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  1. Finely someone gets it! .........All these gurus are blaming Dent vs. Lofton or this or that..... The Defense is great, don't fix it. Nolan has gone with two LBs and 3CBs for most of the plays, and it has been working. Are we going to be near last in the run, Yes but we are 6-0......Do I wish Dent could handle MLB better, Yes and I am concerned about him, but the position is not one of the more important ones in our Defense. If teams start to run on us predominatly, I believe you will see the Defense transform into a run stopping Defense.
  2. Davis and East Carolina could not be stopped by a South Carlina defense that had several players taken this year in the NFL draft. I saw that game and EC should have won, but they inserted Garcia in the 2nd half and the EC defense folded. But, the SC defense which was one of the best in the country could not stop Davis and the air attack he put on. He is a keeper.
  3. I have always wondered what the average career length is for the OL, DL, CBs, WRs, etc.. Going into the FA period, this would give us all perspective on what is a good/bad signing for their position. If anyone knows where to find stats on this, please share. Or assumptions based on years of watching the NFL, works for me too.
  4. It was all about image, and Mr. Joe did not want any hint of this activity being associated with Penn State football, and just wanted it all to go away. It almost did go away, and went on after Mr. Joe was informed about this. First thing he should of done was start and internal investigation after insisting he and his staff member went the police, and not allowed that filth anywhere around the football facilities. Why was not the boy identified and the mother notified? Their all scum, even the person that witnesses the event. Screw football! These kids will go on with life as a shell of a person. Would Mr. Joe have hesitated to punish a player for a DUI and then go to the press bragging about what a great player he was, saying that we had to discipline for his behavior. It is all about show. Mr. Joe is a little man and deserves to be rembered for what he was......NOTHING.
  5. Exactly, and the fact that he is interviewing for HC positions. Ledbetter also alluded to the possibilty that the FO will not be bringing MM back, and gave possible replacements We can only hope logic will prevail.
  6. You do not seem to be putting the ideas together that have been presented here, one of the first things said is that we do not have the OL to play the type of power ball that MM wants to play. You have to have an OL that creates holes, moves the DL back, thats power football. If we had an OC that could adapt to our current talent, you play with a more open offense. You let the DL run thru the OL, then counter with a screen pass or some form there of. Then once you have success with this other things that open up the offense, defensive players tend to hang back, then Ryan hase more time to look down field and more holes open up for the run. There are many ways to win and utilize the OL we have, but MM does not have the gray matter to implement them, I'm sorry to say. Look at what the Saints do, they open thier offense up and always keep the defenses guessing. It was not that long ago that they had a very suspect OL, but you would not know it now.
  7. I think you are missing some points being made here, you play schemes suited to your talent. Then maybe average players in one scheme excel in another. It is much easier for coaches that really know their football to adjust the offense then it is for players to adjust their talent, right? The problem is our OC has shown throughout his tenure as a Falcon that he does not know how to adjust.
  8. I guess I am sadly mistaken then, the Falcons are not equipped to play the style of football they are trying to play. The problem is our OC does not know any other style. Ryan has done very well considering the OL he has had to work with this year. You are just out there, trying to go there. As we all try to analyze what happened it will become more apparent to most, that we need to cut the Mularkey. Like the previous poster said we should be running a different style offense with our personnel.
  9. Our OC is a one trick pony, and everyone knows when the pony is going to do his trick! He stubbornly sticks to his power football, even though he has an OL not built for power football. Stubbornness is not a bad attribute in itself, only when it is substituted for a lack of creativity. Maybe a rebuilding franchise could move up a level with him as their HC or OC, but not a team ready to play at the level the Falcons are ready to play at. His limited abilities are exposed every time an important game is played. You change your game plan when your talent is not suited for a particular style of play. If you have a weak OL you call more screens, play actions, etc… Do you ever see the offense running these plays? Do you ever see halftime adjustments? Do you ever see a play called that you didn’t know was coming? It is time to cut the Mularkey and get some playoff calibre play calling on this team!
  10. Why would the officials even bother to bias their officiating unless it helps determine the outcome of the game? And if you are not saying the officiating was biased, which would have to come from the top, I am. Certain outcomes for a handful of special games are just good for business. Is it wrong, Yes! Would they risk their billion-dollar enterprise for preferred outcomes, Yes it is human nature to maximize profit, and happens in all phases of corporate decision making. The officiating was so blatant on MNF that those refs are probably in big trouble for making it too obvious to the multi-millions watching. And we cannot even begin to say they did not determine the outcome of that game. The Falcons were competitive until the calls started, I think they realized what was going on and just showed up for the rest of the game, hence no protest from Smitty. Now if all this is true, and I think we all have to believe what we see verses what we are told, then the Atlanta fans are going to have to raise **** and bring it to the attention of the public. Because there are some markets I don't think the League would ever attempt something like this!
