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  1. Embracing the offseason.

  2. I like your style.



  3. Respect to you, sir, and thanks.

  4. Superfan, the past few posts I've read are phenomenal. Respect to you, brother.

  5. Welcome to the Boards, guy.

  6. Yeah it really was. It had it's good parts, but it had alot of talking and explaining, and it was too long for all that. After the movie was over it felt like i just came out of a history class and the topic was about the war on terrorism we are fighting today. But Matt Damone played his role very well, his a good actor, but the movie was fail.

  7. Green Zone WAS a fail wasn't it?

  8. Raised as Bulldogs & Falcons all my life. Georgia is a diehard football state.

  9. I appreciate it, bro. I've been a fan for as long as I can remember. I was more or less born into it.

  10. You've got to have the coolest name on the boards. A true original. How long have you been a Falcons fan?

  11. Really? That's too bad.

  12. If you've got Madden let me know, I'll own you. :)

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