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  1. I think tempo and our defense will determine a lot in this game. I'm hoping we see a very balanced attack and NOT playing from behind like last week. I see us winning 34-17. Rise Up!
  2. They should just keep zinno on the mornings with whoever, bring chuck and chernoff over for mid day. Then dukes and bell on there usual drive home, then have John Adam's on every night. Perfect lineup. Make it happen?
  3. Me and my best friend are being dropped off at the game and our normal group we tailgate with will not be attending. We're looking for a group to hang out with and just have some fun while rising up before the game. We can bring food or drinks, so that's no problem. Anyone know of an awesome, friendly group or area? Thanks! Go Falcons!
  4. Not even trolling... but autographs? Huh? Who are you? (Being serious though, don't flame :[) hope you all have a great time and see our birds fly high over those cowgirls!!!!!
  5. I'm gonna be in Myrtle Beach, SC. for vacation... I can't tell if it's gonna show the Falcons or steelers game... dayummmmmmmm. Anyone have any insight???
  6. Vandy, if they are gone... so be it. There will be cap casualties around the league. Players we could bring in a one year deal to quick fix the line. As well as this is TD... hes been known to make a trade or acquire a piece before the season starts if we need it. Lets just see how the first 2 pre season games go... if our line looks lost and incapable by the third game... go find an extra strength umbrella... cuz the sky will actually be falling.
  7. I just have a feeling we will get through the second or third pre season game and it will be evident our Oline is not ready to protect matt or open holes at will... and we will then be forced to bring 1 or 2 players in to compensate. I still think long and mathis are options, but TD and co are waiting to see how things play out through training camp and see if they can get another backup at a cheaper price. The sky is not falling just yet.
  8. Now that I am stationed here in GA.. me and my family finally get to attend a friday night lights event! These questions are to people who have attended before, what time should you show up realistically to get a good spot and everything? Are there people tailgating at the event earlier than the 'doors open' time? Are you allowed to bring your own food and drink? Is alcohol permitted in any way? (I would think not since its at a high school... but thought id ask.) Is anyone else going or doing a meetup? Go Falcons!
  9. Genius... you're problem is you have a personal agenda and you are only drawing points and facts to support your agenda and not looking at the facts other people are posting. Im done with this thread, I hope all of you're football dreams come true. Have a great new year.
  10. How many times do we have to hear about a 'young, bright, offensive mind?' I dont know everything about every candidate and I will never claim to know... but I do know rex will actually make this team tough and make us hard ***** who will take no **** from anyone. He will be heard and valued in the war room when it comes to drafting/signing who and what he needs to succeed, blank has made it clear going forward about fixing this defense. Ninety percent of this board wants defense... our offense is not the problem so why try to bring in an offensive guru to fix it? Having a top 10... **** a mid
  11. Rex is my choice. Give me rex any day of the week... but im more intrigued on who the coordinators will be...
  12. Genius... what are you wanting out of this thread? Honestly? Quit trying to be a troll, its simple... if your arguement is that no coach can come in and succeed because of our talent.. maybe we ahould just stop playing and sell off the team? Jesus christ, rex has never had below a top 10 defense in his career... let him work with our guys and see what he can do, I guarantee it will be better than what has been put on the field the last 2 seasons. If you were the gm... tell me you're masterful plan because you are talking like you know everything about the NFL.
  13. Im not gonna be a **** like others... but j rodgers isnt worth anything. The business is fickle and its like buying a car, once its off the lot, the value decreases exponentially. We just can offer him a low salary on his jext contract or wish him the best. Thats about it.
  14. I wonder what this board would do if we draft watkins... Break the interwebz?
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