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  1. ATLANTA — There’s no set-in-stone blueprint for a player that’s trying to make an NFL squad during training camp. It’s even harder to predict what an undrafted rookie needs to do to impress his coaching staff. Atlanta Falcons safety Brian Poole might have figured out the game plan, though. During the Dan Quinn Coaches Show Monday on 92-9 the Game, Quinn rehashed a story from way back in August. Poole was an undrafted rookie trying to make a name for himself. According to Quinn, that’s exactly what he did. Quinn praised Poole for having the technique and discipline it took to match up against receivers of different size, speed and ability. While that talent flashed to Quinn, what sold the Falcons’ head coach on Poole had everything to do with heart. http://atlanta.cbslocal.com/2016/11/21/undrafted-poole-impressed-quinn-early-in-camp-with-his-competitive-nature/
  2. I don't think the RBs, WRs or TEs were graded high enough, IMO. I'd go RBs (A), WRs (B) and TEs (B). It's tough to give the entire OL a grade. if we're keeling it as one unit, I have no issue with a B..... well maybe a B-. Would much rather give Center (A), Tackles (A-) and Guards (C-).
  3. It's even moreso an interesting tweet because Knox isn't one of the media who always loves on the Falcons. He's been pretty negative at times.
  4. He's not doing any better than last season, but he's not in the right spot either. When Jalen Collins rejoins and works his way back into the starting lineup, he'll be on the outside and Alford will play in the slot. That's where we should start seeing some improvement.
  5. New Falcons Podcast! And it's daily too. M-F. Have y'all heard/seen this yet? https://audioboom.com/boos/5017349-locked-on-falcons-sept-6-falcons-begin-prepping-for-tampa-bay-welcome-gabriel-to-53-man
  6. How much is Gabriel really going to play? I mean how much would Williams have played if he stayed on the 53? I'm interested to see. Also, does he have the same fight that Williams had?
  7. I don't think Capi is the best Falcons pass rusher. I think he has tremendous upside, but he's raw and that means his best use is on the PS. I don't see how the Falcons can add him to the 53.
  8. I agree. Goodman will likely go. Nordly Capi won't make the 53, but I bet he gets added back to the PS.
  9. I'd keep Robinson, McKissic & Weems in that order. If I had to think about money I would swap out Williams for Weems.
  10. I agree. With the emergence of Robinson and the special teams goodness that McKissic and FUller could offer, I think Weems will be cut.
  11. With Atlanta’s 23-17 win over Washington Thursday, the Falcons churned 359 yards (out-gaining the Redskins by 125 yards) and scored points on four of their 11 possessions — a touchdown and three field goals. J.D. McKissic scored a second touchdown, but it wasn’t during a Falcons possession as he returned the opening kickoff of the second half 101 yards for a score. In all, Atlanta made it into Washington’s red zone three times and scored on all three chances — two field goals and a touchdown. Each week we’ll select a Falcons Drive of the Game, and Thursday’s came on a short three-play possession. But instead of a dreaded three-and-out, Atlanta needed only three plays to punch the football into the end zone in the second quarter. Atlanta traveled 72 yards in just 1:23 with most of the field churned on the first play of the drive. http://atlanta.cbslocal.com/2016/08/12/falcons-drive-of-the-week-schaubs-bomb-sets-up-score/
  12. ATLANTA – If an NFL player finds himself on a roster bubble in August, it’s typically a good idea to use his time in preseason game action to shine for the coaching staff. That’s exactly what happened with these Falcons who needed a good showing Thursday night versus Washington. Here are five Falcons who helped their cause versus the Redskins: Aldrick Robinson, WR – Robinson had been showing flashes of brilliance through two weeks of camp already, but the final few spots at wide receiver on the Falcons depth chart will be highly contested. Not only did Robinson catch three passes (tied for the team lead) for 118 yards (game high), but two of his receptions were on explosive plays of 68 yards and 47. On both long receptions, Robinson easily burst out and away from his defender in coverage, proving he can take the top off a defense. http://atlanta.cbslocal.com/2016/08/12/5-falcons-who-helped-their-cause-vs-the-redskins/
  13. ATLANTA – The NFL is absolutely a 365-day-a-year sport with the Senior Bowl, the combine, the draft and offseason workouts (minicamps and OTAs) bridging the gap between the Super Bowl and the regular season. As much as we love the offseason, nothing replaces real action on the field. Atlanta’s preseason slate kicks off Thursday in the Georgia Dome against the Washington Redskins and the buzz nearly feels palpable as the Falcons finally return to the gridiron. Head coach Dan Quinn explained the importance of this first preseason game – particularly for the rookies – on Tuesday: “They’ve had the OTAs, they had minicamp, and now training camp sessions, and then this is the next step,” Quinn said. “It’s always one, especially for the rookies, that’s kind of a really cool night and really devoted toward them as they’re getting their NFL careers started in their first preseason game. So an important one for all of us, especially for them. We really devote that night to them and see what they can and can’t do.” Quinn said he wants to see effort out there and the strain players go through in new situations. But what should the fans look to glean from Thursday’s game? Here are five things to watch: 5. What will we find out about the running backs? http://atlanta.cbslocal.com/2016/08/11/top-5-things-to-watch-as-falcons-host-redskins/
  14. FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. — Even though Dan Quinn said he hadn’t fully decided, he laid a lot of speculation to rest Sunday when he told the media new Falcons addition Dwight Freeney probably wouldn’t see the field Thursday in the Georgia Dome when Atlanta hosts the Washington Redskins for the first preseason game on the 2016 docket. “It’d be unlikely unless [he’s] really further along than I thought, said the Falcons’ head coach.” Freeney’s action will come, that’s an absolute certainty. The Falcons will depend on him as the team’s nickel pass-rusher to bolster a unit that finished last in the NFL at attacking opposing quarterbacks. But how much will he play? http://atlanta.cbslocal.com/2016/08/08/freeneys-2016-snap-count-could-be-higher-than-originally-predicted/
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