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  1. FalconinPA said pink because of the way the team played this year. Meaning pink because they played like they all had cancer?
  2. I've heard this too and it makes most sense. Explosiveness.
  3. "Sir, I didn't vote McClain..." "If you're not with me, you're against me." "...because I'm not an American citizen." "I'm still not wrong."
  4. We are 5th right now, not including Raiders loss.
  5. "We made some mistakes but we were resilient and disciplined and made the most out of the opponent's mistakes."
  6. Pathetic lol. This is Smittyball executing at its finest: play not to lose. We counted on their mistakes to outweigh our own in order to win.
  7. If you watch his film you see that he tackles very, very well.
  8. That's quite the range of available emotions. How about something in-between?
  9. Apropo means "at an appropriate time", opportune. It is not slang. Some "adults" and their illiteracy. Hooligans.
  10. You're right. When they play a team with a winning record we'll have a better idea.
  11. Absolutely, and how did we fare in the playoffs? Anyone that's a fan of this team should know first hand.
  12. http://www.rotoworld...1/tony-gonzalez Speaking late Monday night, Tony Gonzalez said he's open to a trade out of Atlanta. Gonzalez was very clear that he won't ask for a trade, but said he would be OK if the 2-5 Falcons could ship him to a contender while getting a future asset. He added that he could see how that would be a "respectful" move from the organization considering he's chasing a ring and is in the final season of his career. However, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Tuesday morning that the Falcons stance "has not changed" and they are still saying that they won't trade Gonzalez by today's 4pm ET deadline. A team like the Chiefs would be wise to at least call Thomas Dimitroff and see what's what. Oct 29 - 9:09 AM Source: ESPN.com How does everyone feel now?
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