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  1. I didn't ask for any response , just posted for your entertainment
  2. I figured he would be. He was a recking ball and it was obvious.
  3. Interesting stats, but what was the reason for winning ?
  4. Moving up would make me sick after winning the last 3 games.
  5. It makes perfect sense, although I would have selected Donald. I watched so many video's on that guy and he was an absolute recking ball, but they never pick who I want. The year before that, Matt took a beating from the left side and we had to have a LT. I would have traded draft picks for Donald. So I don't believe they wanted Matthews over Donald, we just had to have him.
  6. I'll go in with you and we'll get two.
  7. It's amazing how affected you are by a tweet.
  8. Look at the bright side, we beat three of the worst teams in football. Now that's an accomplishment which will have zero effect on next season. If we trade up in the draft, then perhaps those victories were worthless, so I must agree with the above statement.
  9. If we trade up will you still think that way ? I imagine you will.
  10. Couldn't agree more. Look at it this way. What if we draft 15th and want a player at 6, then we have to trade draft picks to get there , but noooo we have to win a couple nothing games.
  11. No, It's why you don't like him. I don't have a problem with him.
  12. If the Browns had better coaching, they would have won a lot more games. The had plenty of talent, The pressure is always on my friend, but that's their job. No pressure on me, no pressure on you unless you let it. You can't go by what other teams do. Everything is different about those teams. The whole organization is different. If we had drafted Dorsey instead of Ryan, it would have been a huge mistake. Bad picks happen all the time, but I believe that the odds are still better with a higher draft pick. If we keep on the same track, then we will continue in the same direction, but it's not up to us, is it ?