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  1. Sorry to bust your bubble little puppy, Trump will win.
  2. " other people " ?
  3. Or at 14 without a trade up.
  4. Even if it would make your " team " better ?
  5. And so many people talking about trading up.
  6. What purpose was it to win the last 3 games against nothing teams and cost us 8 spots in the draft ?
  7. Ahh man , the Green New deal would only cost an estimated 92 TTTTTTrillion buckaroos. Surely we can afford that. Insanity run amuck.
  8. As good as that sounds, it probably won't change one single mind. They have become reprobate minds with blinders on >> best case scenario.
  9. Wow, didn't see that coming. I'll have to give it some thought. April fools.
  10. No trade up's
  11. Ditto
  12. Are you mad ?