff said, W 6 - @ Philadelphia - Tough game on the road, Kolb is the wild card. Unproven, young QB, W 7 - vs. Cincinnati - Another tough game, at home though, W 8 - BYE 9 - vs. Tampa Bay - Really??? W 10 - vs. Baltimore - Another tough game, at home. Our defense is key this game. W 11 - @ St. Louis - Another high level practice. W 12 - vs. Green Bay - Tough game. Pass defense unproven for now, L 13 - @ Tampa Bay - We got REALLY luck with these soft teams. W 14 - @ Carolina - Always have trouble here. L. 15 - @ Seattle - Soft team with unproven areas all over. W. 16 - vs. New Orleans - Game at home that IMO will be for the division. W. 17 - vs. Carolina - Game at home late in season. Playoffs could be locked up. W. So, 13-3, or 12-4 is VERY possible. 11-5 at worst. Barring injury, we are possibly looking at a 1st round bye. Cardinals, Eagles, and possibly Vikings will have MAJOR QB questions. IMO NFL will be won by the Falcons, Saints, Packers, or Cowboys next year.
  5. 1) Brandon Graham DE Michigan 3) J.D. Walton C Baylor 3) Andre Roberts WR The Citadel 4) A.J. Edds OLB Iowa 5) Tony Moeaki TE iowa 5) Chris Scott OT Tennessee 6) Patrick Stoudamire CB Western Illinois 6) Michael Smith Arkansas Tell me what you think
  6. Picks: 1 3 3(comp) 4 5(Lions) 5(comp) 6(Lions) 6 Mock Draft: 1) Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri Gives us a young playmaking LB that will learn and grow with Lofton, and making a tandem that will lead our defense for years to come. His coverage skills will help us alot versus the Saitns, because we finally have someone to cover Shockey, Bush and Slot receivers. He is a true leader that is a vocal leader. After reading about his character and his skills, he will be a top 5 OLB within 3 years. 3) Andre Roberts WR The Citadel Roberts is a TD kind of guy. He is a leader with a tremendous work ethic. He plays like he has glue on his hands. He runs crisp routes, and gets in and out of his cuts very well. He has great speed, and accelerates very quick. He is what we need to offset Michael Jenkins, and his incosistancies. Also a very effective punt returner. 3(comp) Matt Tennant C Boston College It has been reported that Matt Ryan has benn trying to pull some strings to get his old college C in the red and black. I think it would be a great idea because usually C's and QB's have a learning curve for each other, and we would not have that at all if we drafted Tennant. We need to find McClure's replacement in this draft. Tennant would be the logical choice. 4) Jimmy Graham TE Miami - Give him a year to learn behind Tony Gonzalez and get some practice reps in during the week, and he should be ready by the 2011 or 2012(if there is no football in 2011). He is fast, is a great leaper, and has big hands. He is constantly adding bulk, and he could be a real steal. He is still very raw, so he could eventually learn to become an affective blocker. 5(Lions) George Selvie DE South Florida Every year there are players that will slip. I have a feeling that Selvie is going to be one of those players this year. He doesn't really fit the 3-4(Coverage, tackling) or the 4-3(size) schemes. He reminds me John Abraham. He is so explosive off the ball, and has a freak wingspan. He is slowly, but surely adding bulk. He can learn behind Abraham for a year or two and can rotate in during passing downs. 5(comp) Jeff Owens DT Georgia Another player that I believe will slip. He does nothing fantastic, but does everything well. Hard worker, that can go into that Dline rotation. 6(Lions) Patrick Stoudemire CB Western Illinois He has all the physical tools to be a good cover corner. He mirrors his receivers extremely well. He uses his hands well to break up the pass. He also excells in zone coverage. Has perfect NFL CB size. My biggest sleeper in teh entire draft. 6) Mike Tepper OT California Is a versatile Olineman with good size. He would add some much needed depth. A hard worker and a team leader.
