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  1. This will be interesting. I for one will appreciate it.
  2. A tunnel collapse.
  3. Any further and right off the cliff they go.
  4. It's ok, it's what I expect of you.
  5. And you are the most negative poster I've ever seen. Your feelings are crushed and you just can't get over it, much like Hillary Clinton. I hope you have other things to do, because this isn't going well for you. Really man, get a hobby or something. Try something constructive with your life. Hope this helps.
  6. I praise no one on earth. The official polls were wrong. I suppose you believed those.
  7. Your right, you remember the election as well as I do. I suppose the results is what really matters. Nothing to imagine, she lost. Did you vote for Hillary ? Come on don't be ashamed to say.
  8. It's ABC news. You wold probably quote from them if you wanted to get your point across. It's not Fox news. You know this election turned out good for me, how bout you ?
  9. Typical Dem response. Quick to judge.
  10. Your persistent aren't you. Okay, if Hillary hadn't cheated in any state, those % would have been fairly accurate. Jessy of BP Earthwatch did an independent poll consisting of 50 thousand random voters across the US. The only question asked was, Repub or Dem. These people were some of the people that noticed all the vote for Trump signs everywhere, which doesn't necessarily prove anything. These poles were done several times with similar results each time. That's all I can give you. Any more than that, you'll have to dig up.
  11. The question is, how many states did Hillary cheat in ? There were people that drove across this country and said that rarely did the see a vote for Hillary sign, but vote for Trump signs were every where. Believe what you want, but i knew this before the election.
  12. It's also part of the reason that Pocahontas wanted a recount on those, what is normally Dem states, Larry Nichols was told that the voting machines may be rigged and get the word out to vote paper ballot. That is why Hillary couldn't believe she lost those states. No doubt she cheated in many states, but not enough.
  13. Not really, I saw several independent polls that actually had Trump in the high 70% to low 80%. These polls were done without any bias. I knew then Hilderbeast would have to do a lot of cheating to over come that.
  14. He's already indited 17 people, whats the hold up ?
  15. If he had any evidence don't you think Mueller would have come out with it by now ? It's kind of like the Russians showing up for court, Mueller says, uh...were not ready to try this case now.