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  1. I apologize if this has been asked, but I didn't want to sift through 56 pages... I noticed that the Dawgs offense has put up a great deal of points since the Carolina game. I realize one of them was against Coastal Carolina, but, I can't remember the last time we hung 59 points on a team under Mike Bobo. Is he still calling the shots, or did Mark Richt finally realize his job is in jeapordy? I've seen cam shots of Richt on the sideline multiple times with a laminated paper in his hands, sort of like a playcall sheet..What's going on?
  2. Is it baseball season yet?

  3. I'm not sure if this has already been posted by someone else, but for those of you who enjoy running and keep a log of all your times, etc. Nike and Apple teamed up to do a thing where you get a chip and you run with it and it syncs to your iPod telling you how far you've ran, your times, etc. Then when you get home, you can open up the program on your computer and it syncs on the computer to give you stats on previous runs compared to the one you just completed. I asked my wife to get it for me for christmas, so while i'm over here in Iraq I can start running more often and actually enjoy it.
  4. Holy crap! You have the same birthday as me!!! :D