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  1. I do like the extra point kick from the 33 yd line. Not automatic as the Houston kicker found out last night.
  2. Once again, we let the other team come down the field like a hot knife through butter. Ugh!
  3. Bryant heard the whistle and missed on purpose just to f**k with the Seahags!
  4. Great Game but glad Saints are out! hehe!
  5. One step forward then a flip toss to Julio and it would have been off to the races...
  6. I wish Arthur would stay in the box. Doncha just hate having the boss looking over your shoulder? lol
  7. Defense needs to tighten up! Challenge just to slow it down a bit
  8. Yeah well watch this: http://www.nfl.com/videos/atlanta-falcons/09000d5d824672b2/Sound-FX-Matt-Ryan
  9. Owens lit it up to catch that dude. Props today for extra effort. We gotta tighten up our S.T. kick return coverage.
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