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  1. How could that be true? I thought Julio said he has wanted out years ago?
  2. Why keep Julio? He does not want to be here!! I would not want a player around my team if they would rather be playing somewhere else. It could be bad for the team.
  3. Could be the lack of being in during practice all week. Julio misses a lot of practice. I am sure that does not help with time spent in the redzone running plays.
  4. Well every now and then the better team slips up and just out and out chokes. Also every now and then REFS shaft a team. Also weather can also tip the scales in a teams favor. So I refuse to say the better team wins on game day. Maybe most of the time the best prepared team wins. Very hard to say every time the best team wins. You could maybe say the best team that day wins ever time. That does not make them the better team, just they had a better day.
  5. I wanted Watt. Was not happy with the direction we went. I felt Watt was going to follow in his older bothers footsteps.
  6. Just think if Aron Rodgers becomes a Saint.
  7. Well got to have a address to show up. Oh and I only go to birthdays when they have chocolate cake. Happy Birthday
  8. Well they can ask the team taking Julio to daft said player in the first. then trade said play for Julio after the draft is done.
  9. Yeah, and we see why gun control won't work. Its more because when a crime is committed they let the one committing the crime walk free. Then if a person tries to use a gun to protect themselves they throw the book at them.
  10. Take Pitts unless we can trade down and still get Pitts. Lot of plyers will be let go after the draft to fix most of what this team needs. Draft for other needs after taking Pitts. If Dallas wants Pitts I would do everything in my power to keep them from getting him. Some because I so dislike Dallas. Mostly because I think Pitts could help the Falcons end the troubles inside the redzone!!!
  11. Well it would be nice if the force was with the Falcons. SO many years past it has been more Like SpaceBalls instead of a Jedi Knight. Spaceballs (1987) - Bing video
  12. Falcons win Super Bowl in 2022. Anybody willing to place a bet on it? Please send me your money. I will place the bet for ya. Cash only at this time. Or we can setup a Go Fund Me, FFLM.
  13. Love how Pitts comes down with the pass even with defender having hands all over Pitts and on the ball. If he does that at the NFL level he will destroy the defense.
  14. Bet if you were a fly on the wall. You would find out his cousin agreed to take the blame so he could keep his cash cows milk flowing.
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