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  1. Also they play in the same city the next week on the 17th of march too. Its bad planning. Especially with how much this city loves United now.
  2. Im talking about when they get to the city. Atlanta United plays FC Cincinnati the same day they play Memphis at GA State stadium
  3. They are not gonna sell anything anyway. Whose bright idea was it to have them playing home games on the same day as Atlanta United?
  4. Akeem Hunt still looks NFL quality. Cant catch worth a **** though.
  5. Chance for what?
  6. What does a crown have to do with legends? What does this even mean.
  7. starting?
  8. This is amateur hour.
  9. Legends-Apollos= the biggest rivalry in Goergia Sports history?
  10. Why is a track kid out there? Of course hes hurt.
  11. Imagine paying any money to watch Simms play.
  12. Martinez isnt going to replace that void completely.
  13. I thought Iostone was a developer. Those guys arent usually considered IT. When I think of IT I think of system admins,help desk, and network guys who are on call 24/7 in mos environments. Software is more CS, creative, data oriented work. Could be wrong. Im in the medical industry.