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  1. Why do you find it disgusting?
  2. Why exactly is it a ****hole? Because you are actually outside in the elements? The stadium is awesome, and it has an awesome atmosphere which is pretty amazing for the first season of an expansion team. The only people upset are people who don't give a rats azz about soccer, but just want to sit pretty inside of Arthur Blank's new stadium.
  3. Horrific defense. Reality has hit this side.
  4. Also, You are a loser if you cant afford them according to pops Charles Barkley, and to a lesser extent Shaq, plays this role on TNT every night and gets rich off of it. Let Lavar cash in on the kids.
  5. This country was founded on arrogance, and it is honorable when you can back it up. His kid hasn't so far though. is playing the heel role perfectly.
  6. The Craziest thing to me is John Ossoff is only 2 years older than me, and already on the national stage in politics. We could have been high school bros if my parents sent me to Paideia.
  7. Everything you need to know about ESPN can be summed up with the continued existence of Britt McHenry. Untalented 20's something nothing reporter embarrasses the brand making horrific classist remarks to a woman just doing her job, and only gets suspended a week before being allowed to continue her beat in the nations capital. If she were a prodigious writer maybe we could look past this. If she were a big star, or even exceptionally charismatic, we could overlook this. In the end though she's just another tall blonde who put out on the casting couch for some higher-up at ESPN, and for that she is able to steal a living where people who actually have discernible talent have to be shipped out to continue a model which will never be lucrative again. NBSN is much better. One need only look at how they have manufactured and presented the premier league in America to see the difference. They have turned it into a brand that is even followed by people on HERE now. A forum that used to be famous for its Jim Rome style soccer hate. ESPN could never do that. ****, they crap the bed with the few world cup qualifiers they have.
  8. They should just keep the team at Bobby Dodd. It has a nice feel that a big NFL Arena wouldnt be able to replicate.
  9. I wonder what officially did it? He killed himself the day the Patriots go to the white house? He looked broken when he was acquitted of the double murder.
  10. This thread is dark now... What did IO know?
  11. I have never found David Chappelle funny. I spent the majority of my high school hearing peers in High school yell "RICK JAMES B!TCH!" at each other and howl with laughter, never seeing it as I did not have cable during those years. Finally saw the skits in college and it was lazy humor IMO. Same way his "Black Bush", "Niggar Family", and other sketches were in my eyes. Definitely proved to be popular though. ****, the Boondocks even sold out their original humor to follow in its path of lazy race jokes hidden as social commentary. My girlfriend forced me to watch the special and it was....meh, same as I've always seen him. Observations, funny if you can see his plain and juvenile view, and meh for the rest. Nothing timeless like Murphy's "Delirious". Chappell also doesnt live an exciting enough life to ever create something later in life as wild as Redd Foxx's "Racy Tales" or "Pass the apple Eve". He lives as a family man in Rural Ohio. So what you are left with is an aging, and at this point, second-best Kevin Hart(whose recent special also is the antithesis of funny while we are on the subject) who now holds relevance with an audience that remembers him for being the edgy funny man of their youth. Same way 80's babies who remember Kel with such rose-colored glasses while cringing at the sight of Keenan still laughing at his own jokes, and flubbing lines after a decade of being on Saturday Nigh Live.
  12. Its a good distraction for the city in general They should keep the games in bobby dodd stadium too. It felt like a European stadium, and the location feels nice.
  13. I think Martinez will stick around, but that Almiron guy might be on the way out if scouts see him play. The way he plays he could really get serious money in Europe or even China if people see more from him. Was at the stadium watching him, and in person he was a class above the way he controlled the game. Strangely enough was a class above anybody on either side.
  14. Going to seattle is the first away test really. I know they played in Minnesota last week, but calling that side a football side is using football in the most liberal of terms. They were horrendous. If they can go 2-2 during the next four I feel Atlanta has a good chance.
  15. My man has never watched soccer in his life before.