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  1. And finally, a little delicacy I like to call b√Ęton de poisson avec pomme dauphine.
  2. Also made pizza, though not from homemade dough. Used naan bread with basil pesto for sauce, leftover grilled chicken, mozz and goat cheese, and topped with scallions and more fresh basil.
  3. Apologies in advance for potato-quality photos from my phone... Made braised lamb shank. Whole bottle of red wine, metric ****loads of fresh rosemary, thyme, and garlic. So tender it was falling apart.
  4. Steve Smith is Steve mother****ing Smith.
  5. Ah yes, thank you. It's hard to keep up with the constellation of far-right blogs and "news sites".
  6. Is CommieBusters still around?
  7. At first I thought he meant to type WSJ in the first post, the Wall Street Journal being at least a respectable publication with some right-leaning slant. But no, he meant some hardcore right-wing click bait site that has pop-up ads about survival food and how Obama is going to declare martial law.
  8. C'mon, that's funny. You gotta learn to laugh at yourself a little, facelessman.
  9. You have failed to provide the facts to support your first point. I am still waiting on that link about how the other suspects were arrested, since that's why you keep claiming to have brought it up.
  10. It's a "conservative advocacy group" started by the guy who runs World Net Daily, a hard-right site that still claims Obama's birth certificate is a forgery. Their top story currently is "Limbaugh Makes Startling Prediction for U.S.", followed closely by "Coulter: Ban Democrats Instead of the Confederate Flag". I was excited to see a headline titled Proof that Ancient Man Lived With Dinosaurs! but unfortunately it was just an ad disguised as a headline. I don't think it's overtly racist. Just playing footsie with white supremacists and using a whole lot of dog whistles, which its readership has clearly picked up on.
  11. It's getting odd in here, so take off all your robes.
  12. You talking about this link from page 4 of the search results? It does not mention anything at all about how the suspects were apprehended. It does feign outrage about how "liberals" aren't protesting this apparent robbery-turned-homicide the way they do perceived police brutality, and also laments the fact that there aren't "marches against black-on-white violence". The comments section literally reads like Stormfront. I can post screen-caps if you like. Again, pretty odd.
  13. You got a link on how the other two suspects were arrested? Admittedly, I only spent about 2 minutes researching it, but I kinda got sick of seeing URL's like "n!" and so forth. Perhaps you misunderstood, I'm not associating anything. These are merely my cursory observations after typing "James Stuhlman" into Google. Can you elaborate on what weight you think this story carries? I agree that we should compare how different media outlets cover the same event. That's part of being a savvy media consumer.