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  1. Yes, and sometimes they just change their mind at the last moment. Mothers dying from abortion is rare compared to the millions of abortions that take place every year.
  2. Many of these children are fully developed especially with late term abortion. That's a fact.
  3. I think Ito Smith could start out of necessity. Free's injuries, Colemans contract demands. Has good vision, see's the holes, good moves, and twice the blocker Free is. Just have to see how it goes .
  4. Do you think that the aborted child is a person.
  5. How could anyone vote for that ?
  6. I'm shocked, we agree.
  7. There is no voter suppression.
  8. Pro choice when it's a babies life is not my choice. I believe everyone should have the right to life. Choice is a great gift that can be used for good or bad.
  9. Wow, what a killer remark. You got me there. Not much I can say
  10. A bunch of us lobbied for a high round Guard in the draft to no avail.
  11. How sad that you feel that way.
  12. How is that cool in any way ?
  13. If she runs for the presidency, all people will think is how fake she is and won't believe what she says.
  14. That's right, no one believed him. The consequences were harsh and so shall it be again.
  15. Is it true ? You could google it, but i'll save you some time, i'm pretty sure it says the same thing.