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  1. I like how his backup thought Brady's clinic would actually give him treatment Brady doesnt play that.
  2. Where did this Foles come from?
  3. Literally just threatened nuclear war. Just another Tuesday night in 2018
  4. Back in High school
  5. This has been the best college football game I have ever seen.
  6. It was always probably gonna happen though, and I think everybody knew that. One thing is certain though. He has surpassed wherever his talent on the field could ever carry him to though. He is a generations Muhammed Ali This picture from GQ is telling:
  7. I had like the biggest crush on her like 20 years ago. She still looked very good to be in her 60's. RIP. She used to party hard at Lounges back when I was a student at GSU.
  8. Papa John's is in a bad spot. Its never easy to recover from being scene as the pizza of racists. I didnt follow their story when it came out, but so many patients would talk about how they wont eat there because of their links to Nazis. Its hard to win when word of mouth labels them that way.
  9. He most certainly gave up a career where he would be paid many times the money of an average man just to play a game. Its quite amazing to think of really. Even if he wasnt good enough to start anymore he gave up the prospect of making hundreds of thousands to work out, travel the country for free, and watch a sport he loves every sunday.
  10. 5 too maybe? Wold you be willing to give everything up for people in a worse position than you? I wouldnt be able to.
  11. Going to Israel next week. Hopefully this vote doesnt set things any more than it has been set off.
  12. West, while annoying, did an important thing showing Coates true nature. Coates wants the praise, but none of the struggle. He said it best when he said he did not get in it for this. He doesnt want to fight for black equality when the battle gets a little messy. He'd rather be drawing comic books.
  13. While tacky, it does not really add any risk a normal surgical procedure does not already has
  14. Yes. The difference was the Black Africans were a protected class under Gadaffi because they were influential for his power within Africa. He worked to curb the slave trade under his thumb. For this protection they were loyal to him, which is why as soon as the troubles started in Cyrenaica they begin putting black people in zoos and lynching them in the streets. They became a symbol of Tripoli, despite the fact that there were plenty of black people living in and around Benghazi for well over a century. I said this was gonna happen back then because it was already happening and only stopped because Gadaffi would kill people who did it. They never forgave him for putting them on a level playing field with the abd, a term they use for Africans that literally means slave. Europe knew what was going to happen, and Obama knew what was going to happen. I put some blame on him because, naively enough, I expected somebody whose father looks like the people they are selling now would give pause before Ok-ing this.
  15. People laughed on here for years when I talked about not wanting Gadaffi gone. I said this would happen. I speak Arabic. The love of my life is Arabic, and I came out of an Arab woman. I knew how they were going to treat Black Africans when someone like Gadaffi isnt around to stop them by force. Thanks a lot though Hillary, cackling like a witch. Hope it was worth it for them.