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  1. I don't know why people don't like me.
  2. Responses in this thread will really show how I'm thought of around here.
  3. People are mean. I just want to come here and talk about my team, and people get personal. So what, I don't have much of a life beyond message boards and I crave attention, but you mean people go overboard.
  4. No doubt....you heard it here first! Matt Ryan will take this team to the promised land. I have 100% confidence in him leading this team, not only to the playoffs, but to playoff victories....plural! I see the NFCCG in the Falcons future!
  5. BUMP! The Falcons are taking this one, and the old Matt Ryan shines like the star he is!!
  6. Oh shut up. You know they're right. We're just a couple of tools with no lives that have nothing better to do than come here and get our rocks off by starting trouble. ****....I'm not even a falcon fan!
  7. Worthless post froma worthless poster. Everyone knows Vick sucks and Matt Ryan will be great. I'm not even a Falcon fan and I know that.
  8. I agree with this 100%. I'm not a Falcon fan either but you can see how lucky this team really is to have Matt Ryan, among everything else. No doubt.....
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