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  1. Your right, but they make the assumption that the polls indicate winners and losers. When the polls say one candidate is up X amount of points, the average citizen assumes their candidate is either winning or loosing . Your trying to. split hairs and be technical about it, but that's not what most people think.. I'm sure you already know this. Seriously how many people thought that Hillary would only win by popular vote.? No one said she would lose the electoral collage.
  2. Are you kidding me, there wasn't a news outlet or poll that i know of that didn't have Hillary the winner. You guy's live and die by the polls. You can twist/turn this. however you want, but your still just making excuses.She cheated against Trump just like she did against Bernie, it just wasn't enough.
  3. Did someone get their feelings hurt ?
  4. Those same polls predicted her to win the election, that's how.
  5. Now that brought a smile to my face
  6. Not true, there is evidence of voter fraud all across the country and their finding more every day. (crooked Hillary ) Which polls did you believe ? It seems to me they were all wrong,but I never had a doubt. My only concern was how much could she cheat, not enough. The dems didn't cry when Obummer won by delegates, but the poor babies won't ever get over it. Trump 2020.
  7. Then why do you quote polls ? You do remember that all the polls had Hillary in a land slide, don't you ? Okay, relax and open your eye's, that's all you have to do. Well it's worth a try. It might not work for you.
  8. Yep , same here. We'll jump off that bridge when we get to it.
  9. Trade him, do it now. Don't think for a minute that it isn't all about the money. This is getting old
  10. It's always been that way, very frustrating .
  11. Sorry no pic, but Crystal Gale was mine. Love that long hair. Saw her live too. Super Fox
  12. Same here, when i was a teenager I had quite the collection and the one day they got left in the back seat of my car on a hot summer day. Guess what happened. I do have some nice speakers coming.
  13. It makes one wonder why so many people want to see Trump. You know. record breaking crowds. Much more than go to see the Dems speak. Isn't that strange ? You don't suppose the numbers are wrong do you ? No way polls are always right.
  14. I could not have explained myself more clearly. What are you, a 15 year old ? Do you not understand anything ?
  15. Never!!!!