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  1. It doesn't matter what the score is the Falcons won that game on Sunday. If it wasn't for the cheating refs, cheating Saints then the scoreboard would have shown what we all know. This Falcon team is the most talented in the history of the NFL. This team is better than the 49ers of the 80's and Cowboys of the 90's. Matt Ryan is 10 times the QB that Joe Montana every thought of being. WE ALL KNOW THIS. Just because the refs CHEAT doesn't mean we shouldn't recognize that the ATLANTA FALCONS ARE SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS. Just because we didn't win the Super Bowl doesn't mean we aren't
  2. http://www.forbes.com/pictures/eddf45lhjf/no-2-atlanta/
  3. You are stupid and have no idea what you are talking about. The Saints have been selling out season tickets since 2006. If you look 07 and 08 were not great seasons yet the Superdome sold out even after a losing record one of those years. Saints fans are much better than failcons bandwagon fans. Saints fans ranked #4 Failcons bandwagon fans rank #31 HAHAHA how pathetic. Remember the comment by one of the failcons players last year after they lost in New Orleans? He said something to the effect of "there goes all the fans" HAHA Even the players know the fan base is bandwagon.
  4. I In Atlanta for the failcons if you are a fan for more than 5 minutes you are then considered a "fan for Life".
  5. Well then why have the Saints been selling out season tickets since 2006? That is 3 yrs before the SB and the year after a 3-13 season. We want Vick, We Want Vick!!! The whole country heard it on TV 31 in fan base by a university study. Plus thanks for pointing out the failcons have won NOTHING! BANDWAGGON FANS. The failcons haven't won anything but this is the most successful they have ever been. 5yrs winning season in a row brings out lots of BANDWAGGON FANS. HAHAHA
  6. Atlanta fans are bandwagon fans. Nothing new here, the rest of the country knows this. Its why the failcons went 13-3 and nobody talked about them. HAHAHA Does nobody remember the failcons vs. Eagles game? It was so funny to listen to the fans in the circus tent cheer when the Eagles scored HAHAHA and the chant "we want Vick, we want Vick" That would happen in no other NFL stadium ONLY IN ATL would the home fans cheer for another team. So please don't compare the failcons to the Steelers, Pack, Saints and anyone else who has a loyal fan base. That's why 90% of the people here don'
  7. Because Atl downtown has nothing to offer. All atl has in an airport that everyone hates. Do you understand that the rest of America doesn't give two cents about atl its people and lack of culture. New Orleans has hosted 10 SB and will be doing so again in 2018 while atl watches. Much like the Saints have a Super Bowl Championship and the failcons have nothing. Oh no thats right they have one playoff win. Your city is inferior just like your football team. You live in a dream world if you can't see that. atl has all the problems that any big city has bad schools, corruption, e
  8. With a metro population the size of the whole state of LA still nobody cares about atlanta. Why? atlanta has no culture. What is atlanta known for? Sherman's march to the sea? The great city by the river is almost 300 years old, founded in 1718. It is the birthplace of jazz, has great cuisine, Mardi Gras and a Super Bowl Champion team. OK its not known for the last one but for the sake of this post I will say it is. One thing I notice when we host a Super Bowl is that I hear several times during a TV or radio show the host/guest say New Orleans is the only place the game should be played. I h
  9. Manti teo's girlfriend posing next to the falcons super bowl trophy Yes the Bucs and Saints are Champions and will go down in history. Nobody will remember the 2012 Failcons. Only losers are happy about coming out in 4th place. Pats are better then yall.
  10. This is a great thread. It sums up the failcons. Manti teo's girlfriend posing next to the falcons super bowl trophy.
  11. This is why we don't suck like you. The failcons have won NOTHING EVER.
  12. Not sure how long you have been here but go check out the Super Bowl Gameday Thread from Super Bowl XLIV. Everyone on here were wet in their panties when the Colts went up by 10. But the real joy was reading the post after the Saints came back and won a Super Bowl. So the hate goes both ways, if the Saints would have lost in the NFCCG or SB it would have made 2009 a better year for Falcons fans. As a SF fan you might not understand what its like to go 40+ years without a championship. The funny thing is that the two teams have the same history. All BAD with the teams getting fans ho
  13. Can you start a thread for teams who have won a Super Bowl so the Bucs and Saints fan don't have to read all the "wait till next year" post?
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