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  1. Why give up one injury prone fast back for another? Stay away Reggie.
  2. The only way I would want us to trade Grimes for a first round pick, is if the pick is very high and we take another CB with a higher ceiling. Meaning Patrick Peterson or Prince lol
  3. How many games ya watch? Also didn't he overthrow one in the last game to HD, to be honest I can't remember but I'm 85% positive he did
  4. You just said we don't need another WR and then went on to say it's a pass happy league. The Falcons need a WR more than a CB. Another good receiver would even help the run game. Also tell me why the Falcons don't need a WR. Because we have HD? Well we've also yet to see what Mr. Franks can do at the CB position. Grimes and Dunta are perfectly fine. And I'm sure plenty of people were shut down in HS, nothin to do with the pros buddy, no matter who we're talking about.
  5. Would be a waste of a first round pick. As I recall, we didn't have a problem running the ball last year
  6. The only reason he "held off Spoon for the starting job" is because Sean was injured, sooooo.... later Nicholas! Have fun in Detroit, buddy
  7. You are the Dark Knight of this msg board. God bless you
  8. We're not the Saints but we do play them twice a year. I honestly wouldn't have a huge problem with us drafting a CB in the first round. We'd be throwing a ton of money at that position but with the way the spread offense has set in, I don't think we can have too many CB's. But that's only if we acquire a FA DE
  9. http://www.obscureprotest.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/get_a_brain_morans.jpg
  10. First of all where is there even an argument for Jackson being better than Fitz? Jackson is a talented guy but Larry is an ELITE receiver. However the one and only "con" that regards Fitzgerald is that he's not a free agent. Just because our QB said that he likes throwing to a receiver in the pro bowl doesn't mean we're going to sign him.
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