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  1. Miami is the only team that looks as bad as us.
  2. Julio bulleyed that dude. Matt gotta find the target
  3. That running back is killing us.
  4. Good pressure right there
  5. What an absolutely terrible throw. He isnt open, find the open guy. Not loft it to double coverage.
  6. Almiron looks poor right now. He should have stayed here.
  7. Atlanta United is the best thing in town by far What a final 10 minutes. Martinez
  8. Early 00's. Funny enough this current account, at nearly 10 years old, is older than my original ever got to be.
  9. How on earth are you going to ban scooters from sidewalks, but not make helmets mandatory? So many people are going to die behind this. Atlanta drivers can barely handle bicycle riders, much less anybody with an app to unlock a scooter. This is going to be a trainwreck.
  10. Crazy enough he was one of my favorite personalities to watch in life, but since he died I cant bring myself to watch any of his old shows. His cool cynicism just shows me a depressed guy now. Maybe it always appeared that way to outsiders.
  11. Terrible. Nobody has cable anymore. They will get mad when you pirate it though
  12. To be fair though comparing Sonic, and his franchise to Pikachu is like when Green called Pierce for trying to get the Kobe farewell tour: Chasing that movie deal They dont love you like that You cant get no theatrical release They dont love you like that. You aint got that type of love You thought you was Pikachu? You aint Pikachu Says it all really. The funniest thing is they tried to bring out all these rejects to be part of his universe. It started with Amy in the 90's, but we accepted that because her first appearance was in a good game the way Tails and Knuckles were, but the rest? Shadow? Gay That silver hedgehog? Even worse Everybody else? Trash. Thats why they tried to bring in these bland humans for him to interact with like in Sonic 06, which is probably one of the worst games ever made.
  13. if Sonic would have went into the sweet night in 1996, after Sonic R, I feel it would hold a much better place in video game history. Sonic 3d games were just that bad.
  14. The last good sonic game was Sonic and knuckles in 1994. That was 25 years ago. That means you would have to at least be 29-30 to even have the slightest memory of when Sonic was a thing. I would love to see who asked for this to be made, and who are they aiming for as the intended audience. College kids who, if they had an older sibling, grew up seeing the terrible Sonic Adventure and 06 games? People who watched the absolutely terrible Anime? Who is the audience here?