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  1. The pass rush had a lot to do with the bad throws. Ryan sure looked like he was rushing his throws. Could be because the week before he was on his tail on most of his drop backs. Plus Eagles have a good pass rush.
  2. Just get better every week. That would be great.
  3. Quickly becoming my favorite lineman. Ya can't question his heart or toughness. Looked very solid the first two games.
  4. Ryan was not playing his best last night. But when the play had to be made he came through. I am just glad we all got to see some improvements from the team. It was a tough spot with Bosher hurt as it put the Falcons in a bad position all night.
  5. Just looking for improvement tonight. Anything more will be a bonus!!
  6. $20 is not enough. You would need to pay me at least $50 each before I would take them. I just don't like the circus or clowns that much but would go if I don't have to pay anything including parking.
  7. I think this will be a big test for the Falcons defense all around. The Vikings did not throw much and ran at will. This Eagles team can run and throw. Could make for a long day again as a Falcons fan. I will be pulling for this team to show signs of improvement. Here is what I am looking for less mistakes from all three phases. To look like they practice during the week.
  8. Here I found them. Now were even.
  9. Dallas 2015 was the best comeback the Falcons made under Quinn. Down 14 to 0 to Dallas in the first Quarter they came back to win 39-28. They only came back in 2 games in the first 5 of 2015 the Dallas game with Dallas having Brandon Weeden as QB and Joseph Randle at RB. Not like they were a great team with them driving the ship. Then the Washington game. Falcons were down 1 point going into the 4th quarter. So not sure I call that a comeback.
  10. So you say it was coaching? Well if you listen to Quinn it was the players fault. He had them prepared. Will see the Sunday. With the players the Falcons have we should see every team they face have to fight hard to win. Instead we see too many times they wipe the floor with the Falcons. And we hear the same thing after the game.
  11. Please stop with this "REAL FANS" that is just a bunch of crap people push at you to spend good money after bad. Its a sales pitch. How about put a fricking real football team on the field instead of the crap Quinn keeps trotting out every week. I have had it with all the hype and all the coach speak and players talk. If you don't show it the shut the crap up please.
  12. Yeah, and they way Quinn acts like preseason is of know use. The players are reflecting that and not being focused on getting better.
  13. I am at work getting started with my job. Bet Quinn is thinking how do you get the team to buy into a coach. That so badly did nothing to help win the SB and was one that allowed his team to flounder the biggest lead in SB history in less than 20 minutes. I am struggling to pull it together and think Quinn is the one to get this team to a championship.