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  1. I'm just saying they already made 3 FA pickup with 2dline players and one RT and with drafts stil months away if we keep picking up players and if the best player is Watkins at 6 I believe we go ahead and take him.
  2. Since we doing alot in the the FA with both oline and Dline and since we picking 6th in the draft and most likely won't get Mack or clowny do you think it's possible we might just need up with Sammy Watkins? Any thoughts?
  3. Falcons are good at stoping one thing it is superstar players. If they have superstar RB we shut him down if they have a superstar WR we shut them down or even QBs. The only problem we do have is we can't stop mulitple players at once. Example last week. Shut down lynch but Wilson went off. Shut down Kap this week maybe gore goes off! We might not have the best defense but we play with heart!
  4. Collin can sure pick games though. Blazing 5 is all I need from him!
  5. Collin can pick nfl games though! Blazing 5 are off the chains
  6. Hahaha... Have any kids in the trunk! Lol
  7. Well everytime Dallas beat the team that was undefeated, that team went to win the Super Bowl. Ummm... If that trend is true than I rather lose.
  8. Mike smith said he is fine in his press conference. Nothing serious. He be back from the bye.
  9. Rg3 short? I believe he 6'2 the same height as Dom! Can Dom run like rg3... Nope can he throw like him. Nope! The only thing they have in common is they about the same height and are black.
  10. Yea turner did get little bit softer but some of those runs where there were no holes he was still able to get 6 to 8 yards. Now I see either 1 or 2 yards and even no gain last year. But with 250 carriers I hope he still able to get 8 Tds and 1000 yard this year. If he cant do that this year then you know what that means in the off season
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