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  1. http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2015/09/01/kentucky-clerk-fighting-gay-marriage-has-wed-four-times Is this ***** serious?
  2. How many of them could you take, Steve? I'm thinking like a couple dozen, at least.
  3. It's pretty awesome to have your own free comic critic to give you feedback on your posts. Here, I got some new material, lemme know what you think: A snitch, a liar, and a racist walk into a bar. Bartender says, "Hi, Spongedad. You're probably a bad example for your children." Input?
  4. You should write a letter to these scientists to let them know they forgot about the Ice Age.
  5. Because it helps us maintain our relationship with those countries and assure them that we care about their individual security situations. We basically play all sides as we feel necessary to maintain stability, i.e. the continuing flow of oil and shipping in the region, and prevent any one side from gaining enough power to oppose our interests. And even though the Cold War is over, we also want these countries dealing with us instead of becoming clients of the Russians or the Chinese. It's the same reason why Nixon cozied up with Egypt right after they attacked Israel in '73; our aid essentially bribed them to not start trouble again (maintain stability), but also flipped them from the Soviet sphere of influence to the US/NATO side.
  6. Economic disaster, immigration crisis, fiscal nightmare- isn't that what you conservatives say about the US everyday? Why did the US fare better than most of Europe after the Great Recession? Why do so many of these European countries, that America is far better than, have healthier, wealthier, better educated, and happier citizens than we do?
  7. What is "the European style of gov't"? It must be awful, considering what an awful place Europe is.
  8. "Here's what the same neocons who screwed the pooch on Iraq think about it, as reported by the Moonies!"
  9. ...and now there's enough votes to prevent any attempt by Congress to stop the deal. Good. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/03/world/obama-clinches-vote-to-secure-iran-nuclear-deal.html?hp&action=click&pgtype=Homepage&module=first-column-region&region=top-news&WT.nav=top-news&_r=0
  10. I don't disagree (in fact, if there was a single country most deserving of "regime change" after 9/11, it was Saudi Arabia IMO), but that wasn't the point. Anyway, back to the topic: No, Iran is not allowed to inspect itself
  11. Some of them seem to get off on persecution and actively seek it out, intentionally saying obtuse/controversial/provocative things and then reveling in the negative attention. Are we supposed to honestly believe that Worzone is so dumb he can't tell the difference between this clerk denying US citizens equal rights and some hypothetical situation where you make a Muslim eat pork? I think it's because the Bible tells them they will suffer for their beliefs, but it gets frustrating living in a country where the vast majority of the population is Christian and their faith is not only allowed, but coddled and encouraged and endlessly pandered to. So then you gotta say progressively dumber and dumber things to get your jollies; things that don't even deal with religion, like advocating war with North Korea because of a Seth Rogen movie, or claiming that the Civil War wasn't about slavery. It's kinda sad.
  12. The lack of giant morphing robots is one of my chief criticisms of this so-called future we all live in.
  13. Wait until driverless trucks really become viable. But don't worry guys, the invisible hand of the free market will fix everything.
  14. I say Obama activates the National Guard, removes this woman from office at gunpoint, and then forces her to marry a woman.
  15. Mine keeps going up too, but we can't pretend like that wasn't already a problem before Obamacare. And according to that link, it was even worse before.
  16. Health insurance premiums are growing more slowly than before Obamacare. http://www.factcheck.org/2015/02/slower-premium-growth-under-obama/
  17. Back under control of corporations and being traded on the international market in US dollars. Before the war, Iraq's oil industry was nationalized and Saddam was trying to have OPEC drop the petrodollar.
  18. Only Jordan and Turkey what? And Turkey is in NATO, so...
  19. Kuwait? Qatar? Now Iraq and Afghanistan? Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Turkey have also been staging areas at various points. That's not Israel's significance.
  20. The Iran Deal thread was being derailed by a spirited debate as to whether secret Jew-lizards run the world or if Israel is a shining paragon of virtue that has never done anything wrong (these being the only 2 acceptable positions, of course). So I made this thread for them, and Mojo decided to reveal himself as a Holocaust denier.
  21. Oh, you're just talking about dignity. My bad. I think it was the part about forcing rape victims to eulogize their aborted fetuses at a government-mandated funeral ceremony that confused me. Having given it some thought, I say we should stick to life-saving biomedical research. Just my opinion.
  22. I guess I do now. I thought you were just a dimwit prone to conspiracy theories and trying to be edgy, but if you wanna call yourself an anti-Semite, knock yourself out. Literally, use a brick or something.
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