  11. It has nothing to with being a homer and saying their is bad offiating everytime you team gets pummeled, its all a matter of marketing or business if you will. There are special games that are predtermined for the health of the business (NBA/NFL etc...) This does not make it right. Slight calculated biases in the way games are called make huge differences in point swings and outcomes. The thing about Monday night was that the refs were not good enough to actually pull it off in front of huge audience. They were so bad we all caught what was going on, many times we would not notice, but this was bad officiating in more than one sense. If you do not believe what you see in front of you, then what do you believe, what your told?
  12. The NFL wanted the Saints to win THIS game, we have seen special games before with the Saints where they got special officiating, not every game the Saints play has the kind of importance this and one or two others have had. The officiating is usually unbiased, but when not if it IS biased, small differences in the way calls are made and their timing makes the outcome of the game a certainty. They just did a very bad job of disguising their intentions Monday night. It was really bad officiating because they could not pull it offf. The same goes for the NBA, these are businesses, and that does not make it right. I don't care if you believe in the purity of our institutions or not, but the Falcons could not have won that game Monday night, and if they packed it in early it was for good reason. They were competitive in the beginning of the game.
  13. You cannot say the outcome would not have been didfferent had the team not felt the Saints had 15+ on the field at any given time. The Falcons were playing well, not great but they were leading the first part of the game, until the back calls started. I do not care what you say, slightly skewed calls in basketball or football can make all the difference in the outcome. The first game the Saints played at the Superdome after Katrina was a game the Falcons absolutely were not going to win, as well.
  14. Well Ledbetter said if a player does not practice on Thursday, they almost always don't play, so I would say we're in big trouble!
  15. I voted for MM, the offense is at its best when Ryan is in the no-huddle taking him out of the picture. When the game is on the line defenses always seem to know what is coming next, and he is slow to make adjustments when defenses are on to his play calling sequences. As for BVG, I am not 100% with him either. He just does not put enough pressure on the QB, it does not matter what the game situation is OLs can always count on a four man rush.
  16. I have seen things like this before when I used to cover the Hawks for a local radio station, and ist not a pretty thing to watch. Many times it had something to do with a white powdery substance, at least that's the way it was in the early 80's. Now it may have something to do with a green or blue powdery substance, I do not know because I'm not up on what's on the street these days.
  17. Roddy has cost the falcons at least two games this year. This game is squarely his and he flat out dropped the go ahead touchdown pass when the falcons would have pulled ahead of the Bucs late in the game. The Defense played Bree's Offense reasonably well, even though there was little or no pressure on Brees, for which the blame goes to the defensive coordinator. A couple of tweeks need to be made for this team to reach an elite status. The Coordinators need to go, on both sides of the ball, and something needs to be done with Roddy. I don't know what the answer is for White, maybe a trade for some draft picks or OL help, we certainly would not miss him the way things have been going. You do not want to bench him because that would kill his trade value, only problem is I think the trade deadline has passed, so this creates a delimma.
  18. Getting in and out of a Dome game is a hastle on Monday night, Sunday night, and Sunday afternoon. That pretty much covers it! Logistically I do not think there is anything anyone can do, its where the Dome is located. It's not even close to an interstate, and ideally should be next to two. Marta is a hastle leaving the game, enough so it makes you want to drive. I am a season ticket holder, but this is the last year I will be dealing with the Dome experience.
  19. There are differences, Walker is bigger and plays the run better or as well as any DT on the squad, but is not the pass rusher Jerry is. So there are differences, contray to your current understanding of the two players, but can't really say that is why Walker has seen more playing time lately.
  20. I do not understand why Jerry took a back seat in the rotation, since he was playing very well the first two or three games. It may have to do with peresonel match-ups more than anything else. Taking nothing away from Walker though, he is a talent on the rise. The Falcons have a nice problem on their defensive line, not enough snaps to go around.
  21. You all are having a lot fun ragging Jerry, but we would 3-4 instead of 4-3 without him. He was a force the first few games of the season, but have not seen much of him lately. I assume that it is because of Peters playing like a 6 year All-Pro veteran. I hope it has nothing to do with Jerry slowing down. But as usual on this forum everything is from one extreme to the other.
  22. He will come back down to earth, the Lions will be nothing more than tamed circus animals by the end of the year. I just looked at their schedule, they will not make the playoffs.
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