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  1. Trade down only if your guy is not at pick 4 and you get the picks you need to make the team better than at pick 4. The Falcons have to pick up a QB in the draft or FA. I don't know how they can afford to pick a QB in FA as no money for it at this time. I expect 2021 is a get over the cap hump year.
  2. Quinn is the type of coach that says you play my way and only the way I coach. If you are a DE I say you are a LB. If you are a safety you are a LB. If you are a DE you are now a DT. If it is 3rd and 15 play 20 yards off the WRs and TEs. If it is 3rd and 1 no closer than 5 yards to the line. We want them to complete the pass short of the line so we can prove we can't make a tackle. Quinn likes to keep the play in front of the players. I like to see a sometimes aggressive style where you challenge to other team to even make a play.
  3. Just feels like PI is only called when you are a Falcons defender.
  4. So its now 1st and 9.5 needed for a first. If you are playing the Falcons!!
  5. If that hit would have been on Brady. They would have thrown a flag.
  6. I am starting to dislike football more and more with how games are being called!! I don't know how much more I can take of the frigging CRAP!!!!
  7. What a load of BULL. So the player shoves him from the back and he is stumbling. How can he control how he hits the payer!!!
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