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  1. No, you don't trade the NFC's leading rusher, we would need to replace him not a good idea.
  2. No WAY would I want us even paying 80 for MW. That is almost 17 mill a year. He is probably going to make 2 million per sack each year. I wanted MW as a Falcon but that price is just way over board and I'm glad we did not go there.
  3. It the same way they keep trying trickle down economics, it has never worked, never will but if they keep pushing it maybe they will convince us it works when we all know it doesn't
  4. Dude you are making Swift look rational in comparison. You've been flipping out since free agency started you need to probably take a vacation from here for awhile as the chicken little schtick is not very becoming of you.
  5. Well it is a testament to the talent on this team where pretty much all our FA signings are just signing our current players and they are pretty much the best FA's for there position. People may freak cause we aren't getting NEW players but new isn't always better.
  6. For + 15 million a year you can forget it. The guy is not worth 1+ million a sack. I'd like him hear as he would be a great long term replacement for Abe but not for that much money.
  7. I wonder if his wives mis understood him when he told them he was cheating on them and wanted a Divorce? Actually they probably didn't even hear him since they were in the hospital under serious medication and nearly dying. Newt is such a great guy!!!
  8. Don't care, get over it or find a new team, this same crap happens every year. The Free Agent SB winner is almost never in the playoffs
  9. No, you ***** and complain about EVERYTHING, you get no credit and your not even right anyway. Eventually you might be right about something but you will still get no credit cause if you complain about 1 million things just by the numbers your going to hit on some of them at some point. It also raises the fact of why the **** do you care about getting credit for something you said on a **** message board? Is your self worth really that low that you validate yourself by what CREDIT you get on a message board? You really need to get a **** life.
  10. It seems pretty obvious this whole MW thing was just a media hype job. There was never ANYTHING from the team that showed we had any interest in him what so ever. Do not blame the team for the media hype job if we do not pursue him.
  11. blanks money has nothing to do with it. The salary cap and the salary cap floor dictate what can be spent on players. We can't go over the cap and we can't spend to little either.
  12. Yeah hopefully there is no wifi or cell coverage. Anything to get the doosh bag off these boards. It was such a better place the 2 years he was gone.
  13. That is how swift started, in this context saying we are a 6-10 team right now is pretty much trolling. We have had a winning record for 4 straight years and still have a very good roster and have upgraded our DC and OC signed a new MLB and a new RG. The idea that all of a sudden we are now a 6-10 team after 12 hours of FA is the beginning stages of turning into a swift like character. Swift was at least at one time a somewhat normal if negative poster here and now he has pretty much gone insane with hate.
  14. Not sure, by the posts here it seems to have started 3 weeks ago and the Falcons have done nothing. Something though tells me it started at 4pm today.
  15. 2hrs man it's only been 2 freaking hours, wtf is wrong with people?
  16. Uhh all you need is eyes, ears and a brain to come to that conclusion about Palin, Maher has nothing to do with it.
  17. Palin is a ******* attention media whore, nothing more than that. She parades her family around when it suits her career, she quits when things get a little hot with the media, she freaks out when she is asked normal questions by the media. She pretty much is a living walking breathing version of Fox News. Worthless and vapid much like yourself.
  18. snaks entire life revolves around over compensation. He really needs some therapy.
  19. If a state ID is required then the state should make it as easy as possible to get one provided you have the correct documentation.
  20. Yeah I got him on that kind of stuff before. I'd HATE to be one of his customers, he doesn't know jack squat about his own line of work especially when it pertains to government programs for new home buyers.
  21. Yeah but it would give swift another thing to complain about. Imagine all the Leinart youtube videos we would seeing comparing his sock alignment with Ryan.
  22. Turner is not going anywhere, you simply don't dump the NFC's leading rusher when you do not have a good replacement.
  23. I'd like to wait till he is actually signed by someone besides us before we have decided that we aren't getting MW. If the Redskins can sign ever major FA for several years running anf figure out a way to make the cap work we surely can splurge a little and get MW.
  24. If we really want MW we can make it work. Washington for years proved the cap does not mean squat. We can also borrow cap money from next year if we want. Having 5.7 million in space even if that is true does not disqualify us from being active in free agency. TD, Blank, Smith all said our cap is fine and we would be active in Free Agency.
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