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  1. Brees is an idiot. He still has enough cache, after that playoff game I dont know why, to still start though. Fromm on the other hand is DOA.
  2. and he was given the softest of softball questions. All he had to do was not strike out. The man was already loved by black folks. I said in another section I was in high school with Katrina kids and after brees came the man was a living god. I've literally seen kids fight because people were talking shiite about Brees. He meant that much and this was before he even won them that super bowl. I really wish I kept up with people from high school so I could see what they are saying now. Hes no doubt lost that dressing room, but even before that I think Taysom at the very least needs to get a look now after the way last season ended. If Jameis can take the spot off him then so be it, but Taysom should be presumptive going into camp.
  3. The Saddest thing about Drew Brees to me is that I was in High School when Katrina happened and we got a lot of kids from there. They were all black and saying anything negative about Brees after he got there was fighting words...Literally.
  4. Even the most disenfranchised in America are millionaires to some. That doesnt change the point though. Is Germany a nation if it can turn on her own when things dont go their way? How is she different from the US? I am a Chelsea fan and grew up in love with the Brazilian National team also so theres no love in my heart for the Likes of Kevin Prince or Mesut, but the vitriol and hatred I saw directed at them by their fellow countrymen when KP injured ballack before the 2010 world cup, and when Ozil(who wasnt helped by his team...lets be honest) failed to deliver in 2018 was on the level of some of the worst racism I have seen in the US. Every sort of slur was directed towards them in crowds, on social media, and elsewhere. Is this a nation in your opinion?
  5. You cant legislate feeling and heart. Only that you can get in. How we are treated once in remains a sore spot.
  6. If I didnt want my store to keep being ransacked? For sure I would have a change of heart.
  7. Would you consider Germany a nation? Or country? In the same vein its always painful to see people like Ozil and Boateng considered Germany until the team does bad. Then the viciousness really comes out to them. Even made Ozil consider Erdogan his true president. I think any country with many different groups run into the same issue. USA is just magnified.
  8. Telling people to go vote is the most dismissive Bullshiite you can say. Like nzingas werent getting snuffed by Cops when Obama was in office.
  9. Ghetto girl trolling the reporter Jesus with the middle finger Black guy in black shirt shuckin and jivin God i love this city.
  10. CNN had us believing that America was full of Cuomosexuals, and that we would be replacing Biden with him.
  11. They called me a tree ornament when I posted on there during the time Michael Vick first came back here lol. You know where you stand up there.
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