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  1. Except for the fact that your division record means nothing in the NFL. This isn't college. If we finish with the best record in our division, we win the division. Come on man...
  2. He needs to go. Our offense should be great with an even mildly improved defense yet, here we are struggling week after week to put points on the board and move the ball. Why? Because all Kyle can do is call passes to Julio Jones. If Julio is triple covered? **** it throw it to him anyways. In the off chance it's now a throw to Julio it's a check down pass to our RBs. The offense is stupid predictable. I'm done with it already.
  3. I guess we forgot that the Dolphins are on paper a top 5 defense and possibly the best D-Line in football? Never mind that we were without 4 (maybe all 5) of our should be starting OL. it's pre-season. Our first team offense and defense have looked really good so far. I understand there will always be knee jerk reactions but Jesus tap dancing Christ quit with the negative **** all the time.
  4. You would think the Front Office has learned their lesson about plucking "big name" aging vets out of free agency. It has failed astronomically in the past and it won't work with Lynch either.
  5. Get well soon. I know your pain with the Kidney stones as i've had two in my life. There is no way to deal with the pain when it hits you. Hope you have a speedy recovery so you can come back stronger. Good luck bud,
  6. I want no part of Rex Ryan what so ever. This is the same guy who kept Mark Sanchez in over every other QB on his roster no matter what. He clearly is not football minded.
  7. Even if there were rumblings, it wouldn't be a game changing player that anyone is hoping for. I fully expect a major changeover from the top to bottom this off-season. No use in trading picks away when we aren't sure of who will be the coach next year.
  8. I know your font is purple, but man it's sad when your star RB has the longest pass play on the season.. FML haha
  9. if not for his play, at LEAST for his swagger. I mean he was just simply electric on the field. Always talking, always firing up people. We don't have that right now and it shows. The guys work hard, but there is no one out there keeping them loose. They get too tense and forget that they can have fun out there as well. We need the swagger that we had against Tampa Bay.
  10. Trade Matt for all of that, flip a 4th rounder for Aaron Murray and use the draft pick of mariota on another piece to the puzzle.
  11. I absolutely agree that front office is the problem. If I remember correctly, we have $9M in cap space just sitting there. SURELY, there is a proven OL veteran out there who can bring something more to the table than what we have now for $9M or under.
  12. Are we all seeing something completely different than the front office? I mean, we have what 3 guys out from the starting offensive line? Rather than going out and getting a guy like Incognito, or another veteran we choose to promote a practice squad body (obviously on PS for a reason instead of on active roster) or we run out and get another castaway from the Jaguars. I'm so absolutely ******* sick of the non chalant ******** attitude of this team. **** the Falcons filter and get some bodies in here that will go off on someone for not holding their assignment.
  14. I thought the Hester run was the best block i've seen in quite some time. Matthews Oher'd his dude 30 yards down field.
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