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  1. here's a tip,don't take what ppeople say to you online so serious, it's the internet,wveyone thinks their some badass while looking at a screen an insulting someone else.
  2. Where is anyone attacking you? All I see is people not so much as disagreeing or agreeing with what you posted. You simply have asked a question that .ca t be answered at this point I time,and that's bascially what everyone is pointing to. You are the one attacking the players without knowledge of their possibility of success,due to failure in a different scheme. Their have been plenty of players who have started at one position and where average/below average at,went on to cha he position and flowrish in. Time will tell.
  3. but have they failed at LG, the answer is unanswered for now.Ryan has never had an offensive line that has truly protected him. If this was say Byron leftwich and his slow *** release I get it but Ryan has one of the fastest releases in the game today,and that's what has protected him and will continue to protect him. Their where no LG who would of been able to come in and give the sense of such protection. Just Similar questions.
  4. eh me personally,I've never seen the BP as a proper way to test someone's strength, much less in a sport that requires much of ones strength coming from the legs.
  5. disagreeing with you doesn't mean we are attacking you.But just like your question, do you have any proof any of our potential LG,will fail? The answer to both is clearly NO. And it is to early to tell in this very young season(where no games have yet to be played) if the LG spot will be an issue with who we have or it become a position we won't have to worry about due to who we have starting. Just like is the pass rush fixed question. Without OTA,TC,the ref season,these are question that have a wait and see,rather than a deffinite yes or no answer.
  6. his strength coming out of Wisconsin was in question,not arguing that, just wanted to point out the bench press shows endurance more so than strenght itself,**** someone with proper technique and adequate stenght could prob out bench someone who is perceived as being stronger. ZBS isn't all about how strong the lineman is tho.
  7. bench press isn't the only factor in determining strwnght for a lineman, not to mention we are moving to a ZBS,strwnght and power aren't as important in ZBS compares to a power/man blocking scheme.this is the first time konz will be back to playing in a scheme that was always more suitable for him,and plays more to his strengths, Baker was always prob better suited to play inside,but we kept him outside due to no one else at the time being able to play outside. TD may have final say but it's not like he looks at everyone hears their input and says screw it I'm drafting this guy instead, sounds like someone watched the movie draft day,and now believes that's how a FO works.
  8. It is beyond early to even panic in any shape or form, we are implementing new schemes on both the offense and defense side of the field, a new blocking scheme(which guys like Konz excel at,Baker is prob better suited for G in a ZBS as well,Holmes,Shreader) Now I also see a lot of TD blame, where correct me if I'm wrong but wasnt it Pioli who was in charge of running the draft? And Quinn having finally say in the 53 man roster(Where still at 90man rosters btw)
  9. "If a trade did happen I rather it be player for player. I wouldn't be mad If it was Irvin and Simon for Desmond Trufant. He would be an elite slot defender here and could play outside when needed" I loled when I saw someone on their board say this, he must of seen all the crazy trade a people from Taft suggest Ha.
  10. a lot of guards left on the board.
  11. We get a corner who was projected in the 1st with our 2Nd round pick I like it.
  12. free agency is here wooo