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  1. More evidence that Kyle has his work cut out for him next year, but as we see staff is very important. Its not always about xs and os
  2. Exactly. Only way I see us losing is by getting out coach, which I don't think will happen.
  3. Kyle loves his Tight ends
  4. That guy didn't know what he was talking about. We proved him wrong on a couple decisions, but it's always the right decision when it works.
  5. How much did we run it against then in the first game?
  6. I been thinking about the time out usage as well. Hopefully they clean all this up. If we don't beat ourselves with sloppy play we can run the table
  7. That weakness has been hidden this year thanks to us being up all the time, But I believe it will hurt us in the postseason.Do you think beasley will be ready for a dept/specialty Sam role next year with another year in camp down?