  7. Rules: - Player can be in college right now - These teams are NOT about the best team, instead of who are your favorite players at that position. Mine would be: Head Coach: Mike Smith QB: Matt Ryan RB: Barry Sanders FB: Lorenzo Neal WR: Michael Ervin WR: Andre Johnson TE: Tony Gonazalez T: Jonathan Ogden T: Anthony Munoz G: Larry Allen G: Gene Upshaw C: Dwight Stephenson DE: Julius Peppers DT: Warren Sapp DT: Ndamukong Suh DE: Mario Williams OLB: Lawrence Taylor MLB: Patrick Willis OLB: Derrick Brooks CB: Deion Sanders FS: Ed Reed SS: Eric Berry CB: Nnamdi Asomugha K: Adam Vinatieri P: Shane Lechler RS: Devin Hester I would do anything to have that Defensive Backfield as current Falcons. No one could pass on us. Each player would end up with ike 10 INT's each year.
  8. 1 Brandon Graham DE Michigan 3 Matt Tennant C Boston College 3(comp) Rennie Curran OLB Georgia 4 Dorin Dickerson TE Pittsburgh 5 Jeff Owens DT Georgia 5(comp) Patrick Stoudemire CB Western Illinois 6(Lions) Jeffrey Fitzgerald DE Kansas State 6 Donald Jones WR Youngstown State
  9. 1 Sean Weatherspoon OLB Missouri 3 JD Walton C Baylor 3(comp) Mike Johnson OG Alabama 4 Jermaine Cunningham DE Florida 5 Tony Moeaki TE Iowa 5(comp) Patrick Stouidamire CB Western Illinois 6(Lions) Donald Jones WR Youngstown State 6 Clint Gresham LS TCU
  10. I think that the organization is goint go eventually make the 19th pick a 2 man race. And the 2 players being Michigan DE Brandon Graham and Missouri OLB Sean Weatherspoon. IMO Graham is the best DE in the draft and Weatherspoon is the best OLB in the draft. Graham Pros: -Quick burst off the line -Uses hands extremely well -Hits hard -Good in run support -Nonstop Motor -Leader -Good size(lbs.) -Good speed -Variety of moves -Solid tackler -very strong -Amazing production despite getting no other pressure on the line and with the exception of CB Donovan Warren, the defense was AWFUL -Shows up HUGE in big games -Great work ethic Cons: -Height(6'1") -Tweener? Weatherspoon Pros: -High energy guy -Vocal leader -Has that "IT" factor you look for in a football player -High Carachter -Exceptional in coverage -Very fast -Very strong -Nonstop motor -Great work ethic -Fits scheme perfectly Cons: -Struggles Shedding Blocks -Over pursuits sometimes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8M6YoWTvuBg I will say about both of these guys, that they are EXTREMELY UNDERRATED, and alot of teams will be kicking themselves for passing on them. IMO we need to go with Graham, because a pass rush is a MUCH higher need than a OLB. Also IMO Graham will be a 12 sack a year player. And Weatherspoon will be on of those LBers with great numbers across the board. We can't go wrong either way, but a pass rusher is much more difficult to find than a OLB.
  11. When I look at the tape on Morgan I don't see alot of evidence that this guy will be a "stud". On the other hand when I loog at Brandon Graham's tape, he is explosive off the line, uses hands well, has a non stop motor, and always seems to get into the backfield. I don't even see any obvious strengths form Morgan. If Graham was 6'6", he would be a top 5 pick and IMO would be the best Dlineman in the draft(INCLUDING Suh and McCoy)
  12. Trade next years 1st round pick and Jamaal Anderson for Brandon Marshall. Draft Brandon Graham at 19. ELITE Offensive Weapons: Turner Marshall White Gonzalez Norwood Pass Rush: Abraham Graham Jerry Babineaux Biermann Pass Coverage: Thomas Decoud Dunta Robinson William Moore Chris Owens Brian Williams Solid LBer group Solid Oline Solid Special Teams
  13. I think that it is a near lock that we draft Sean Weatherspoon at 19. We are absolutely in love with him and he is a great vocal leader, and also leads by example. DE / John Abraham DT / Jonathan Babineaux DT / Peria Jerry DE / Kroy Biermann/FA DE OLB / Sean Weatherspoon MLB / Curtis Lofton OLB / Mike Peterson CB / Chris Owens FS / Thomas DeCoud SS / William Moore CB / Brent Grimes/Brian Williams
  14. Some big-name hires in KC: Chiefs hired Bernie Parmalee as TE coach, Otis Smith as defensive quality control and Emmitt Thomas as DB coach. Good for him.
  15. Nnamdi is 6'2", Thomas is 5'10" maybe even 5'9". Just because you are a good cover safety in college does not mean he will be arguably the best CB in the NFL.
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