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  1. Just reading this and thinking about it is making me sick again. Gosh. This is awful.
  2. After watching today's game, I would have absolutely no problem if the Falcons moved to Ok. City, Toronto, LA, etc. It's truly pathetic. We have fake fans with Falcon hats and Eagle jerseys. And then the people wearing Falcon Vick jerseys not knowing who to cheer. It's sad that it takes a convict in Michael Vick to sell some seats and get some noise in the stadium. I was actually pretty happy late in the 3rd, I thought the crowd was trying to get the team back into the game, but, it was a we want Vick chant. How can you call yourself a fan? Do you see what he did to us? Pathetic "fans".
  3. Take that back, wasn't dropped. Another penalty, yes!
  4. ****. We shouldn't blame Redman. He is doing alright. That should have been a TD..
  5. Haha I didn't know what it was. That is MO though.
  6. Nice blitz. It's only going to be 13-0. It should be at least 21-0.
  7. Alright, I didn't know what MO meant, by mad. Yeah we're sucking but it only takes one play for us to get withing 3 and get the momentum back. Don't give up.
  8. Why didn't Grimes hit the guy hard? He never called it.
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