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  1. Of course, anyone who threatens our lover Vicky is garbage whether they're good or not. I love Vicky, and you do too (of course you do, we're the same perosn!) :wub:
  2. I always try to be a moron like that too and bring Vick into a thread when there's nothing related to him at all in it, just to try and make people mad. But we both know that Ryan is very good (of course we BOTH know....I'm you!) :ph34r:
  3. Dude get real. We've lost...they've proven us wrong on every level and figured out you and I are only Vick fans, not Falcon fans. The gig is up.
  4. Vick could only be so lucky to get that close to greatness..... :wub:
  5. I think its quite funny. The idiot needs to get a life. Actually, I lied. It does bother me but I'm trying to laugh it off that's why I put smiley faces in my posts
  6. Because he is a troll that probably already was a longtime member on here and changed his name and avatar. The guy is a little slow i guess. Because i personally think Ryan is way better than Vick
  7. Not quite the guys an idiot. My name is spell stlcktracy his is spelled stitracy. He made a fake profile trying to be me. Hey if i was him I'd wanna be me too. if you look at his avatar it says rookie mine says practice squad. The guy is a ******.
  8. All good points. I agree 100%. Vick let us all down when he was here.
  9. Better yet...what is Vick better than Ryan at. NOTHING! I have to admit, Vick has his moments but he'll get hurt again and cry he can't play until he's 100%, or just decide he doesn't want to try very hard at all depending on the game. He even admitted that, we all know it. Weed does that to ya. Now Ryan has the heart of a lion and a no quit attitude. Vick should be more like him.
  10. Here I am. Actually, I'm just a Vick troll....where's that thread?
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