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  1. What does that say about the Falcons staff. As I recall they did not play so well facing the same scenario. As a mater of fact the Falcons were the ones that looked like they had lost the head Coach just before the game.
  2. Roomer has it he is a Falcons fan!!
  3. The Patriots won that Super Bowl yeah. We all know it was the Falcons coaching staff that lost it. So I have no problem with them paying in the Falcons house.
  4. They are tapped out on credit at Walmart and Rent a Center. After they pooled all the cash they had. Around $7.98, they could only afford a court appointed attorney. They are so sad.
  5. Just what I thought when it went down. Yeah, can't take it when it comes back at ya!!
  6. Out of my way I am headed for the toilet!!!! I have a bad feeling about this!!!!
  7. That was the first thing that I thought once I saw that no call! Thanks for posting.
  8. Heck Saints DBs live off getting away with PI. So don't think you will see me feel any sadness for them.
  9. With the McKinley situation. Not sure they would let go of Reed and Beasley. We don't know what McKinley is going to do going forward. If he were to sit out to get his life where he wants it then letting Reed and Beasley go would create a problem on defense. They may not be all pro. Ya just can't cut all of them and hope to fill the void with an upgrade just in a blink of an eye. Just look back a few years ago when they cut Hawley and thought Konz was going to be an upgrade.
  10. If Sanu would have led him better he could of scored a lot more this year. Ya know old noodle arm just can't cut it.
  11. So whats the over/under Matt makes the field goal? That would be so Falcons if they miss this kick.
  12. And just like that you find out your girl gave you a uncurable STD!!!
  13. Crap, love how our defense can turn a sack into the opposing teams first down.
  14. Great for Ridley. Next year I would like to see the Falcons set a record for most wins in a season.