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  1. ^^ pretty much this, one other thing is everyone is expecting a 1yr deal, it could be that both sides want a multi year agreement thus nothing has been announced as a signing yet. As long as we don't see Poe has left ATL without a Contract, no reason to assume it won't happen.
  2. To replace who Deion? I rather keep deion at MLB, Campbell shows alot of promise as well, we need depth behind them bot someone to come in and start, Beasley stands up as well and is our "starting" OLB as well. No need for Hightower
  3. I wish we would role with Jarrett and shede as out starters when they where out there with Freeney and Beasley I feel our done was at its best, add Poe to rotate with Shede and another DT to rotate with Jarrett, get a stud to compliment Beasley and resign freeney to rotate with them.
  4. With big names like mack and Mills still playing at a high level, their name alone will trump Beasley for the award. Im just glad we have a pass rusher again.
  5. When you have an offense that scores when it wants, and a young defense, stats are not going to look solid, so much garbage time stats and points. Not to mention whenever we get a decent lead, we see 2 things a run run pass offense and a prevent defense. I've always looked at what our defense has done in the first half of games and for the most part they always played solid, they are the reason we get such big leads to begin with, but the stats don't show the falcons defense gave up 0 points while the offense scored 28 and then they took a break,and let up the rest of the game.
  6. As for MVP talk There is no reason Ryan should be counted out of it. If he was playing for Dallas or GB. He be a lock down basically. Brady is the only one who should be eliminated from MVP talks. I thought suspension was like an auto DQ. Carr has not been playing all that great, Stafford has had his ups and downs , Elliot I don't even understand why he is in these talks.
  7. Our defense is what dominated yesterday, I just wish Matt Ryan would of dominated without Julio. That would open more eyes. I mean he threw 41 passes completed 27 for only 237yrds. 1 TD was gift wrapped to us at the start, this would of been the game that Ryan showed he can be dominant and destroy a weak team without his star receiver(its always been an argument that Ryan has always had the weapons,not created them) but Ryan didn't dominate and our offense looked rather average yesterday. I hope to see us destroy San Fran.
  8. Beasley was an absolute monster yesterday and has been playing amazing this year, I was very wrong about him and couldn't be happier that I was wrong. On a side note was anyone exited like I was actually seeing on multiple occasions our front four being Beasley Hageman Jarrett Freeney . We actually had push up the middle. 1 more side note, Beasley 2nd sack was just mean, he basically was held and being pushed out of the play and he dragged Goff back with him. Goff looked like a child on that play.
  9. I love when people just responded saying NO, I mean back up ur reasoning atleast. This cut has me somewhat intrigued, he may be older but is still better than anything we have, for a 1,2Yr deal on the Low I wouldn't mind kicking the tired on Dansby. Draft Jaylon Smith to rest for a year(not sure what round tho) and learn from Dansby.
  10. This one stings... Thank you for everything Roddy
  11. What are the thoughts around here about Alex Mack,who just opted out of his contract and is now a Free Agent?
  12. Haven't been here in a while. Come back and see this on the first page.. smh
  13. trying to find these stats for this year, anyone got any idea or can help thanks
  14. Soft zone with zero pass rush will always get shredded.... We need to see more cover 1 man going forward. Our opponents clearly are not targeting tru,let him eliminate half the field and have Dunbar watch the HB when he leaves the backfield. Pray worrilow or Moore can cover the TE,**** put therezie on a TE and have Moore cover deep.
  15. The way he talks,man this coach just got me fired up. Threw out all the routes the RBs run etc, this is my type of coach, very detailed, Thursday hurry up and get here.
  16. Interesting ,wanted him when he became a free agent ha. Hope he can revive his career here
  17. it's actually a solid game,been playing since Tuesday and honestly love it.gonna take time to adjust to the new gameplay but if u give it time it's a really good game
  18. I'm a huge Willy Mo fan so would hate to seeing not be a falcon, it for the sake of the topic. What if we where to ship Willy Mo,Jon Asamoah and a 4th for Kam chancellor? Idk their RG situation but seems like a decent offer ha
  19. strain is a stretching of the ligament,could be could not be torn.depends how sever the stretching was.
  20. Wait wait wait Jalen Collins has been practicing with the ones??? Should he be cut by now? I mean that's how many posters on here feel. Now joking aside I assume he out their due to Trufant being out. Atleast he is being thrown into the fire. Let that man cover Julio all camp.
  21. What's with all the leg injuries this year for us
  22. I am a tad honored you would consider my user name :p
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