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  1. The first Turtledove I ever read was his short story "The Road Not Taken", about a failed alien invasion of Earth. Quick, entertaining read that you can find all over the internet for free.
  2. Bwahaha. Though to be honest, there are some interesting parallels between how American populism/proto-progressivism and European socialism/communism evolved. They weren't completely cut off from one another, but a lot of the discourse is independent and simultaneous. Same thing you see in other parts of the world that experienced industrialization much later than us- must be a natural reaction. Yeah, Turtledove isn't a great writer, but damned if he doesn't make some entertaining scenarios and mix just enough factual historical background to spackle it all together. How does he deal with race and slavery in this series? IIRC, the Worldwar series had parts where blacks sided with aliens over Jim Crow America. That struck me as a little out of touch with both actual history and human nature- not necessarily racist at all, but just a little offbase.
  3. I see, this is book 3- that's probably why I never read it. Just reading this jacket and it says the Confederates won twice- is that what they cover in the first 2? Sounds crazy as ****- Teddy is still POTUS, Custer is still alive and a general.
  4. Gotcha. I'm looking at the shelves in my home office and I see a hardback copy of "The Great War: Breakthroughs" sitting there. Looks like there are some WWI tanks with Confederate flags on the cover. Never read it, not even sure where it came from. I'll check it out at some point.
  5. Is that the one with the South African time-travelers who give the Confederates AK-47's? Never read it, but I read Turtledove's World War series and enjoyed it.
  6. Did you finish Catch-22, drake? That's probably in my top 5 of all time.
  7. McCullough is great. I read The Path Between the Seas earlier this year, about the Panama Canal. I was on a major bender of reading about Teddy Roosevelt- Theodore Rex by Edmund Morris and River of Doubt by Candice Millard are both excellent reads.
  8. Considering the District of Columbia and at least 2 state capitals named after him, probably not happening anytime soon. I'm down to change Columbus Day to Native American History Day or something like that, though. But then these greasy dagos like, um, Dago, will get their panties in a bunch. And make no mistake- Italian men do wear panties.
  9. Columbus was a ******* psycho. He encounters the Taino and literally the first thing he thinks is, "These would make good slaves. Let's hold them ransom for gold and rape the women."
  10. Nah, haven't checked it out yet. Got an Amazon Fire stick sitting around here somewhere, but we usually just stick to the Chromecast.
  11. I have an Audible account I've been meaning to close for the past 2 years, but keep forgetting. Every time I go to close it, there's a ton of unused credits so I just download more stuff and forget to cancel the subscription again. I love a good audio-book for a road trip or zoning out on the beach. I listen to a lot of detective novels like Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch series, or crappy military thrillers like Tom Clancy-- the last few are narrated by Lou Diamond Phillips, which is strange-- or Mark Greaney (his Grey Man series is excellent, actually), or non-fiction history books. I posted a thread similar to this a while back looking for recommendations and Shot told me to get some Vietnam memoir narrated by Brian Cranston called "The Things We Carried". It was pretty disappointing overall- it's written by a vet, but most of the stories are fictional and a little surreal. It was interesting, but not quite what I expected. Got a copy of A People's History of the United States sitting on a shelf 10 feet away from me right now. It's an amazing and eye-opening book, and well-researched, but Zinn clearly has an agenda and you should bear that in mind when reading/listening to it (as you should with any history).
  12. And finally, a little delicacy I like to call b√Ęton de poisson avec pomme dauphine.
  13. Also made pizza, though not from homemade dough. Used naan bread with basil pesto for sauce, leftover grilled chicken, mozz and goat cheese, and topped with scallions and more fresh basil.
  14. Apologies in advance for potato-quality photos from my phone... Made braised lamb shank. Whole bottle of red wine, metric ****loads of fresh rosemary, thyme, and garlic. So tender it was falling apart.
  15. Steve Smith is Steve mother****ing Smith.