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  1. I would freaking love it! The man has two rings!
  2. The one thing about the Rise up thing I like is that its becoming our battle cry. Its kinda like Auburn's "War Eagle." I went to the game in Tampa last weekend and alot of the fans I saw would say "Rise up" when they realized that I was a Falcon fan also. I think thats pretty cool and a live version would be too.
  3. They have some sort of pregame tailgate where the serve food ad stuff, and the guy I bought my tickets from threw in wristbands for this event. Is anyone else going or have been to this befor?
  4. Me and 2 of my buddies are flying down Saturday. We will be in section 121.
  5. So far, the defense has played great. Its been a bend but dont break, but thats how they always play.
  6. I bought ours to the Tampa game on caigslists. Just go to seattle and search.
  7. No offense taken, But I watch every Super Bowl and Im pretty sure Manning wasnt on the field by himself and neither was Brady. It takes a team, No player can win a campionship alone. Im not saying who is better or who will be better, Im just saying that Manning and Brady are mentioned in the elite status, and our QB, in my opinion, will be as well one day.
  8. While I agree with you in a sense, what did Manning do with all his stats? He won a Superbowl and has made the Colts relative for over 10 years. They are a yearly contender. Yeah, I will take that.
  9. Theres no doubt they have weapons, But we will attack them like we do the saints. We will run our ball control offense, keep their offense off the field, limit their possesions, and hopefully come away with a win. I dont mind not being sexy, AS LONG AS WE WIN BABY!!!!
  10. As I was watching the game today, I was switching back and forth between the birds and the Colts/pats game. Manning was doing his usual thing, reading dfenses and making the call at the line. I switched back and Ryan was doing it too. he would look at the d, walk back up to the line, find the match up, make the call, and just pick them apart. I have been really impressed with him the last 2 games with him doing this. We have to be estatic with what we are seeing from our young QB.
  11. Hey buc man, 3 of us are flying down for the game and have never been there before. if you or anyone you know will be tailgating, let me know because we would like to get the whole experience of Tampa. Thanks
  12. Oh and Skip Bayless gets the Captain Obvious award for the day. Skip said "it is possibile the Falcons lose the next 3 games and are 7 and 5 after week 13." Uh yeah, that could happen, Or maybe we win out and end up 14 and 2. Thats why they play the games doofus.
  13. I've been watching ESPN 2, and I think it is first take, but 4 people on this show has put the Saints in front of the Falcons as the second best team in the NFC. All of them said the Giants, the Saints, and then the Falcons. REALLY????? I know it doesnt matter, but I just dont know what they are thinking. Maybe I can give them the Giants, If they had put the Eagles second maybe I could live with that, but not the Saints!!!!!
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