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  1. Beasley may have not been the best option. I just can't help but think the people calling the shots are going to bring in someone that will make Vic look all pro.
  2. It is easy to talk all warm and fuzzy now. No games showing that what is being talked about is working or not. I am sick of the past years where they look like poop for way to many games then play well when teams have thrown in the towel. Gives everyone false hope for the next year. No more empty lip flapping make it work or get the heck out of this town.
  3. So 7 TFL is that after his sack total? Also I only see 5.5 sacks per year Vic averaged 7.5 and where is he now? I am going to hold off getting all happy that Takk is going to save this defense.
  4. Well can't make a play watching on the sideline. How many seasons has Takk played all 16? I was not impressed by his setting the edge on run plays. Maybe this can be his year. The past years don't show much to to get excited about.
  5. I just don't get the people hitching the wagon to Takk. Between injuries and lack of production what have ya got, not much. I don't want to here crap of being played out of position. He has had enough time and has come up short all too often. I sure hope he turns it on this season. Just if he is a key in the cog of the Falcons defense being good, then look for another long year.
  6. Done
  7. Heck will Takk be with the Falcons in the 2020 season. He is not even listed on the roster that I can see. I just keep getting a sick feeling that he will be gone with all the wishful thinking of the great sack stars of Falcons past. I refuse to hitch my wagon with a player that can flap that trap. Then on game day just disappear into a blow hole of hot air.
  8. Yeah, you never know unless they get the chance to try and coach for another team. So unless you have the end all be all coach then you should step down off your high and mighty I know all self box and just watch with the rest of us.
  9. How can you say the Browns are bellow the Falcons you do know they have beaten the Falcons almost every time they play each other. Browns lead the series 12-3 so ya may want to back up the bus a bit on the browns. It’s the Browns’ best win percentage (78.6) against any other franchise.
  10. He sounds like he still wants to coach.
  11. Man just think if they lose with another no call. hehehe
  12. Ouch did not see that coming!!! Thanks 5000 yard man!
  13. What the heck is the frigging 5 yard passes